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Turkish TV Show Forgets To Add Visual Effects Into Scene [UPDATED]

One of the memes that has gained popularity during the recent visual effects industry turmoil is asking, What would Hollywood films look like without visual effects? We may not find out the answer to that question anytime soon, but we do know now what a Turkish TV series looks like without visual effects.

Turkish Redditors are claiming that the TV network STV accidentally aired an episode of a dramatic show with unprocessed chroma key shots, that is, with the green screen actors still running around the screen. Here is the footage that allegedly went over the air:

UPDATE: Cartoon Brew reader Ik İlker Koç points out that TV viewers have gone ahead and added their own visual effects to the VFX-less scenes. These were collected on the website Sosyaling.com.

(original story via Uproxx)

  • reminds me of the last episode of comedy bang bang

    • ryan

      that’s what I thought. Hop on Netflix and check it out. Clever VFX satire.

  • Mac

    The Turks love Bertolt Brecht. They’re simply trying to create a new Turkish aesthetic that is honest with itself.

  • Too bad it’s not a comedy spoof, because then even if it wasn’t intended, no one outside the production crew and network would know and viewers would just think it’s part of the humor.

  • Natalie Belton

    There’s no comedy like unintentional comedy.

  • droosan

    Then there was that time Paramount decided to just leave all of the blue-screens in the entire climactic gun-fight sequence of STAR TREK: INSURRECTION, rather than pay to roto/track all the space station sets’ girders in order to display dizzying views of the planet below, as originally planned … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=og1c8h2UyE8

    • crisb.

      no, that was planned.. I know, I know.. but do you really think he was REALLY high up in a big circular girder thing ?.. no cos it didn’t exist.. nor did most of the rest of the set.

    • veeFex

      Actually the entire scene was shot greenscreen, I attended a vfx conference where the vfx crew were complaining that they had to key and remove spill for green, then place it over a mostly blue virtual set. Shooting blue screen would have really saved a lot of unnecessary work.

  • Scott Shaw!

    Please don’t give the execs at SyFy any bright deas or their next series will be GREENSCREEN PLANET.

  • gakface

    I’m more concerned with all the logos (moving!) all over the place. People don’t actually have to watch a show like that, do they?

  • Is that common to be doing blue AND green screen in the same shot?

  • Tstevens

    I’m feeling bad for the effects artist who had to key that background out. Talk about lousy lighting on the set. The crew didn’t even take time to pull the chroma tight to get some of the wrinkles out. I get the feeling the director says “Fix it in post” an awful lot.

  • Greg Manwaring

    it should have read ” Had JK had to follow through..”