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Dan DeCarlo’s Jetta

Another day, another great book from Craig Yoe. His latest is a collection of Dan DeCarlo’s futuristic teenage comic books from 1952, Jetta. As usual with Yoe’s books for IDW, the production (and comics reproduction) is superb. He reprints the three hard-to-find Jetta issues in their entirety, as well as a selection of other rare DeCarlo good-girl art — and an art gallery of 37 tribute pin-ups by contemporary “good-girl” artisans, including many animation artists such as Dean Yeagle, Craig McCracken, Jenny Lerew, Bill Pressing, Katie Rice, Stephen Silver, Stephanie Gladden, Tracy Mark Lee, Kali Fontecchio and many others including our friends Bill Morrison (from Bongo Comics, above), Leslie Cabarga (The Fleischer Story) and Mark Frauenfelder (of Boing Boing).

Another magnificent package. Highly recommended and only $14.95 on Amazon.

  • Stolle

    I’m in this book. It was great fun. Hope you guys enjoy.

  • Robert Schaad

    It’s a beaut! Buy!!

  • top cat james

    Geez, Craig! I’ve barely started the Milt Gross book, now this is coming out, and the Felix the Cat volume being released in June-love your publications, just spread them out a little, dude! XD

  • @TCJames–Hahhaha–And you missed Craig’s GOLDEN TREASURY OF KLASSIC KRAZY KIDS KOMICS due out this week I believe! I just reviewed an advance copy here:

  • doug holverson

    So does this have a lot of future schtick that got recycled on the Jetsons?

  • top cat james

    No worries, booksteve. I’ve got both “Jetta” and GTOKKKK on backorder at my local comics shop. I’ll just have to take a vacation so I can have time to pore over these incredible books.

  • Looks real good- for some reason I’d pictured a sort of a rinky-dink
    paperback. Not the case! Great production values and design-
    A STEAL AT $14.95!

  • i could kiss you all–especially jerry!

  • Who did that not-in-the-book painting above?

  • craig yoe

    boffo bill morrison! btw, i’m on facebook with news of upcoming yoe book releases–friend me! and there’s a fb “dan decarlo’s jetta” page. joakim and his gal pal hedvig haggman-sund did a pin-up for the book that’s cooking with super-atomic radiation!

  • thatguy

    what percentage of sales does the De Carlo family get?