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Exclusive: First Look at ‘Designing the Secret of Kells’

Five years after its theatrical debut, the much-admired Oscar-nominated Irish feature The Secret of Kells finally has its own art-of book. Designing the Secret of Kells will be launched later this month at the San Diego Comic-con International.

It’s perhaps fitting that a book of the film’s concept and production artwork would take this long to publish, since the film itself took ten years to complete. “The Secret of Kells was a labor of love for me and our core crew since our college days,” says the film’s co-director Tomm Moore. “We began designing and developing the project in 1999 while both finishing our studies and beginning our company, Cartoon Saloon.”

The book is being co-published by Cartoon Saloon and Los Angeles art bookseller and distributor Stuart Ng Books. [Disclosure: Stuart Ng is an advertiser on Cartoon Brew.] Cartoon Saloon founders Tomm Moore and Paul Young will be signing the book at Stuart Ng’s booth at Comic-Con (booth #5012) on the following days and times:
Thursday, July 24: 5:30-7pm
Friday, July 25: 6-7pm
Saturday, July 26: 5:30-7pm

Cartoon Saloon will also offer Comic-Con attendees a sneak peak of its new feature Song of the Sea on Friday, July 25th (4-5pm, Room 23ABC). There will also be a book signing in Los Angeles on Monday, July 28th, in the upstairs meeting room of the Animation Guild (1105 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505). The event is free and takes place from 6-9pm.

Click on any of the images below to get a closer look at Designing the Secret of Kells:

  • Evan Bly

    My coveting of this item will make Gollum look well adjusted.

  • Jen H

    If there was ever an animated film that deserved an art book, surely this is it. Yet at the same time, the film itself is gorgeous enough to exist without one.
    But I’m thrilled we get to have it anyway.

  • bob

    back on the side of art books, amid?

  • Michael Barker

    Why did this book take so long to make?

  • Carlos Hernández Sánchez

    Where can I buy it? In amazon is out of print, and google doesn’t find any result for the book… :(

    • AmidAmidi
      • Carlos Hernández Sánchez

        Thanks a lot! :D

      • Lauren

        Thank you for posting this! Wish I could get one at ComicCon in person… but at least I can order one through that site! I can’t wait for it to arrive!

  • Jen H

    It’s listed as $35 on the publisher’s site (which is linked in the article). I wonder if the Amazon stock was slightly discounted, since most amazon books usually are.

  • This is great news, as is the idea that Song Of The Sea may be ready to be released!