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Arriving This Week: Pete Docter’s Flipbook Tribute to the 9 Old Men

Tomorrow is the official release date of The Archive Series–Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men: The Flipbooks. It’s a pet project of UP director and flipbook aficionado Pete Docter and it’s packaged as a boxed-set of nine flipbooks, like this:


Pick it up on Amazon for $37.80.

  • Jen

    Absolutely love the packaging. Hopefully the 10th book gives us more than just a glimpse into who these artists were.

  • Mike K

    My copy has already shipped from Amazon. Really looking forward to receiving this as it looks like a terrific collection to have on the shelf.

  • Dan

    I forgot I preordered this bad boy! Can’t wait to get it!

  • I had no Idea this was just a flip book. I was hoping for more sketches and design work. I’ve had this on my amazon wishlist since March.

    • Matthew

      The title says “The Flipbooks.”

      • Yeah, I realise that now, I saw the packaging at the time and instantly thought of the Archive series, which I love.

    • Kartoonz Kritik

      It’s 9 flip books, and an introduction book with an overview/brief bio/remembrances of each of the nine.

      The Archives books (Story; Design; Layout & Background; Animation) are much more in depth showing a range of art (sketches, design) from the process.

      • Bud

        At least the flip books are better produced than the Archive Series, which are on cheap paper with bad binding.

  • Peter shoud publish his OWN flipbooks…He is a TRUE MASTER of the medium!!!!

  • Kartoonz Kritik

    Got mine last week and love it! Only wish there was more. The Milt Kahl flip book is a beautiful, intricate piece of animation from 101 Dalmatians with Roger and Pongo.

    Now I want to see an addendum set of some Freddie Moore or Ub Iwerks. Or perhaps some of the newer old men: Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, Mark Henn, Eric Goldberg, Ron Clements & John Musker.

    • Alfred von Cervera

      Wow, since it appeared on Amazon I was wondering what Milt Kahl scene Pete Docter chose. What is on Marc Davis’ flipbook?

      • Kartoonz Kritik

        Marc Davis’ is Tinker Bell on the ABC block.

    • John

      Don’t forget there should be one for James Baxter too!

  • Jackson

    Nice to see they got the direction of the flipbook correct for a change!

  • tilcheff

    Am I the only person in the world who thinks that this is disgustingly tasteless and insulting to the memory of these giants?
    Beautiful animation scaled down and printed as flipbooks!
    Very sad.

    • Bud

      Probably. It’s nice to have them, they’re well produced. If I want to “remember” them, I’ll watch the movies.

      • Insulting? Seems a set like this is a fantastic reference. Where else can you see and study the animators drawings in sequence? It’s likely to inspire many future (and current) animators. Aside from that, the flip books are actually dedicated to the artist who created the animation, rather than the film titles from which they came. It’s a nice tribute to the artists and the work they did. These are names that could easily be forgotten by younger generations as time rolls onward.

  • I pre-ordered mine in March and Amazon cancelled it a few weeks ago. Serves me right for being UK based I guess.

  • Fraser MacLean

    Hey there, Steve, the same thing happened to my pre-order for some odd reason – but Amazon UK now have it back on the available list.

  • Mine should be arriving today, I can’t wait! I’ve ordered these a long time ago. Personally I love flip books. They were my first attempt at animation when I was a kid. I love the Disney SecondScreen apps for their animated films that include flip books (Biambi is one that calls to mind). It’s great just being able to study these frame by frame. I’ll be happy to add these flip books to my little animation archive, along with my digital collection of animatics & pencil tests ripped from my Disney LaserDiscs which I adore :)

  • Well I just got mine in the mail today. I do love it – but I found a flaw that left a bad taste in my mouth! :(

    I only noticed this on the first flipbook (featuring Thumper) by Ollie Johnston. 7 of the frames are heavily pixelated! The rest of the book looks fine and is sharp as a tac. But 7 frames are badly pixelated like a poorly-compressed JPEG! I don’t know how this got past the publisher.

    Maybe I’m alone? If I open Ollie’s book with Thumper facing up, and dive four pages down I have a pixelated drawing. Here’s a photo I took with my iPhone, the one on the left is pixelated – the right is okay (from one page up). It’s a bit distracting… and I can live with it. But it’s still frustrating. You can easily notice it when flipping through. There are 4 pages in a row, then 3 pages in a row.

    Photo of the error: http://stayornay.com/art/flipbook-error.png

  • akira

    very cool books but i rate them a fail.
    there could have easily been 2 scenes per animator by printing on the backs of the pages… otherwise use thinner paper that people can see through to get an onion skinning effect.
    i wish it had an action scene and an acting scene from each of the masters

  • Got mine yesterday! Nice little nuggets of perfection. What I love is that they aren’t the most common clips from the artists. I wish it were the rough animation including the timing charts. These are the cleaned up versions. It’s easier to distinguish their sensibilities in their roughs. But, it’s a pretty sweet collection-a nice complement to the Canemaker’s Nine Old Men tome. The little booklet of anecdotes was a nice addition. Thanks Dr. Pete!

  • great way to keep 2D kicking, and to reach out and inspire young artists with genius principals essential to recreating new life in animation!

  • Capital_7

    Please be sure to check out my scrimshaw books too, all printed on papyrus and presented rolled in tusks of fine ivory.

  • Success! After a month of sending twitter messages back and fourth to @DisneyReads (with little response) and between mailing a physical letter to their NY offices… I was contacted via email by Disney about the previously mentioned printing error. They are re-printing the Ollie flipbook, but it will take some time to arrive as it’s being printed in Asia. I also asked the woman who emailed me if there’s a public address where others can write to who had the problem. If she provides me with one I’ll be happy to share. :)