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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: What is Torch Tiger?

Torch Tiger

Following on the heels of last year’s successful graphic novel anthology Who is Rocket Johnson?, Disney story artists and directors have teamed up once again to self-publish What is Torch Tiger? The new book will debut later this month at Comic-Con (booth #2302) and is limited to 1,300 copies. The line-up of artists is impressive to say the least, with a cover painted by Paul Felix and contributions from the following:

Steve Anderson
Aaron Blaise
Paul Briggs
Kevin Deters
Rob Edwards
Mike Gabriel
Nathan Greno
Don Hall
Byron Howard
Trevor Jimenez
Mark Kennedy
Joe Mateo
Nicole Mitchell
John Musker
Jeff Ranjo
Aurian Redson
Jeremy Spears
Lissa Treiman
Josie Trinidad
Chris Ure
Mark Walton
Dean Wellins
Stevie Wermers
Chris Williams

Pin-ups by:
Andreas Deja
Andy Harkness
Jeff Turley
Jin Kim
Shiyoon Kim

More details are available at TorchTiger.blogspot.com. Below are some exclusive preview pages provided to us by the Torch Tiger team. Click on any of the images for a closer view.

Torch Tiger

Torch Tiger

Torch Tiger

Torch Tiger

Torch Tiger

Torch Tiger

Torch Tiger

Torch Tiger

  • Tom D.

    if chris sanders did NOT do the last image with the tiger cub and the monks, then who did?

    i didn’t see sander’s name on the list of artists.

  • That last piece definitely looks like Sander’s work.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Looking at all the various styles, I get the same vibe I had when I first read “Heavy Metal.”

  • Ben

    Tom, I was going to ask the same thing. If Chris Sanders didn’t do that, then somebody seriously ripped his style.

  • Shephard

    The last piece was done by Byron Howard. He did not RIP OFF Chris Sanders. Chris & Byron are friends, and Byron worked with Chris Sanders designing characters on Lilo & Stitch SPECIFICALLY because his style is similar. Just because you *think* something sounds plausible, doesn’t make it the truth.

  • Rich T

    Cool! Looks like Chris Sanders contributes as well!!! Sold!

  • Jeremy Spears

    Thanks for posting about the book! It turned out really great this year!!! The stories are really fun and the art is sooo inspiring! I was glad to be apart of this project. We hope you all come by and say hello at the CON!

  • Rezz

    man, the cover looks so much like a john watkiss painting and the non chris sanders image…I’m so confused

  • I was so glad when my friend came back from last year’s Con with my requested Rocket Johnson book in hand (and signed!), but this year I’m taking matters into my own hands and getting a copy of Torch Tiger myself! This is a great, great lineup. I only wish Glen Keane had contributed again.

  • Impressive as always.

    Somebody please give management a copy.

  • Keith

    Someone give Cartoon Network a copy, too, to show that they can “open up and broaden the audience” without resorting to “reality and live scripted” shows. Just because a cartoon’s a cartoon doesn’t mean it MUST target the “6-to-11” demographic.

    Loved Rocket Johnson last year, can’t wait for Torch Tiger to join it on the shelf!

  • Can’t wait to own this baby.

  • Looking forward to it!

  • Brian

    That last one is so adorable, I squealed like a little girl. It’s so bloody cute!

  • I wonder if Chris Sanders is annoyed. Haha, just kidding. But, when those pages were designed, wasn’t he expecting this correlation?

  • I really want to get this but I can’t make it to Comic Con.
    If anyone is interested in mailing me one, I would send a check for shipping and two copies — one for me, and one for you for the trouble!
    Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested :)

  • Justin

    Sigh…it is my deepest wish that this and Rocket Johnson will one day become widely available to those who can’t get to Comic Con! T_T

  • Kevin Harkey

    I want to get a copy…. how? Looks great!!!!!