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Dreamworks Layoffs, Round 2: 170 Employees, Including Artists, On The Chopping Block

Just a few months after Comcast NBCUniversal announced layoffs of nearly 200 management and corporate positions at Dreamworks Animation, the new owner of Dreamworks has commenced on a second round of layoffs.

In this round that will be completed by the end of January, 170 employees will be laid off. Affected employees include those on the animation and production side of the studio.

The layoffs have not been widely reported, but were mentioned earlier this week by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal, which attributed them to the cancellation of Croods 2. “This is separate from the positions eliminated earlier in the year in corporate functional areas,” a source told that publication.

In November, we also reported that Dreamworks is in the process of shuttering its India animation studio.

Dreamworks was acquired earlier this year by Comcast NBCUniversal in a $3.8 billion deal. “I am proud to say that NBCUniversal is the perfect home for our company; a home that will embrace the legacy of our storytelling and grow our businesses to their fullest potential,” Dreamworks Animation founder Jeffrey Katzenberg said at the time. “This agreement not only delivers significant value for our shareholders, but also supports NBCUniversal’s growing family entertainment business.”

  • ThatGuy

    Boy oh Boy I was certain that a movie about toy trolls was gonna save them. I mean we could be making great ORIGINAL movies, or movies with soul, of substance…but no..no..brand names are SO damn important. Hey maybe you listen to the animation artists? The people who built this industry?-no….no you wouldn’t do that would you…

  • Chicken McPhee

    170 people: YOU’RE FIRED

    • Troy

      Adding: SPECIFICALLY hiring Experienced Animators with more than 10 years who will work for a borderline low pay. What’s that? There isn’t any here in the U.S? That’s ok we’re hiring people overseas right now, they have lower requirements that appeal to us anyway.

      • Chicken McPhee

        That’s because they’ve resolved to making soul-less cookie-cutter films to generate revenue. Of course it means minmized shelf-life of their film, so most of the payoff is in the first few years of the film’s existence, then it sharply drops off. If they cared about the writing/soul of the movies, they would have a much longer shelf life (like Pixar films) but they couldn’t outsource all that work in China. Meanwhile US animation is whimpering along.

  • k

    Weird. Jeffery Katzenberg fails at his job, ruins the studio he built, and gets rewarded $391million. His employees, who more or less had done nothing wrong, lose there jobs. Things seems upside down.

    • Just another day at the Dream Factory!

    • C

      This is not uncommon in any business. Those at the top always get the golden parachutes and those at the bottom get screwed. Then those at the top invest their earnings and get lauded as job creators.

  • Strong Enough

    still cant find DW career site. its like a graveyard over there.

  • I don’t get it!

    Animation companies do layoffs, and then HIRE people at the same time?
    how is this possible?

    Every studio is “hiring” 365 days a year…..in facebook they are hiring, in their career site they are hiring……….. ??

    Can somebody explain this formula? why a studio layoff people AND hire people?

  • Slim Cognito

    Specifically they are from Croods 2.