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Spotted at my local Target store…

So I was shopping at my local Target store today, walking past the Toy Story 3 merchandise, when I spotted this Barbie doll tie-in (at left). What caught my attention was the exclaimation below the Barbie logo: Barbie Loves Woody! I’ll bet she does. Since we know she’s got a thing for Ken, and since the lettering is all in caps, I’m not sure if the “Woody” Barbie loves is Andy’s sheriff – or something else? P.S. Barbie take note: Too much “loving Woody” may cause a “Choking Hazard” – according to the warning on the box!

  • That is hilarious, you have just made my day. Thanks.

  • You have a one track mind Jerry… IIIIIIIIIIII LIKE IT!!!!

  • Bill Field

    Okay, Ken is standing directly behind Barbie, they both have smiles of satisfaction on their faces, With Woody and Buzz, glaring at them with the same smiles! I smell the release of an unauthorized sex tape on the way…

  • this makes my day…

  • Manny

    Very subtle, boys!

  • No need to worry… “small parts.”

  • Steve Gattuso

    Words fail me.

    Somewhere in Burbank, a marketing wonk is falling on his sword.

  • Am I odd for noticing – and being intrigued by – the choice of corrugated cardboard texture BEHIND the text first?

  • VinceP

    Hahahaha reminds me of Ogre slurry, or whatever that was Amid posted awhile ago. Seriously though, I call “lame” on that joke hahahaha

  • James Suhr

    You dirty, funny man. That made my day, thanks :)

  • This is a Toy FAIL for the Mike Mozart to ridicule.

  • Is the 3+ guaranteed? That’s *way* better than the SPAM I keep receiving in my Inbox every week.

    …Unless they’re using the metric system.

  • LOL! That’s a Fail.

  • Scarabim

    *snort* Jerry, “you are a sad, strange little man”…

  • Jeffers

    I’m certain that someone at Disney must have considered the implications of giving the main character of it’s movie a name that is also a common euphemism for penis. Now thanks to them millions of young children sleep with giant plush talking Woodys. “You’ve got a friend in me” sounds homoerotic as well.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Why was I not surprised this would happen!

  • Giggidy.

  • droosan

    Reminds me of a hand-written ‘sale’ sign I saw in a Toys ‘R Us many years ago:


  • DA

    But the choking hazard is only for “small parts!”

  • Christopher Cook

    The double entendre of the year.

  • At least they used a cool typeface for it (House-A-Rama Kingpin!).

  • Oddly enough, the Ken doll’s box says the same thing.

  • Why does Barbie© get a © but Woody doesn’t?

  • Val

    I just came back from Target, and just saw that same Barbie. However, instead of the word “loves” it was replaced with a heart. I think they realized their little mistake there.

  • John A

    Actually cuddles, on Ken’s box it says “Ken PREFERS Woody”

  • Kyle

    I believe theres also a Barbie loves Buzz and another for the aliens.

  • HAHAha-collectible right there.

  • Alissa

    Oh wow, that is strangely the most awesome Toy Story related thing yet. Better than the metric ton of crud the cast has been shilling at every commercial moment.

  • Since I’m in Australia this week, maybe we should put another shrimp on the Barbie.

  • When Toy Story 2 came out, one of the tie-ins was with Johnson’s, so it was called Johnson’s Woody Bath Bubbles:

  • No better place to bring this up than here:

    Has anyone else watching TV in the U.S. noticed that characters from Toy Story 3 have appeared in ads for Target, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that marketing trifecta happen before.

  • Rooniman

    Uh oh! Innuendo alert!

  • Dan

    Oh my that box has a sexual innuendo on it, someone should say something about it. I thought this stuff was for kids, someone should call Disney, OH MY!

  • Caitlin

    Strangely its not on the UK packaing I saw in Argos today

  • Stephan

    You’ve covered this. Now the question is, will you be covering Futurama’s return?

  • Stephan – No.

    However, I encourage everyone to watch the new episodes of FUTURAMA, starting tonight on Comedy Central. It’s one of my personal favorite shows and the new ones sound great!

  • Stephan

    Yay! Beloved animation acknowledged!

  • OtherDan

    Isn’t Barbie like one of the most collected toys ever created? And, this Woody slipage has got to be one of her biggest blunders of all time, right? I’m going to retire on my Barbie.

  • LOL!!! So funny – now tempted to buy the doll.