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Hidden Oswald in UP Little Golden Book

This has to be the most trivial post I’ve ever written – and I’ve written some pretty trivial posts – but at least it gives me the chance to once again plug the latest Pixar Little Golden Book tie-in.

Animator Ken Priebe discovered on the first page (center image, click thumbnails below to enlarge) of the Golden Book adaptation of UP, if you look carefully at Carl’s scrapbook, spin it upside down (below right), you can see a microscopic image of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! Those sly devils at Disney Publishing. Tried to pull a fast one on us, aye? Last year we found an Oswald “cameo” in the Wall-E Little Golden Book. Perhaps this is the beginning of a trend?

Kudos to designer Stuart Smith and illustrators Jean-Paul Orpinas and Scott Tilley. You keep making these books look cool, and I’ll keep buying ’em!

  • Corey K.

    Wow. Oswald aside, that may be the saddest first page of any children’s picture book ever. And if not, it’s certainly the saddest opening to a Little Golden Book I’ve ever seen! Kudos to the writer and artists for distilling the essence of the first 20 minutes of the film into this single page, and still making it feel Little Golden Book-y.

  • Jay Sabicer

    A cool new tradition, since Disney just reacquired Oswald from NBC Universal. Imagineers put in hidden Mickeys into their attractions as a reminder “it all began with a mouse”, referring to Walt’s stupendous success in entertainment. Animators know better, “it all began with a rabbit” and it can be one of publishing’s little secrets.

  • Fun & sneaky cameo of everyone’s favorite Lucky Rabbit.

  • Scott Tilley

    Wow- never thought anyone would spot that in a million years.

  • Oswald the Rabbit…awesome find.

  • C’mon, Scott. You knew there were Geeks out there.

    Kudos to my colleagues, Scott, Stuart and Jean-Paul for continuing to kick butt at Disney Publishing. These guys rock!

  • Geoff. W.

    Excellent find! I gotta get both this and the Wall-E book tomorrow!
    (uh… for the kids, honey!)

  • If you think that’s weird, check out the golden book of “Bolt”. On the third page, Penny is giving Bolt a collar, while up in the very left hand corner there is a Pea. The pea from “Pea standing up”. It’s unmistakable. :)