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Bosko on a Book Cover

Something nobody thought they’d see in 2009: Warner Bros.’ first animated star Bosko appearing on a book cover eighty years after his debut.


(Thanks to Twitter reader SquidyUK)

  • top cat james

    Looks like Bosko hasn’t picked up a toothbrush in those eighty years. Honey couldn’t be pleased about that.

  • Will

    Corporate identities rarely practice good oral hygiene. Mickey sports no teeth when he serves as a logo.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    That’s pretty cool! Looks like something I’d want to tattoo on a bus stop bench!

  • Matthew K Sharp

    Poor oral hygiene? And here was I thinking Bosko must have invested soundly during his years of stardom and was able to afford gold caps…

  • Jeffers

    I just got this book. The cover is a painting by Greg Gossel. I really like the Lowbow/ Pop Surrealism art movement, but there are a few artists in this book who just plain suck.