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Princess and the Frog Little Golden Book

I collect all the Pixar and Disney Little Golden Books because they usually feature incredible artwork by the studio’s best artists. And the price is right too, only $3.99. The uber-talented Lorelay Bove illustrated the latest one based on The Princess and the Frog and she’s offering a tiny sneak peek on her blog. It’ll go on sale October 13th – and I can’t wait.

  • chipper

    She looks adorable in this book!

  • Mesterius

    Cool design! But of course, as usual Disney is releasing the Golden Book version of their new movie so far in advance that anybody who reads it right away will have the whole plot and story spoiled for them…

  • james madison

    Looks great! I love the style. The colors make it really pop!

  • monique thompson

    can someone tell me what reading level this book is? my 5 yr old was reading it and I wasnt for sure.