Mary Blair Treasury Mary Blair Treasury

Mary Blair’s Golden Books are Being Reprinted

As if yesterday’s news of the Nine Old Men flipbook set wasn’t tantalizing enough, there’s also the Mary Blair Treasury of Golden Books planned for release on August 7. The volume collects Mary Blair’s essential children’s book illustration, along with a foreword by her biographer John Canemaker. More from the publisher:

Fans of illustrator Mary Blair will cherish this never-before-published treasury of her Golden Books, which includes material that hasn’t been in print in decades. I Can Fly is here in its unabridged glory, as are Baby’s House, The Up and Down Book, and The Golden Book of Little Verses. Many of the finest pages from The New Golden Song Book are included, to round out this gorgeous collection. All of the original artwork has been digitally reproduced, and has never looked more breathtaking!

Pre-order is $13.59 on Amazon.

  • akira

    “digitally reproduced” doesn’t get me too excited

    and i hope they don’t try to make it look “more breathtaking” than it was originally

    i’ll keep my fingers crossed on this one

    • GhaleonQ

      Indeed. If there’s ever work that speaks for itself…

  • E. Nygma

    I will buy all things Blair! Consider it Pre-Ordered!

  • James Madison

    Nice. I have her Peter Pan and The Art And Flair of Mary Blair.

    Great inspirational work.

  • I always find it hilarious when books made about designers are themselves tragically designed

    • Agreed. “Outer Glow” photoshop filter on the cover a Mary Blair book? Who’s idea was that? Yikes. Not trying to be snobby, but come on…

  • Pedro Nakama

    This looks awesome. And the price is right.

  • Robert Schaad

    This looks cool. Hoping that The Art and Flair of Mary Blair gets a second printing, as its current price on Amazon and ebay has reached somewhat astronomical levels.

  • Awesome! I hope they don’t ‘correct’ the colours or anything…