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A Beany and Cecil children’s book

Harry Lee Green posts a lot of cool stuff on his Hairy Green Eyeball blog. Today he delights us with a complete reprint of the 1953 “Tell-A-Tale Book” Beany and His Magic Set – “story and illustrations” by Bob Clampett, adapted (in other words “really illustrated by”) by Samuel Armstrong and Harvey Eisenberg.

  • Christopher Cook

    Somewhere here at home I have a Beany & Cecil book, taken fron the cartoon edition. It was illustrated by Hawley Pratt. I’ll try to dig it up.

  • It’s interesting to see Harvey Eisenberg illustrating BEANY & CECIL, especially since Jack Bradbury was usually Bob Clampett’s cartoonist-of-choice on most BEANY merchandise. I don’t think that Harvey was capable of doing anything but top-drawer artwork, so these scans are particularly appreciated.

  • Wow!! Amazing to see them in drawn-form….especially almost a decade prior to their animated state! Very interesting!! Thank YOO!