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Magoo’s Christmas Carol book

I’m pleased to report that Darrell Van Citters’s book on the making of Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol has now gone to press. If all goes well, advance copies will be available at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con, July 23-26 with a wide release in the fall. Darrell has been at work on this labor of love for several years and when he couldn’t secure a satisfactory publisher, he decided to go the self-publishing route. Events to support the book launch are in the works on both coasts with the intent to reach as wide an audience as possible. I will certainly keep you posted about it on Cartoon Brew — I can’t wait to get this!

  • Adrian Hickman

    Neither can I. I’ve loved this forever, and even got to see it twice when it was shown on the big screen at the TOWER THEATER in Upper Darby, just outside of Philly.

    A local TV station would run it as part of a Christmas party at the theater, and even better, they had a real old fashioned pipe organ that would rise out of the pit, and we would sing Christmas songs.

    And then, home video came along, and restored the opening and closing, which was edited out for years.

    I will definitely get this.

  • Shellie Kvilvang

    Congratulations to Darrell. Cant wait to see the book !

  • This is Abe Levitow’s masterpiece, a truly wonderful cartoon!!!

  • Thank you for this news Jerry!!! Absolutely phenomenal! To have an edition like this, documenting this highly beloved historic first animated television special by so many incredible talents, as well as being a beautifully crafted musical to boot (with many incredible talents on that end as well!) is just a fantastic boon to many of us out here! Major congratulations to Darrell, and may he have great success with this book! I for one am standing in line for the chance to grab a copy when it’s available!

  • I always said the songs in this were good enough for a real Broadway show (like the one they were supposedly doing IN the special itself!).

  • Beautiful Mind

    I had no idea Magoo was the first actual special! You learn something new every day! I hope I have the opportunity to read the book but now I need to go lay my hands on some Mr Magoo.

  • What a great way to begin the weekend!

    Like everyone else who watched this every single time it aired, and then went on to buy the video, I too will be purchasing a copy.

    Indeed, much success to Darrell on his book.

    Now I wonder when someone will get around to issuing a soundtrack on CD?

  • Earl Kress

    Not only the soundtrack, I wish someone would publish a book of the sheet music. I was fortunate to get my hands on two of the songs, directly from the publisher, even though they were never put out commercially.

    • adriana repetto

      Hi, Earl. This comes two years after your posting, but I bought several of Darrell’s books to give to family members who are huge fans (including myself!) Would you be willing to sell or send me copies of the two songs from Magoo’s Christmas Carol that you were able to procure? My husband and I are both musicians and have been waiting a very long time for the score to be published. If you cannot share yours, can you direct me to the publisher?
      Thanks for considering my request. Adriana

  • Buddy D

    That kicks ass! Way to go Darrell!

  • Tom D.

    can’t wait! thanks for the ‘head’s up’.

  • Both the soundtrack and sheet music are under way although both are moving very slowly. There’s no guarantee that either will happen but they have been initiated and we all have our fingers crossed. Cartoon Brew will have more information as soon as I have it.

  • William Ferry

    This is great! I have nothing but happy memories of this special. Also, I think Jule Styne wrote the songs, so no wonder this was Broadway-worthy!

  • Here’s the IMDB link to the page on the special. Complete with images and a video clip from the show.

    Most everyone who worked on it is listed. Not only the animation team which included Corny Cole, but Jule Styne’s Broadway calibre score and the voices they got for this special were, well, indeed very special! Jim Backus, Morey Amsterdam, Jack Cassidy, Royal Dano, Paul Frees, Jane Kean, Les Tremayne and others… such voice talents! This special deserves more attention and airings on network TV again.

  • Earl Kress

    Darrell – Thanks! That is fantastic news!

    The music was not only written by Jule Styne, but Bob Merrill (“Carnival”) as well. Not one, but two Broadway writers.

  • Awesome news!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  • Always had a soft spot for the Magoo Christmas special, so I’m looking forward to the book. Keep us posted, Darrell!

  • JP

    …with razzle-berry dressing!

  • Charles Carney

    I’ve read the manuscript and seen the images, and NOBODY’S going to be disappointed. It’s a detailed and compelling story, beautifully designed and generously illustrated. A classy book about a classic show!

  • Chet

    This is destine to become a masterpiece! Can’t wait to get it!

  • I love reading this exquiste masterpiece and eagerly await the soundtrack! And hopefully the sheet music, too!

  • sally rappa

    Has the sheet music for Mr. Magoo’s Christmas been published yet? If so where can I buy it? Thank you.

  • Erika Goffin

    Desperately wanting to find the sheet music. Can anyone help me?

  • Ed Lyon

    The long-awaited songbook is now available!