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Bad Ideas

Owen Wilson Is…



Watch the trailer which manages to squeeze in some Dr. Dre and 2Pac.

Merry Christmas!

(Thanks, David OReilly)

  • Thom Foolery

    As Joe Mathlete has said of the original comic, this is cancer and madness.

  • squirrel

    I hope I get better Christmas wishes than THIS!

  • But Marmaduke can’t talk.


  • “Owen Wilson is Marmaduke. Watch the trailer which manages to squeeze in some Dr. Dre and 2Pac. Merry Christmas!”

    You’re a mean one , Mr. Grinch ! Coal in our stocking.

    (hard to believe they managed to resist using the perennial trailer hack music cue “Who Let the Dogs Out?” . Want to bet that one of the next trailers for this thing will use it ? )

  • It will be interesting to see the Owen Wilson comments here, talking about how horrid his voice is in this, then go back and read comments by the same people talking about how brilliant he was in “Cars”.

  • squirrel

    MovieRatIan: Garfield can’t talk either. That didn’t stop absolutely ANY adaptation beyond the 90’s tv show, however!

  • Aw no!!!

  • first “Marley and Me” as the human, now “Marmaduke” as the dog?

  • cuttlefish


  • Squirrel:

    Garfield actually did “talk”, just in his own mind. Only the readers and other animals could see him talking and that’s how it’s always done (not counting those terrible DTV movies), even when they add lip-sync (which does look weird, but doesn’t change much).

    But Marmaduke didn’t even have thought bubbles; He was a just a clumsy dog that his owners commented on….so talking in this movie is weird. I figured they would’ve just made this a “wacky pet” movie like “Marley and Me” or “Beethoven”, but nooooope. Weirdness.

  • I’m gonna do it! I’m Gonna Fucking Do IT! *Gunshot*

  • TK

    Who the heck greenlit this monstrosity?

    Faith in humanity has been lost.

  • Marmaduke did speak in the Ruby Spears cartoon series. He was voiced by Paul Winchell.

  • Well there goes my lunch.

  • James

    Now we know why Owen Wilson tried to kill himself

  • The sickening parade of mediocrity which has dominated the comics page for the last half-century is why I decided to get out of that backward industry, and the fact that these old hack characters are now encroaching on my filmmaking territory annoys me to no end.

  • Tina

    Ahhhh…the butterscotch stallion strikes again. I thout Owen Wilson’s propensity for hiring hookers to sit on his face would have prevented anyone from hiring him as a voice for a family film.

  • ben colbourn

    hey it looks just like him!

  • Pedro Nakama

    I thought they would have made “Drabble” into a movie before “Marmaduke.”

  • doug holverson

    There’s a “Hater” column over at the Onion’s A.V. Club over this announced movie.

  • Marc Baker

    Here we go again! It’s only a matter of time before we get a ‘Heathcliff’ movie starring some current ‘hot’ comedian of the moment.

  • Does this mean there’s still hope for a live action “Cathy”?

  • FP

    It doesn’t seem any worse than lots of other pieces of horrible crap everybody bitched about.

  • cmd+v

    You guys make jokes about Heathcliff & Cathy, but I assure you, they are coming.

  • No….no….no……….

  • Dear god why?

  • bug

    heh thats right this dog IS wearing shades thankyouverymuch

  • I always say single-panel comic strips make the best film adaptations. And nothing sells a children’s movie quite like gangsta rap... then again, I’m still flummoxed that Ice Cube has starred in two live-action PG-rated Disney movies.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Could they re-use the Scooby Doo Cg Model? I mistook them for one another when I was kid anyway.
    Yes Marmaduke never talked. Did he even have thought balloons?

  • Gerard de Souza

    Disney did do a Marmaduke like film. Anyone remember the Ugliest Daschund.

  • Bugsmer

    If Hollywood had used Marmaduke’s original design (an enormous dog the size of a horse); and his original personality (a mischievous dog who hated dog catchers and used his immense size to stand up to everybody who disagreed with him, but still loved his family); they might have been able to make a hilarious movie. Sadly, the Marmaduke of 1967 hasn’t existed in over thirty years. He was replaced by a normal-sized dog who behaved like a normal dog, and got into situations that any dog could get into. Brad Anderson lost his gift for comedy at some point in his life and settled himself down to follow the Jim Davis system of mediocrity. Why Hollywood would take a comic with no laughs and make a movie in the same vein shouldn’t really surprise anybody. Who knows? Perhaps the movie will supply a good laugh or two, a prospect you won’t be so lucky to find in reading today’s Marmaduke comic panel.

  • Jared Pettitt

    I portend that a more perfect movie will not, nay, cannot be made.

  • Hal

    Since when did Marmaduke occupy so sacred a place in our culture that Owen Wilson and some completely innocuous rap music is really offensive? If this is the price we pay for FANTASTIC MR. FOX getting made by 20th CENTURY FOX, I can live with that.