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New Cinderella Book With Mary Blair Art

Cinderella by Mary Blair

Via Didier Ghez’s always informative Disney History blog comes word of a new Cinderella storybook that uses Mary Blair’s concept art from the Disney film. The book will be released in September.

  • Floyd Norman

    Kudos to Disney’s Ken Shue for making this wonderful Mary Blair artwork accessible in the form of this new book.

    Disney’s preproduction art is a real treasure, and we can only hope more of this art will be made available in the future.

  • Ooh la la! I’m drooling already. While a lot of these Cinderella concept paintings from Mary Blair have been reproduced (in “Art and Flair of Mary Blair,” and some of the other Art of Disney books), it will be fun to see them at a larger size and on pages designed to give them the prominence they deserve.

  • This book will be gorgeous! Lets hope they release a Peter Pan and Alice book too.

  • That’s going to be a hit. Wow.

    By the way, Disneyland’s Gallery(above Pirates) still has on display the original pages from Retta Scott’s version of the Cinderella Golden book, along with the originals from Peter Pan(I believe Dick Kelsey? Other artists include Blair) and others. It’s amazing to see the artists’ amazing facility with technique up close–and the Gallery also reproduces the pages in a high quality giclee for purchase. The quality of those is well worth $20 bucks for a 14×36″.

  • Floyd Norman

    What’s more amazing is that we were able to retrieve so much of the original Disney art from the warehouses of Golden Books in Racine Wisconsin before they shut the place down.

    Now, all that fantastic art is here in Glendale, and we’re able to share this treasure trove with millions of others in the form of new books and exhibits.

  • I can’t wait to see this art at full scale and full resolution. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • I want to date that book. it looks crazy elegant.

  • Bug

    I want to DANCE with this book.

  • Oh wow.

    I STILL keep an eye open for Little Golden Books using the original 50’s illustrations. They’re tending to release new ones with generic modern artwork, but occasionally the old ones can still be found in print.

    I love how Pixar is getting guys like Bob Pauley and Tony Fucile to draw their Golden Books.

  • Last summer I was fortunate enough to be in Tokyo for the Art of Disney show. The Eyvind Earle stuff from Sleeping Beauty was amazing, but Blair’s little paintings have SO much character and style; they were definitely the best (the show had dozens and dozens of her stuff on display). My favorite being her color sketches for when Alice is running through Wonderland from the cards at the end; wacky and endearing, with insane colors (you could say, almost neon).

    She’s great. And this little book is sure to be good.