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Eric Goldberg book signing


If you miss Eric Goldberg’s signing at the San Diego Comic Con Thursday Friday – at Stuart Ng’s booth (Booths #5012 and #5022) between 2-4 (and again Saturday 11-12 noon) – he’ll be signing his book one more time in Los Angeles. On Wednesday night, August 6th, between 7-9pm at the Samuel French Bookshop in Studio City, Eric will be autographing copies of his Character Animation Crash Course at an event hosted by the Creative Talent Network. Buy the book, meet Eric and shmooze with hotshot animation folk. Now you have two opportunities.

  • Sew

    Is this book actually out by now ? Amazon has has not released it yet and can’t seem to give a release date either…

  • amid

    Sew: Eric Goldberg commented on the Brew a couple days ago and offered a status update on teh book. He says, “DON’T PANIC! The book is at all the warehouses (and has been since July 14th). There are physical copies at Samuel French Bookstore (and you can web order them as well). Eventually, Amazon will get around to pressing the “ship now” button to their suppliers, and the pre-orders will be filled.”

    Hope that helps.

  • Sew

    Thanks Amid. Helps a lot. I’ve seen his xeroxed notes and those where very enlightening. Can hardly wait to get my hands on this.

  • Eric, any possibility of doing a NYC signing?

  • Douglas Anderson

    Thanks, I just ordered it from Samuel French, I love Amazon, but I was getting frustrated with the release of this book. I can’t wait to read it!

  • Eric Goldberg

    Thanks for all the support, folks. No New York signing scheduled for now, but who knows what the future may bring? And if you do know, which horse is hot in the second race at Hialeah?
    Just a minor correction: NO SIGNING on Thursday the 24th. Signings at Stuart Ng are on Friday the 25th, 2-4 , and Saturday the 26th, 11-12. Don’t want anyone showing up on Thursday cursing my name. You can do that on Friday and Saturday.

  • Maria

    Please come to New York if you’re thinking about it!!

  • vic

    hi eric !

    even though the san francisco bay area is the birthplace of computer animation…there are a lot of animators & art students who would be more than just glad if you decided to drop by for a signing.

  • Brad Constantine

    Couldn’t find the book at the con…Will Eric have some with him? and if so, how much? Thanx up front.

  • Eric,

    Congratulations on publishing the book. I know it’s been a huge project and a labor of love. Thank you in advance for putting your knowledge into a book that I have no doubt will be a major influence on up-and-coming animators from now on. Can’t wait to get it (I’ve had it on order from Amazon for over a month … but hoping to have a friend snag a copy for me at the Comic-Con . I can’t attend.)

  • vic

    any news on amazon delivery ppl ?

    i checked the barnes & noble site…& it said available after aug 1…

    hope amazon starts delivering by then…