John Canemaker on “Two Guys Named Joe” John Canemaker on “Two Guys Named Joe”

John Canemaker on “Two Guys Named Joe”

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Joe Ranft’s untimely death so it’s only fitting to link to this video of John Canemaker speaking about his lovely and important new book Two Guys Named Joe: Master Animation Storytellers Joe Grant & Joe Ranft.

  • It still hurts somehow…even after five years to think that the animation community lost Joe Ranft so young. I don’t think the loss is even restricted to people who knew him personally. Anyone who grew up with his work knows him in a small way. Anyone who has studied or even truly enjoys animation knows him. He will be an influence on new animators for generations to come and his voice rings true in all the films he was a part of. We lost in him something the world truly lacks. A good and honest storyteller.

    I’m anxiously awaiting my copy of Two Guys Named Joe to arrive in my mailbox. I Can’t wait!

  • I saw his awesome lecture at the Disney Family Museum in SF. If you ever get a chance go see him speak! I’m definitely inspired to stock up on some of his books. Too bad I didn’t have some on hand for him to sign :).

  • The book looks amazing and I definitely want to pick up a copy. But is there any reason why the “Fantasia” screenshot towards the beginning is from “Fantasia 2000”?

    • Mark

      Yes. Joe Grant created the Flamingo/Yo-Yo sequence.

      • Ah. I did not know that. Thanks!

    • mnmears

      because the flamingo and yo-yo was a Joe Grant story idea …

  • This book was totally worth the long wait.

    Joe Ranft’s influence was not limited to just the Pixar culture, which makes his loss all the greater. He, like many of his colleagues fought for outstanding animated storytelling, and have accomplished that thru much of today’s best films.

  • These are the kind of books that inspire people. I just got the book and looked through the art that these two great artists did. Their storytelling ability was AMAZING!!! I think they have the most important job in film. They need to visually create a story that will be the blueprint of the rest of the film. Studying these guys will be of great benefit, I can always learn to tell a story in a better way.

  • John Canemaker spoke at Disney today. Both morning and afternoon, and it was great.

    I was lucky enough to share an office with Joe while working on “Monsters, Inc.” he was an incredible talent and we still miss him.

  • Paul N

    I saw John give his talk at the Disney Museum last Friday. A great presentation. Looking forward to reading through the book.