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Idiots at the Helm

Fox has announced that they are developing a primetime animated series with actor Matthew McConaughey based on his brother’s life. The show, Rooster Tales, is about “a beer-swilling, redneck sheriff who marries a much younger woman from Mexico.” According to McConaughey, “My brother’s life is so unbelievable, we had to animate it.” If this show doesn’t end up happening, you can always look forward to the Gordon Ramsay animated series that is being shopped around by Toronto’s Cuppa Coffee Studios. The brains behind that show promise to take “the essence of who he is and have a bit of fun with it.”

(via Animation Guild blog)

  • Cody Covell

    “His life is so crazy, it should be a tv show” are words of entertainment death… Isn’t that stuff 18 year old idiotic blondes tell themselves in conversation?

    Just because McConowhatevers brother tells a few funny stories doesn’t ensure a writing team can make the show up and running past 6 episodes.

    Dear God, it’s like it doesn’t matter who the f*** you are, how talented, or how FUNNY you are, if you don’t already have some sort of celebrity success or “powerful” well-known name, you won’t get some money grubbing, snot-nosed exec or producer to help your production. Gee, I wish “I” were the brother of some well known actor, I’d get a show for sure just by telling him a story about how some idiot who cut me off on the freeway.

  • Thom Foolery

    Well, on the bright side, Fox is also producing an animated pilot based on Peter Bagge’s comic book/characters, “The Bradleys”. That’s something to be excited about, right?

  • FP

    Aside from cartoons, pop culture is something I follow distantly. I don’t know as much about it as my neighbors. Sincerely, “Matthew McConaughey” and “Gordon Ramsay” are strange, unknown things to me. Should I expect good things or bad things from this news?

    I do know of the movie COHEN AND TATE. That would make a good animated series for children.

  • David

    FP , I guess we’re probably the same age . I had to think hard : “WHO?” when I read the name Matthew McConaughey and I sort of vaguely recalled … but Gordon Ramsay , never heard of ‘im . Had to Google both of them to confirm that I did in fact know Matthew McConaughey was some kind of actor (not some American Idol guy for all I knew) and to find out who Gordon Ramsay was .

    Seems a rather thin premise for a show.

  • Hal

    Considering how SURFER,DUDE turned out, I really think this is making a mountain out of a mole hill. If its great then fair enough, his brother’s life really IS that crazy. Regardless, I’m pretty sure McConaughey is too busy surfing, toking up on the beach, playing bongos and having awesome sex to put too much time into this one either. Having said that – isn’t that his character from LONE STAR, not his brother? THAT is something I’d watch – a John Sayles noir western animated series. Now can this site give METALOCALYPSE and VENTURE BROTHERS some love? I haven’t seen boo on those shows in ages and this fall both series have been pushing the half hour format to really great places for mature audiences.

  • stavner

    Where’s a Charlie Murphy animated series? Now THAT would be funny!

  • top cat james

    “Hoot Kloot: The Next Generation”

  • squirrel

    ‘Makes you wonder why they bothered running that AniBoom contest in the first place.

  • This had better be fake.

  • Rene Ramos

    Considering Fox has “Family Guy”, “American Guy” and “Cleveland Guy” running at the same time doing the same jokes aimed at the same low-brow racist audience, how can anyone be surprised?? If you think about it, they will get lower as demand requires it.

  • why those people? why not get people who are actually popular, creative, and funny?
    why not let louis ck or patton oswalt have a show?

  • Kustom Kool

    You have to admit this sounds like pretty much the perfect FOX premise. And I’m siding with HAL above. VENTURE BROS. and METALOCALYPSE might not be Fantasia but I think they are funny and interesting. And like it or not, they are considered acceptable cartoons to most folks. Cartoon Brew has sort-of, kind-of, vaguely acknowledged, at least a debate about FAMILY GUY. Adult Swim doesn’t even get that level of reluctant consideration.

  • BT

    Who knows? Maybe it’s actually a good idea with good people doing it? No way to know based on that. I’m not prepared to call them idiots based on a vague description of a character in a show they haven’t made yet. I am prepared to not watch their three different Seth McFarlane shows, though. As long as it is drawn in a halfway appealing style it will automatically be a step up from what they currently have.

  • Christopher Cook

    On another hip, can someone please stop the yutzes who have been greenlighting those o-fay Barbie CGI movies that Nickelodeon runs??

  • People take animation for granted way too often.

    Just because something’s crazy and funny doesn’t mean it’s surreal enough to only take place in a cartoon universe. 30 Rock, Scrubs, Flight of the Concords and Seinfeld are all weird and quirky and occasionally surreal… but they’re not animated, because they don’t have to be.

    Zekey, Patton Oswalt and Louis CK are hilarious, but most comedians seem to use TV as a means to get income, and tend to express themselves more in their stand up or quirky indie film. At least… the good ones…

  • Then there’s that Canadian cartoon show about how crazy it is being a TV producer. Something funny in the latte.

  • I just want King of the Hill renewed! Making them quit the show was uncalled for!

  • The only comment I heard here is.. Fox is producing an animated pilot based on Peter Bagge’s comic book/characters, “The Bradleys”. I can’t wait.

  • Daniel M.

    Fox is producing a redneck NASCAR Jeff Foxworthy cartoon and this?!?!? I guess two shits make a diamond. King of the Hill set the gold standard for redneck cartoons. There was enough surreal humor that allowed them to completely skewer the stereotype with out treading on the humanity. That show and the Simpsons paved the way and were directly responsible for Arrested Development, Malcom in the Middle, 30 Rock, etc. I want it back.

    I agree, the only good FOX animation news from the past few months has been Peter Bagge’s show. Didn’t they order a pilot? In any case, I’m just glad he’s an executive producer.

  • I second the ‘charlie murphy’ animated tales idea.

    Gordon ramsey cartoon?!

    the horror, he’s famous for being a plastic gorbals lad
    who swears too much… then again, he does have a face like
    a sunburned nut sack so at least the character designers
    will have a laugh

  • Jesse

    Given the current state of things, hopefully, at the least this will provide a few jobs for some starving artists.

  • Patrick

    Isn’t “The Rooster” the name of David Sedaris’s crazy redneck brother too?

  • JasonArmadillo

    I thought Mike Judge decided to end KOTH (not FOX)?

    Considering FOX’s inability over the past 5/6 years to let a new show stay on the air for more than 4 episodes, there’s a pretty good chance the McConaughey show will get yanked pretty quickly. Of course, FOX does let some pretty terrible shows STAY on the air too.

    Would love to see a Peter Bagge show, but it won’t get much of a chance to succeed either.