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“Cyanide and Happiness” Shatters Kickstarter Animation Record

The Kickstarter campaign to produce an animated series based on the online comic Cyanide and Happiness concluded a few minutes ago with a grand total of $770,309 from 14,242 backers. The amount of money raised obliterates the previous animation crowdfunding record held by David Fincher and Blur Studio’s The Goon animatic, which raised $442,000 last November.

Last month when the Cyanide and Happiness campaign was at its midway point, Cartoon Brew wrote about how well the effort was doing. The four creators of C&H—Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Matt Melvin, Dave McElfatrick—had set their fundraising goal at $250,000. They exceeded that amount by 300%, and with the money they’ve raised, their team will now produce eleven 10-12 minute episodes, as well as weekly short-form pieces for an entire year.

  • Good for them^^ I wish I could generate that much excitement for my work

  • That rules!

  • Years and years of creating some pretty well-loved comics gave them a built-in base, myself included. It’s awesome that they’re getting to do something bigger.

  • mick

    well deserved. Those guys are funny

  • Awesome, Can’t wait to see their new shorts. on a side note, that picture is very misleading.

  • Bob Harper

    This is great news! The shift is definitely happening from traditional media outlets to the “new” wave. With the Angry Birds toons and Youtube investing in talent such as Ricky Gervais and Sarah Silverman, the migration will soon be a stampede.

  • jonhanson

    This is a great lesson for animators out there, build up your online presence and some day those fans can be called upon to help fund your projects, whereas some animators seem to think that festival and industry experience is enough to impress the public at large.

    • I see Bravest Warriors doing this.

  • I honestly have no problem with “Hollywood” and other established systems. I read and follow blogs of industry animators, if it weren’t for various Nickelodeon and CN shows I wouldn’t be doing what I do, and I think Ricky Gervais and Sarah Silverman are both very funny people who’ve earned what they got. No, what ticks me is when you have the mega corporations that own all the established stuff try and throw themselves and their content over our territory, try to censor us with ridiculous legislation written off as an excuse for copyright law, and try and buy out anyone who’s making an impressive alternative success for insulting prices so they can throw their brand on it and make it look like they’re responsible. Like these mega corporations are the only ones who can make and distribute art and culture.

  • NatGertler

    Captain Math asks me to point out that it is not true that $770,309 “exceeded” the requested $250,000 “by 300%”. Reaching 300% of their goal (to the first significant digit) means that they exceeded the goal by 200%, as that first 100% is merely reaching their goal.

    Then Captain Math slips off into the mysterious fog, and never really takes the time to wonder about why he never gets invited to parties.

  • demoncat_4

    nice for them that they get to bring this project they were passionate about to life now to share with the world