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Box-Office Hero: “Wreck-It Ralph” is #1

Wreck-It Ralph was the box office champion this weekend with an estimated $49.1 million U.S. box office gross. This is reportedly the highest opening weekend ever for a Disney animated feature film. According to Box Office Mojo:

The movie’s audience skewed younger (57 percent under the age of 25) and male (55 percent), and they gave it a strong “A” CinemaScore. Considering the positive word-of-mouth and lack of competition over the next few weeks, Wreck-It Ralph could be on its way to as much as $200 million at the domestic box office.

Ralph took in almost double that of it’s nearest competitor – Robert Zemeckis’ Flight, which grossed about $25 million. Sony’s Hotel Transylvania has held on very well, with $4.5 million added this weekend to its total $137 million gross (so far). Frankenweenie is sinking fast, it’s total gross thus far at $33.3 million.

  • feep

    Everyone at the hat building should be proud. Congratulations, you all deserve it.

  • Eman

    Very happy to hear.

  • Great to hear because it was the best Disney movie in a good long while. It’s got lots if clever characters and funny moments, and really cool animation styles, like when the 8-bit characters move on 2s or more (animator nerding out here). Very fun movie!

  • greg manwaring

    Loved it!!

  • Very well-deserved. Also it’s a great movie to see on opening weekend with all the video game fans cheering when they see their character pop on the screen.


  • Mel

    Who knew Walt Disney Feature Animation would be the main entity to benefit from the Pixar acquisition? That is what has happened and it saved WDFA from being shuttered.

    • Funkybat

      Well, I believe that *was* the idea behind the Pixar purchase. Disney realized that they had “lost their mojo” and needed Pixar to reinvigorate their creative juices. The worry was that Disney would instead infect Pixar with mediocrity. In a way both things happened. Disney has gotten stronger, and Pixar has drifted a bit. I feel like Lasseter and Co. may be stretched somewhat, trying to run Disney Features, Pixar, and Disney Imagineering. Any one of those roles would be a major undertaking, all three is Herculean. Fortunately, Disney Features seems to be on a good track (even if there’s not quite enough 2D for my tastes!)

  • this movie is UNFIRGGIN BELIEVABLE ! – i’ll see this one as many times as i’ve seen NEMO – and THAT my communal friends is really saying something! – SEE THIS HIT FILM ! ! !

  • Ryan

    I loved the movie. I thought they did a great job. I liked it even more than Brave.

  • Aside from being just a nice chunk of change, “Wreck-It Ralph’s” performance gives WDAS a nice sense of stability. Between this and “Tangled” the artists can rest a little easier knowing they’re finally able to connect with audiences again.

    • Yeah, at least the CGI artists can rest a little easier.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I guess people had seen enough of the destruction of Hurricane Sandy so they went to the theaters to see a character that destroys buildings.

    • Steve Gattuso

      Nah, we all wanted to see if Sarah Silverman was somehow able to get naughty words into a Disney flick. (Doody doesn’t count.)

      • And yet, that word has become a favorite of hers. :)

        • Funkybat

          She did manage to get “buttload” in there, which I doubt would have passed Disney’s muster even a few years ago.

          Sarah SIlverman is someone people tend to either love or hate, so her inclusion was probably the riskiest bit of casting for a recent Disney feature. I feel like she gave a fine performance, she had more range than some might expect. Best of all, I stopped thinking of her as “Sarah Silverman” within 5 minutes of her coming on screen, just as I didn’t think about Ralph being John C. Reilly, he was just Wreck-It Ralph.

          When a familiar actor can give a voice performance that doesn’t depend on it being an animated version of themselves, I feel it’s usually more successful. The only animated characters who are unmistakably liked to their voice actors who actually work for me are Jack Black as Kung Fu Panda, and Eddie Murphy’s Donkey. (If anything, when I see Eddie, I think of Donkey rather than the other way around!)

          • You might say that’s the magic of animated films such as these! Actors, love them or hate them, completely immerse into their characters.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      In all fairness, it didn’t stop people from singing “Who’s Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf?” during The Great Depression!

  • Floyd Norman

    A message to our esteemed colleagues up north. Who’s your daddy now?

  • Mike

    Always nice to see a well-made animated film get the attention it deserves. And between this, Tangled and Pooh, I’m ready to tentatively say Disney’s out of its 2000’s slump!

  • wgan

    if the hat house keep going like that whats the point of keeping Lamp house

    • Mike

      Heh, because, er…’Lamp House’ is what got them back on the map! I don’t think it’s coincidence that Disney started turning around after John Lasseter started calling shots…

      • Funkybat

        Things go in cycles. Pixar couldn’t continuously do better and better films endlessly, especially when people come and go and the teams of artists change over time. In a few years both Pixar and Disney could be knocking ’em out of the park, both could be in a slump, or Pixar could be on top and Disney slumping again. I’m hoping they both do gangbusters, as well as other studios. The more successful studios we have, the more jobs there are, and the more quality movies and shows we have for everyone to enjoy.

  • mat

    We went sunday and some kids yelled “It’s bowser!” “look it’s sonic!”. It was a fun movie. Loved the paperman short as well. I hope disney keeps up the good work on frozen and big hero 6.