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CONTEST: Fleet Street Scandal

Fleet Street Scandal

For today’s contest, we’re giving away TWO signed copies of the book Fleet Street Scandal, a 48-page hardcover book collecting the digital artwork of Kevin Dart and Chris Turnham. It’s rare to find an artistic duo wherein both are equally talented, but Kevin and Chris each bring the goods to the table. In a blog post last year, I wondered why they weren’t working more regularly on animation entertainment projects. Well since then, Chris has done freelance work for Laika, and Kevin is currently doing an art internship at Pixar. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more animation contributions from them in the future, but until then, be sure to check out the dazzling collection of illustration work they’ve compiled in Fleet Street Scandal.

For this contest, provide the answer to the following question in the COMMENTS section of this post. Instead of our usual procedure of choosing the first two correct answers, we will instead randomly choose two winners from all your correct answers posted between now and 3:15pm. If you have won anything from the Brew recently, please do not enter again. Here’s the the question:

Kevin and Chris came up with the name Fleet Street Scandal while looking through the London edition of a Czech artist’s series of worldly childrens’ books. What is the artist’s name?


  • Matej Kren

  • Miroslav Sasek

  • Gene Green

    Karel Franta

  • Dave

    Miroslav Sasek

  • would the answer be Miroslav Sasek by any chance ?

  • Is it Amedeo Modigliani?

  • Amedeo Modigliani

    It’s my Birthday!!!

  • Vill Crosbod?

  • David

    Ludmila Zeman

  • Milan Knizak?

  • Tristan

    Miroslav Sasek

  • Miroslav Sasek? Hooray!

    (According to my computer, it’s 3:14 PM — just made it! :))

  • Evan James

    Martin Provensen!

  • Dang, just too late for the contest…

    Kevin Dart has a really great style, I’m not suprised Pixar snatched him up – his style fits with their style well, but without aping it like a lot of artists/designers out there. I’m soooo jealous of his talent.

  • Benjamin De Schrijver

    For future reference (comments were off when the contest was announced): is this US / Canada only or for anyone anywhere?

  • amid

    Ben: Comments were off only on the contest announcement. They were on for the actual contest post. Otherwise nobody would have been able to post an answer. :-)

  • Radenk Bonk.

    Oh, Its over I missed it.

  • Benjamin De Schrijver

    Oh yeah, I know why they were off… I just had no idea if I would be able to enter or not, since I live in Europe. The “this” was aimed at the contest (and future contests), not the fact that the comments were off :-)