H-B Book wins Award! H-B Book wins Award!

H-B Book wins Award!


As I mentioned back in March, ForeWord Magazine, the only literary trade journal devoted exclusively to covering independent publishers, had nominated my book, The Hanna Barbera Treasury, for Book of the Year.

The winners were announced yesterday at the Book Expo in Los Angeles, and apparently the Hanna Barbera book was the first place (Gold) winner in the Popular Culture category. Congratulations to me! I’ll be heading down to the Book Expo today to find out what exactly winning this award means (and I’ll be autographing copies of the book there at 4pm).

  • Congratulations! Well deserved.

  • rachel

    Congratulations! That’s awesome! Looking forward to finding out what exactly your fabulous prize is for winning :)

  • Congratulations Jerry! This is a great book!

  • Dave Levy

    That’s awesome, Jerry. Super big congrats!

  • Tee

    Great! Well Deserved! Keep on Truckin’

  • PaulN

    Congrats Jerry. I got my latest Hamilton Book catalog recently, and saw the Treasury on sale. For anyone who might want to pick up a copy at a discount, it’s a great way to go. http://www.hamiltonbook.com

  • Keith Paynter

    Thumbs up! Hopefully it’s not a classic Marvel ‘no-prize’!

  • Hail to thee, Jerry Beck. It’s a terrific book I never tire of going through.

  • Nice job, Jerry! Oh, to do a similar book on Mickey Mouse…

  • Congrats man. I have the book as well. It’s excellent !

  • Good going, Jerry. You’re dedication to animation is appreciated.

  • PorkyMills

    Congrats. The preview looks great, maybe I’ll buy it for myself. I always had a soft spot for Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

  • Congratulations Jerry!

  • David Gerstein said:
    ‘Nice job, Jerry! Oh, to do a similar book on Mickey Mouse…’

    Too late, there already is one: “Mickey Mouse Treasures”, on sale at Amazon.

    Love your HB book, Jerry. Thanks for signing my copy.

  • As would say our “very dear friend!”…..”Hey hey HEY!!” A GIANT congratts to yoo, my friend. Giantly well deserved!!

  • Congrats! Definitely the most fun animation book on the shelves.

  • Sharon Burian

    How wonderful! Congratulations Jerry :-)

  • Congratulations on a great book, Jerry.

    I had the pleasure of working for Hanna Barbera before it was absorbed by the Borg.

  • Nic Kramer

    Congratulations, Jerry! That was truly a funtastic- er- I mean, a fantastic book.

  • Congrats Jerry, I love that book….

  • Bugsmer

    Congratulations, Jerry!

  • Fidel

    Although I’m not very fond of the works of Hanna Barbera, I do have to appreciate all they have done for animation…so congrats for making this book and winning an award for it…truly living the dream. One day I hope to do the same. =) kudos, my friend!

  • Congrats Jerry! This book is excellent and well-deserving of the award. I purchased the Easton Press leather-bound edition – every time I read it I must have classical music playing in the background. :-)

  • Great news! Winning first place lets everyone know it’s “better than the average book!”. I hope the prize is something more than a hearty hand clasp. Maybe a full tank of gas?

  • Congrats on a well-deserved win! And nice to see the Alex Raymond book pick up second place.

  • Dude that is Awesome! It’s been staring me down at the bookstore near my house for the past several months. Once I get my paycheck, BAM! I will have this award winning book.