<em>Inside UPA</em> has been Barrier’d <em>Inside UPA</em> has been Barrier’d

Inside UPA has been Barrier’d

inside UPA

Anybody who’s somebody in animation has been Barrier’d at one point or another, and I’m pleased to report that my latest book project, Inside UPA, has now been Barrier’d as well. Not only has esteemed animation historian Michael Barrier reviewed the book, but he also provided this terrific photo identification for the one photo that wasn’t properly ID’d in the book.

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  • Chuck R.

    Wow, Barrier is tough. But he’s thoughtful and fair as well. It was brave of him to mention UPA’s association with communism, because that always comes up and the issue always seems to get swept under the rug. In a book focusing on art only, I really don’t care, but this book and the upcoming film seems to be about more, so it’s a fair gripe.

    Amid, I applaud you for posting the link. You have guts. That said, is there going to be any kind of rebuttal to Barrier’s comments?

  • well, in that same blog, not only did the book get Barrier’d, but the UPA documentary, in extension, got Barrier’d as well, and not only was it not a thoughtful and fair comment, but it was downright wrong. Barrier just didn’t do his homework, he wrote, “There’s a list of people who’ve been interviewed for the feature … and I doubt that any of them departed from the orthodoxy in their comments about the studio. If the film’s producer, Tee Bosustow, had also interviewed a noisy iconoclast, someone like john Kricfulusi, I could take this project more seriously”.

    I have two responses, first a number of the interviewees have indeed commented on the downside of the studio, talking at length about the Communist problem, financial problems, and such. Secondly, the list is far from complete, and if John K would be willing, I would love to interview him. I’ve been out of town or I would have asked him sooner.

    Not only do we (there are others besides myself on the project) want to make the doc a fair and complete look at the studio, but we feel that conflict is frankly a lot more dramatic and entertaining. We certainly are not interested in having a bunch of people sit around saying the same nice things …. booorrrriinnng! In fact, if Barrier himself is interested, we would love to interview him as well.