“Organizing The Bookcase” by Sean and Lisa Ohlenkamp “Organizing The Bookcase” by Sean and Lisa Ohlenkamp
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“Organizing The Bookcase” by Sean and Lisa Ohlenkamp

Designers Sean and Lisa Ohlenkamp decided to rearrange the bookcases:

(Thanks, Travis Gentry)

  • http://2dwannabe.blogspot.com robcat2075

    I like the inclusion of the clock; a gauge of how long each frame is taking to set up.

  • dbenson

    The clock could easily have been animated as well, but hey, it’s a great short.

  • http://jessicaplummer.blogspot.com Jessica Plummer

    It’s hard to go wrong with pixilation; nice piece!

  • http://dtoons.com/conroy Failing Art Student

    That was pretty cool, it’s also good that managed to keep the clock in and have the time on it change in a way, that’s not to jarring to the piece.
    Ya know, do to the long process this might take to make.

  • http://kelseighn.blogspot.com Kelseigh

    I like the little touch of listing all the books at the end. The book lover in me did a little dance over that.

  • http://www.goodaboy.com Rajesh

    I enjoyed that quite a bit.

  • Jacob Zaborowski

    I was just curious as to how they timed it to sync with the music.