‘Big Hero 6′ Top U.S. Box Office with $56.2M Launch


Disney’s Big Hero 6, directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, topped the United States box office with a first weekend gross of $56.2 million. Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar had been expected to challenge Big Hero 6 for the top seat, but Nolan’s latest proved to be no match for Baymax and company, grossing $47.5 million in second place.

The Big Hero 6 opening falls short of the studio’s last film, the mega-hit Frozen, which opened with $67.4M, but tops the launches of the two Disney film’s prior to that: Wreck-It Ralph ($49M) and Tangled ($48.8M). Not only is Big Hero 6 the second-strongest animated film opening of the year, behind the $69 million launch of The LEGO Movie, but it’s also an impressive figure when one considers that this is the first time the Disney Animation studio has ventured into pure-superhero territory.

Big Hero 6 scored $7.6 million from international territories. Like many Disney films, it has a staggered rollout that won’t result in huge international weekend grosses, but will ensure consistent box office returns through next spring. The film’s biggest overseas territory at the moment is Russia where it’s earned $18.2 million.

Laika’s The Boxtrolls hit the $100 million mark over the weekend, with $49.1 million from the United States. The film will come close to matching ParaNorman’s global gross ($107.1M) but will fall well short of the company’s first outing, Coraline ($124.6M).

Reel FX’s The Book of Life spent its last weekend in the U.S. top ten, landing in the tenth spot with $2.8 million. The film has grossed $45.2 million in the States and $34.5 million overseas for a grand total of $79.7 million.

The GKIDS release of Studio Ghibli’s The Tale of The Princess Kaguya picked up an additional $51,082 for a $333,017 U.S. gross. By next weekend, it will become the third-highest grossing GKIDS release, behind From Up on Poppy Hill ($1M) and The Secret of Kells ($677K).

  • George Comerci

    That’s good! I’m happy to hear it’s doing well. I saw it on Friday, and I’ll be seeing it again tomorrow :3

  • Matt

    Amazing film, sure beats Frozen that’s for sure. The animation is on par with Tangled. Pixar has got some catching up to do that’s for sure. The short film in front “Feast” was as good as “Big Hero 6″ and the look was beautiful.

    • Daleel

      The Animation wasn’t like tangled. Tangled resembled a glorious CG version of Disney’s 90′s animation. Frozen’s animation was a lighter version of Disney classic animation. Big Hero 6 reminded me of a zanier version of Wreck it Ralph, broad and pushed. It was a blend of good naturalistic and caricatured performance. Big Hero 6 is an awesome movie because of those qualities.

  • http://sakabutsu.tumblr.com/ Sasha

    Really Enjoyed this movie, It was Very cute and Very fun, a friend who isn’t much of a Disney fan has seen it twice so far! I highly recomend it, and I hope it encourages Disney to get out of thier comfort zones a bit. One Wonderful thing that this movie did not do by the way is the obnoxious five second romance you see so often, there are NO romance, just focusing on the story and really fun characters.

    • William Bradford

      YES, it was refreshing to see a hero origin film that stayed FOCUSED. from start to finish, it stuck to one central point.. haha hesitant to go in any further for fear of spoiling

    • http://the-animatorium.blogspot.com/ Natalie Belton

      Agreed. This movie provided to be actually quite a bit better than I accepted, in fact it might me my favorite CGI Disney film now. (Yes, I actually prefer it over Frozen. It’s treason I know.

  • Strong Enough

    i’m still waiting for that animated movie that will drag me to the theaters as a must see like Interstellar did. All of these flicks have been “looks alright but i’ll wait for the DVD”

  • jhalpernkitcat

    I am also glad it made it to number one this week–I was unsure if it could beat a Nolan movie.

  • otterhead

    Sounds like Zach Snyder invented that quote as a joke, actually.

  • starss

    It totals $79 in worldwide total so far. In the coming weeks, it will gain more, and it still needs to roll out in more countries. This is by no means a reason for lay-offs.

    • Chris

      More like underperformed with less than 50 million. They switched the numbers with interstellar to make it seem like a winner.

      • starss

        …… does that mean we were lied to?

      • benC

        source please?

  • William Bradford

    Tell that to Hero 6′s when he made Winnie the Pooh: about a fifth the budget of the current CG film and STILL didn’t get enough of an audience; nor did Princess and the Frog. Up until Frozen, most of their films, while lucrative, STILL barley made their budget up. And certainly this could be more blamed on excessive budgets, A great deal of which could probably be avoided, but regardless.

    And yes, quality films and crowd-pleasing films are not always, if not often, symbiotic, but in this case I think the film was quality AND a crowd-pleaser: not Song of the Sea or Kaguya level but still strong in it’s own right. There’s no shame in making a crowd-pleaser if it’s done well.

  • http://cinimated.com Ant G

    Interstellar is amazing and bound to be remembered as one of the best movies ever made. I chose to see that before Big Hero 6 this weekend and I don’t regret it one bit. I will go see BH6 eventually.

    • William Bradford

      haha I think being the “second” most lucrative opening film is nothing to sneeze at :)

  • http://cinimated.com Ant G

    You tell a person one thing and by the time it reaches the 5th person to tell it to you back, it’s a whole different phrase being uttered. Nolan was misquoted and is one of the most revered living directors today, he doesn’t need to be a sore winner and pick on Marvel movies.

  • http://skunkandburningtires.com/ Ju-osh M.

    That Fall Out Boy song, though…YUCK.

    • William Bradford

      haha that was a bit jarring to be sure. Buuuut props for trying something different. haha I think what would have been super fitting is a Japanese American artist song.. heh IDK Utada?

  • Lucky Jim

    It’s kinda sobering to think “Big Hero 6′s” opening weekend is larger than the domestic totals of both “The Boxtrolls” and “The Book of Life.”

  • Jessie

    wasn’t a fan of the “button” at the very end. they sure slammed you over the head with it. overall, very cute, entertaining movie. My picks are still Tangled, Wreck It Ralph and BH6 as far as the “new school” of Disney Animation.

    • Tim Tran


      • Funkybat

        Probably means the post-credit scene, I’ve heard these called various names before, though never “button.” I think it could have gotten its point across with a line or two trimmed, but overall it worked fine. After how great the movie was, I didn’t mind if the “easter egg” ran a bit long.

  • Googamp32

    I hope to Walt they never do! Seeing the headache inducing style in seven minute shorts while waiting for movies I actually wanted to see was bad enough. A whole movie in that style could probably cause aneurysms.

    • Tim Tran

      Walt would’ve disagreed with you. before Snow White came out, critics were saying too much color on a 1 hour film like that will hurt your eyes and cause headaches and did he stop? Walt would’ve slapped you.
      and having that style cause aneurysms but watching in IMAX 3D doesnt? the same thing was said about 3D. your comment is ridiculously old fashioned.

      • Daleel

        Stop trolling, you’re speaking for a man who is dead and buried how many years back. What do you know what he would and would have said? Smh I swear there are so many wannabe Disney spokespersons

        • Tim Tran

          But that was what actually happened in the past. Sure, Walt can change his mind if he’s alive now, but he would never think a new style of animation is ugly. I mean, he changed animation styles for cheaper ways to make films…

          • Funkybat

            From what I hear, Walt was far from happy with how Sleeping Beauty appeared, though I always found that anecdote a bit odd, considering how much concept art and production art Walt must have seen over the 4+ years of production on the film. Apparently, none of that stopped him from barking in displeasure about the visual style to someone when he left the premiere.

  • Tim Tran

    only 4 times have 2 films released the same weekend get over $50m. and all 4x, its live action vs animation. and all 4x, animation reigns supreme.

  • http://cinimated.com Ant G

    “Interstellar [...] makes people think”

    Actually that is my only detraction of the film. I don’t think it lets the audience think at all. Nolan gives us everything instead of trusting we have the ability to put the pieces together, like Kubrick would. It would have been an even stronger film if 10-20 minutes of the ending was just cut out.

  • Funkybat

    Probably got tired of trying to police it to limit replies only to people who had seen the movie. Some people did a poor job of self-restraint, and I’m sure it was a pain for Amid to keep deleting and nagging those who broke protocol.

    • Mike

      Fair enough. As someone with only a keen recreational interest in animation, I’m very limited in my options for discussing my opinions and hearing those of others who know what they’re talking about when it comes to animated films. That’s what the talkback represented to me, and I just miss those opportunities.