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Farewell To Stu Snyder, The Man Who Tried To Make Cartoon Network Cartoon-Less

In a world of dumb animation execs, Stu Snyder made a sincere effort to be the dumbest of the pack. He was the brilliant visionary who led a campaign to remove cartoons from Cartoon Network.

Now, he’s leaving Cartoon Network.

When Snyder became the executive VP and COO of Turner animation in 2007, he made the shift toward live-action and reality shows one of his priorities. “We did all the research in terms of what kids wanted to watch, what they were watching on TV at the time, on our network and across all networks,” he said in 2009. “I think these new shows, whether reality or live scripted, really open up and broaden the audience, so you can be thinking about new advertising categories.” His foward-thinking approach included adding golfing and military training shows to Cartoon Network. Predictably, his actions were not appreciated by viewers who liked tuning into Cartoon Network to watch…oh, I don’t know…cartoons.

After the successes of The Regular Show and Adventure Time and the complete and total failure of his live-action initiatives, Snyder was forced to reconsider his position. Snyder, who is leaving his post at the end of March, currently serves as the president and chief operating officer of the Turner Animation unit. The LA Times makes clear that Snyder is not departing by choice:

Snyder’s departure comes in the wake of a new management regime taking the reins at Turner. In January, John Martin was promoted from chief financial officer of Time Warner to chief executive of Turner. As part of the restructuring, David Levy, Turner’s head of sales and distribution, was named president. Tensions between Snyder and Levy led to the former’s decision to resign, a person familiar with the matter said who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Stewie.

  • Roberto Severino

    YES!!!!!!!! About time this incompetent man left the company. Now I have someone to blame on sending CN to the Dark Ages between 2007-2009 with all this terrible live action programming. I think CN’s future is looking much brighter than ever now the way they are heading though they still have to work out some kinks here and there and get rid of some of the programming right now that’s gotten so many negative reviews on sites like IMDB.

    • Ebooty

      Yeah. The adults posting on IMDB know what kids want. That’s why Uncle Grandpa is more popular with kids than Steven Universe.

      • Roberto Severino


        How much more evidence do you need? I can probably find way more rants on this show on other sites. They alright have it right with Steven Universe, Adventure Time and Regular Show. Popularity doesn’t automatically equate to quality either. Jersey Shore was “popular” too.

        • AmidAmidi

          Focus everybody. This post is about Stu.

          • Jonathan Wilson

            Well Amid, this IS a post about Cartoon Network and the man that almost EVERYONE (including you, don’t deny it, I’ve read you past posts… including this one…) hate for bringing sad, mediocre cartoons and live action to a once lovable and respected channel.
            We all know people will go off topic and jump to criticize every problem the network has nowadays because of Snyder’s good (Adventure Time, Regular Show, etc…)and bad (Live action, low quality Canadian imports, mediocre cartoons, etc…) decisions…

          • nevilleross

            Excuse me, but I’m Canadian, and I take umbrage to that insult about Canadian cartoons! Many of them are great, and have tons of fans here in North America and abroad. I’d pit most of the original programming from Teletoon (Totally Spies, Martin Mystery, Sidekicks, Delilah & Julius, Detentionaire, Total Drama Island/World etc, Transformers; Beast Wars, Storm Hawks, What About Mimi, Brace Face, Grossology, etc.) Not everything in animation has to be just anime or American cartoons (and some American cartoons don’t look that great style-wise, either.)

          • I’ll second the citations of a number of those!

            Beast Wars (and Beast Machines) got me to understanding what folks saw in Transformers, Storm Hawks had some very interesting world building, and although I first watched Totally Spies with the intent of being able to tell folks about ‘this dreadful cartoon I saw, once’, it was actually very good.

            And let us not forget Reboot.

      • Shane Von Russell

        Neither one of them is a Flapjack.

      • Connor

        Sorry that you think that but Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, and Clearence are all unpopular garbage. Parents with children of the age of 0 do not know at all what kids like. That’s why they choose stupid shows like Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, Clearence, etc.. Etc. The only way Cartoon Network won’t go bankrupt is if they cancel all those stupid shows and revive Cartoon Network classics like The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Samuri Jack, The Powerpuff Girls, etc.. They might already be planning on bringing back Billy and Mandy because in the kids section on Netflix it is the #1 most popular show. And I mean it is the number one most popular Cartoon Network show on Netflix. Check for yourself.

        • johnny hill

          I like the old ones better.reboots on some teen titans not cool at all

  • UsaMiKo

    *slow clap*

    That is all.

  • Frogjerky

    Good riddance.

    • Stacy Small-Scott

      I love your Keroppi avatar,and I agree with you Good riddance

  • Jason Breslin

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • John F A

    It’s about time! If there was any actual justice in the universe this cretin would have been living on the streets years ago.

    • Playkins

      Yeah, that’s it. He should be homeless because you dislike his programming.

      • IcyTea

        Besides I doubt he is the main guy doing this shit, it’s more than just one person.

  • Crystal

    I find this reaction sorta odd, wasn’t Snyder the one who took over following the Boston Bomb Scare (correct me, I might be confusing something). The internet back then (including Cartoon Brew) seemed to think CN had gone downhill prior to the Boston Bomb Scare (since they dumped non-original programming in 2004).

    I’m sorta tired of people who think CN shouldn’t show anything new, especially the ones who were watching new stuff when they were kids.

    • ChrisWTF

      Who exactly thinks CN shouldn’t show anything new? It’s not that viewers don’t want new programming, they just expect new programming on Cartoon Network to be… you know… a cartoon. Hell, Snyder’s initiative may not have been met with such disdain if the live-action material he produced wasn’t utter garbage devised with the assumption that kids will watch anything.

      If you’re referring to the resentful nostalgics who plagued the annals of the internet with their “YOU DIDNT HAVE A CHILDHOOD IF…” BS, they’ve been quiet for some time as Boomerang keeps them entertained with 40 years worth of wholesome, vintage animated programming.

      • IJK

        “they’ve been quiet for some time as Boomerang…”

        A couple of them have still commented around here on this news article alone, they’re still very much active. Just wait a few days and there will be much, much more.

      • IcyTea

        Bro they have been spamming the living daylights on CN’s facebook page, I don’t think they’ve been “sleeping”.

        • Pinkie Pie

          I know, it’s so annoying!

      • nevilleross

        The problem with your ‘cartoons, and only cartoons’ meme is that live action programing was a part of Saturday morning blocks for quite a while in the 60’s and ’70s (Sid & Marty Kroft being one of the providers) and the Saturday morning cartoons didn’t suffer, but existed in symbiosis with the live-action shows. Snyder knew this, and programmed CN so. Live action can exist alongside animation, all it takes (as you said) is for the shows to be good.

  • Mister Twister

    Good. New executives, un-cancel Sym-Biotic Titan. Do it NOW.

    • IcyTea

      It’s too late to save it since Genndy is more into other projects.

      • wedway

        Well the reason Genndy is into other projects right now is because production on Sym-Bionic Titan is currently shut down, it’s not a lack of interest. They had intended there to be a season 2 before it was cancelled, they still have finished scripts for most of the planned season 2 episodes. It’s still worth having hope for the series.

      • Mister Twister

        You. Stop that.

      • RelegatedBore

        Genndy has said that if they let him do more episodes, he’d do ’em, even though he doesn’t know how he’d make time.

        • Funkybat

          Sym-Bionic Titan; Seasons 2-whatever will exist in the same maybe-but-probably-never realm that The Incredibles 2 “exists” in.

    • Muhammad Bilal Islam

      Excuse me, Young Justice?

  • Googamp32

    Well, it wasn’t ALL bad under his leadership. Stuart brought over those great Canadian shows… We never would have gotten Steven Universe or Gumball if it weren’t for him… Um… Did I mention the Canadian shows?

    • IcyTea

      Steven Universe saved this Network.

      • IJK

        I guess Chowder, Flapjack, Adventure Time, and Regular Show were chopped liver then?

      • Lee

        he didn’t bring those shows actually he was against regular show and adventure time.

    • nevilleross

      No, and it was a great thing for you to do; this Canadian thanks you.

  • Sam Henderson

    Didn’t know about this. It makes sense to have things like Childrens Hospital or Eagleheart late at night, but live action entirely? Good riddance to him. Ideally, the network should be all 30s to 60s studio cartoons 24/7 but you can’t have everything (and some people I know need jobs).

  • Toonio

    Its all about show turnaround from concept to final product. With so many studios making mediocre cartoons with a platoon of underpaid and overworked animator ( ala communist china way..), channels have more shows to sell to the naive advertisers for top $$$.

  • Tamsin Parker


  • Shane Von Russell

    All your live action sucked… Same goes for you Adult Swim.

  • MC

    My delight over his departure is only clouded by the fact that in our current corporate climate, such an incompetent could have stayed in place for 7 years.

  • Juan Valdez

    Now bring back Samurai Jack, Justice League, and Young Justice. Get rid of the stupid cartoons also.

    • Nom

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  • John E St-Ilma

    Finally good news. You have a working formula so let’s get rid of that and bring on live action shows like golf. Hope his walk away bonus are DVD’s of his live action shows.

  • Ian Asaph

    Here are some of my thoughts with steps on to improve CN.
    Step 1: Celebrate
    (To CN from this step onward)
    Step 2: Get some familiar faces back, (ex Joe Murray, Genndy Tartavosky, etc.)
    Step 3. Hire more new talented artists for both CCN and AS. (Same goes with Step 2)
    Step 4: Give more creative control to the Toonami Team on AS.
    Step 5: Make a more organized schedule and have a better revamp (as in get rid of the check it era).
    Step 5: Push AS back to 10 or 11 pm.
    Step 6: Get back the rights to Cowboy Bebop, InuYasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Tirun, and Big O Season 1.
    Step 7: Cancel Uncle Grandpa, SMFA, Ben 10, Annoying Orange, Johnny Test, and Teen Titans Go!
    Step 8: Give Cartoon Planet a longer run time.
    Step 9: Air more anime BESIDES Pokemon on CN.
    Step 10: Give Symbionic Titan and ThunderCats a second Chance on AS.
    Step 11: Switch more Boomerang Shows back to CN.
    Step 12: Start airing Lupin III again (they have the rights to it, but they don’t AIR IT!! WTF??).
    Step 13: Come up with better April Fools day pranks for both CN and AS.
    Step 15: Just stop the live action for God’s sake.
    Step 15: Air more uncut Tom and Jerry/MGM and Looney Tunes Shorts on either CN or AS.
    Step 16: Start airing more Y7 shows and move most PG shows to early AS time slots.
    But those are just my thoughts.

    • Acheya Wachtel

      I’m with you on having a better anime selection, but a big section of the viewers are not Anime fans. I’m hoping that the main focus is to moderate all these shows that rely so heavily on just being random. I’d like to see at lease a choice of story heavy cartoon. And on the slimmest of chances that people at CN are reading these comments, I’d like to say that they should give the Tower Prep and Unnatural History licenses to CW because I truly think those had potential.

      • Funkybat

        There need to be more shows like The Venture Brothers, and for that matter, more airings of Venture Bros. repeats. Why does AS insist on treating VB like its some kind of rare, elusive gemstone buried deep in the Earth of their schedule? (Not that the Venture Bros. is *not* a precious gem of a show! I just wish it were not so hard to find.)

    • Pan Rysownik

      I think Step 15 needs to be copied a few more times, just so no ones misses it.

      • Craig

        Don’t worry about Step 15. The live-action shows are the main reason why Snyder is leaving, so I’m pretty sure that means that the live-action is history! :D

        • Funkybat

          The “second Step 15” (more Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes and other classic animation) also needs to be repeated a few hundred times. I don’t even see those on Boomerang. (Does Boomerang even exist anymore?)

          • kory stephens

            Yes, Boomerang still lives

    • nevilleross

      [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “Defamatory, rude, or unnecessarily antagonistic comments will be deleted.”]

    • Gabriella Creighton

      My only question is your Toonami point. You listed several shows they in fact have the rights to, also listed shows to get the rights back to as if they can just pick them off the ground, two are licensed out to other networks.

    • Allen

      YEEESSSSS!!! for #12

    • Krysys

      You should add bring back Young Justice and Green Lantern. Seriously, every good DC Nation show that comes to CN gets canceled.

      • Funkybat

        The only really good DC Animated shows have at least some level of involvement of Bruce Timm and/or Paul Dini, (with the possible exception of “Batman The Brave and the Bold”.)

        • Muhammad Bilal Islam

          Are you trying to say Young Justice isn’t good?

    • Jack De Simone

      that’s alot of steps, 17… i read them all. they make sense to me. but the main point… put cartoons on cartoon network. but anyone could have made the mistake to want to put live action over cartoons… maybe for nickelodeon.. that would work… but cartoon network, is for… cartoons. clearly the viewers have spoken.

    • Muhammad Bilal Islam

      I would upvote but step 0 should be BRING BACK YOUNG JUSTICE!!!!!

      Oh well have an upvote anyway.

    • Gannon

      Step 18 (My idea just in case): Put Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi on Cartoon Planet.

      • Joe Michael

        Or at least make it into a theatrical film, I’d go see it!

    • Yousei the Crusader

      Cancellation of Johnny Test: SUCCEEDED!
      Ben 10: Okay, it’s been going on for TOO LONG!

    • Koda Motoi

      I don’t think I’ve even seen Annoying Orange, Johnny Test, or Ben 10 for a while on Cartoon Network, so that’s coming true for you I suppose?

    • Da9000feetfret

      Just saying, but the old Ben 10 shows weren’t that bad, they were actually nice. I do agree that ‘Omniverse’ sucks, but give it a second chance, like getting someone better to do the art, and a better story writer.

  • Chris P. O’Connell

    Now just bring back Young Justice and a few Genndy Tartakovsky shows and the world will be a better place… Hell, I might even consider getting cable.

  • Thanatos2k

    And maybe they can finish Thundercats while they’re at it.

  • Antonucci

    Took this long to get rid of the cancer!?! What a clueless fucker he was… NEXT!

  • Antonucci

    … Oh don’t go easy on Sorcher, he’s still there! Another drip who should be out on the street peddling his live-action wears.

  • Pennyjpie

    Fantastic! Glad this guy is finally out of there! He was like one of those villains from Kids Next Door or something.

    But seriously…am I the only one who likes Uncle Grandpa AND Steven Universe…? I dunno, I just can’t see UG as bad. I admit I have to watch it on a different level than SU but it’s not that hard. It’s just a zanny, weird, cartoon that makes no sense. It’s really not that bad…people should give it a try at least. (That’s what I don’t get about people, everyone was quick to love shows like Ren and Stimpy or Cow and Chicken but then this comes along and whoa…)

    I dunno, I thought CN was doing pretty good again after it’s slump. The only show I have a problem with (now) is Teen Titans Go…(oh, and of course Johnny Test and Annoying Orange and such…)

    • tredlow

      Yeah, I like both UG and SU too. I mean, I watch Steven Universe more, but I enjoy Uncle Grandpa occasionally.

    • M Rahman

      I think Peter Browngardt’s first show Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is more analogous to Ren & Stimpy and Cow & Chicken.
      I’m assuming you know how that turned out.

      UG is Browngardt’s accessible, seemingly water downed approach to an animated show.
      Its writing, and general focus barely compensates for the very stylized, creative art direction.

      • tredlow

        That’s actually what I like best about the show. Its lack of focus and logic gives way for really fun animated moments that wouldn’t happen on shows with less flexible writing. In the show, things sort of just happen, and it doesn’t feel the need to explain itself. That might not make for a good story, but it’s fun to look at.

        • Nac

          As an Uncle Grandpa fan, I want to say that there’s ALOT more to Uncle Grandpa than it’s lack of earthly/humanly laws. It doesn’t have a lack of focus, it has a plot and point to it just like every other show out there. The art is very cartoony and reminiscent of the shows from the 90s that everyone seems to worship so much. The cool thing about Uncle Grandpa is not its lack of focus, rather it’s lack of rules. It does not adhere to normal laws and rules therefore there is alot of room for slapstick humor, character development, AND episode plots. I feel like everyone overlooks this beautiful fact about Uncle Grandpa and people are so quick to say that it sucks. People are also quick to say the characters are terrible when the characters are actually really well thought out and have some considerable development (especially for a silly show that’s only had 24 fifteen minute episodes so far). I could sit here for hours and explain Uncle Grandpa in depth to everyone, but I won’t unless someone asks me to elaborate. All in all, Uncle Grandpa is an excellent show and people need to stfu about it getting canceled. It’s already confirmed for a second season and they already began writing the second season in Early February.

          • tredlow

            Right, lack of RULES, not FOCUS. That’s what I meant.

        • Funkybat

          That approach works well (or at least it does some of the time) for “Aqua Teen Whatever They Call It Nowadays.” I don’t quite get the Uncle Grandpa loathing, even though I am not a fan. From what I’ve seen of it, it’s almost like Aqua Teen for kids, but with better animation (or at least more traditional animation) and less vulgarity. It’s a mix of surreal “Internet humor” and the kind of spazzy everyman protagonist that has become very popular over the past decade in kids shows. It’s definitely a hell of a lot more entertaining and better animated than crap like Johnny Test. I prefer the more conventional plots and “magical realism” feel of Steven Universe, but to each their own. At least it isn’t the Looney Tunes re-enacting sitcom tropes or another lame live-action-hybrid mess. (I don’t count the tiger photo as live-action.)

          • tredlow

            Yeah, a lot of people hate Uncle Grandpa because it’s “stupid” and “random” but I see it more as embracing animation and what the medium is capable of.

            Also, we already have plenty of great shows on CN that has tightly written rules and logic, so I think it’s great that there’s a show that uses a different approach.

            And if there’s people who aren’t entertained by it, that’s fine. An ideal CN for me is one where all the shows bring something unique to the table.

          • kkakuoku

            Absolutely true. Granted, the whole AT/RS/Gumball triumvirate has upped the quality of cartoons in such a short time, but strictly insisting that one specific school of animation is the right way to go severly damages creativity rather than nurturing it.

          • Filbert

            This deserved way more than just a plus. You hit the nail on the head better than I could and that’s saying something since that’s my job… hmm… better post as guest…

    • Bart

      The same thing will happen with uncle grandpa in 10 years or so. That’s what happened to the ones you mentioned. They are considered classic and they are but they have had time. For example I thought cow and chicken was “no Ren and Stimpy or Rocko’s Modern Life.” I am a 27 yr old comic lover so of course I am disappointed by Teen Titans Go and prefer something like young justice. I was hoping for maybe a team up between Blue Beetle and Static Shock after DC did the New 52! (seriously good reading, check into it kids!) But hey guess the money went away when the issues quit printing. That is American life these days…

  • Butt-man

    Yay! ^-^

  • SarahJesness

    Well, I can’t say I’m upset. Seriously, who would really think that live-action shows would do well on Cartoon Network? Just because a type of show does well with some networks, doesn’t mean it will on all networks. It would be like if Lifetime started airing NFL reruns and couldn’t figure out why ratings were low. CARTOON Network. People go there to watch CARTOONS.

    I’m wondering how this will affect Adult Swim. I think it’s such a shame that most of the Adult Swim original programming is either live action, or the kinds of animated shows that pander to idiots. (there are exceptions, of course) But it’s the only mainstream time block that airs a significant amount of animated adult programming. I like to think that if they made some quality, non-idiotic shows, it might help change how Americans view animation. Ah, I can dream…

  • SarahJesness

    Eh, how responsible was he for those original shows you listed? With the way things were, I always figured that Cartoon Network was reluctant to air those shows, and only did so out of financial necessity. After all, the live action block failed miserably and Cartoon Network likely realized that they didn’t have a choice but to play cartoons again.

  • Natalie

    Will this help put an end to the onslaught of potty humor cartoons?

    • IJK

      Man, if you think CN is bad with potty humor, don’t you dare change to Nickelodeon…

      • Natalie

        Oh I know..actually Nick is far worst than CN with potty humor. Sanjay and Craig, the breadlosers, and even the commercials on Nick are all potty humored. It gets on my nerves so much, that I mute the TV on commercial breaks.

  • Davis S

    Excellent. Now give us an Anime block that isn’t at or around midnight that can be accesible to all audiences And we can put this all behind us.

  • Hankenshift

    Best news I’ve heard since sharon morrill and david stainton got fired from Disney (not to mention m.t. “empty” carney. But most of the cable channels are doing this. Remember when the Food Network actually was about cooking? Or TV Land was about Classic TV Shows? Or when the History Channel had shows…about HISTORY? They wonder why their ratings have sunk….and it’s so painfully obvious. Good riddance Stu. Here’s hoping the Cartoon Network saves a couple of hours a day for classic cartoons, as well as bringing in/up new talent.

    • nevilleross

      Don’t you already have Boomerang to show old ‘toons, and isn’t it better that there’s a separate channel for them? (There is a similar channel/spin-off of Teletoon in Canada, and it works better to have one, IMHO.)

      • HSuits

        Do you have to pay extra for the spin-off channel?

      • Funkybat

        Boomerang used to be where the classic Hanna-Barbera shows went out to pasture (I miss them airing in syndication weekday afternoons on broadcast, personally. A lot more entertaining than salacious talk show/judge crap.) The last time I saw Boomerang, there was maybe an odd Jetsons or Flintstones episode mixed in with a bunch of newer stuff from the 70s and 80s. Hell, Smurfs was on there! Meanwhile, Yogi, Huck, and Top Cap were AWOL.

        The least these media companies could do is offer streaming episodes of all this old content, either with a Netflix deal or even through their own player/channel along the lines of HBO Go. Either stream these cartoons or sell digital downloads, and you will make bank from those of us who miss the cartoons we grew up with. I will credit Time Warner with making available some obscure old HB stuff via DVD on the Warner Archive web site, where you can order DVD-Rs in keepcases of low-volume (sales-wise) movies and shows. Bare bones and made to order, but better than no DVD or digital release!

  • Mark Neeley

    I don’t claim to know all the facts, but a couple of points about the “good” that you listed …

    – Although Chowder & Flapjack were greenlit, you can strongly argue that the way CN handled them led to their demise. Both were cancelled despite strong ratings after a relatively short run at the exact time CN was attempting their live action switch. I was a huge Chowder fan and as so followed creator C.H. Greenblatt’s production blog at the time, and he was pretty adamant about his disappointment that the show literally never kept the same timeslot it’s entire run on the air, that the new execs didn’t really care about animation and was just going through the phases, etc.

    – The shorts program which wielded many of the current shows you mentioned was headed by Rob Scorcher, and of course Craig McCracken and Rob Renzetti overseeing everything. Sure, Snyder was involved in the green-lighting after the fact, but it would seem weird for me to give him credit about really getting those shows under his watch.

    And of course, perhaps more than any other example, I think McCracken voluntarily leaving CN says a lot about how everything was being handled around that time.

    • No argument there about McCracken’s departure. 2009 was a very dark year for the network.

      Many of the shows weren’t scheduled very well, but at the very least we have something to look back at now that Chowder and Flapjack have long ended their runs. Every other show after Adventure Time is still going strong, so hopefully the scheduling will stay/become more consistent over the next year.

  • Can we get rid of the head of the SyFy Channel too?

    • foxontherox

      Just the person (or persons) who was responsible for changing the name of the network to “Syfy”. Christ Jesus, Syfy looks like a slang term for an STD.

      • Rider

        In my language (Polish) it literally means dirt.

    • Louis Cannon

      How about “TV Land” too, while we’re at it.

  • I was working for MAD Magazine when a company suit decided on how we could make MAD “more relevant” for the new generation. The solution was to throw everything out and start over again. Through flip-flopping and forgotten parts of the initiative, the final product was not new, nor was it the original icon, ergo sales fell and the executive who had the hair brained plan in the first place demanded heads for the failure (which was all hers) and while others got screwed, she did eventually lose her job.

    Too little, too late for some companies. CN will survive and thrive, unless they get lazy and let some competitor pop up and steal the viewer pie… or hire another moron with “great ideas” they don’t ask to hear BEFORE hiring that person.

  • Zedith Starr


  • Corey Bernard Boyd

    Great. Young Justice….bring it back. NOW!

  • John Q

    His middle name must be Pid.

  • BC Rice

    Weird that these people make millions of dollars doing their job…and doing it so poorly.

  • Daniel Kalban

    Good, now bring back Young Justice and GL:TAS and cancel this TTG drek. Bring back GOOD cartoons, none of this Regular Show/Gumball trash (Adventure Time at least has shown itself to have quality)

  • KitSteele

    Holy crap, you mean there might be cartoons on Cartoon Network?

    Will the wonders never cease?

    A broader range of cartoon programming would go a long way, too… hopefully, it might also mean a revival of Young Justice. I miss that show.

  • bobbyflavor

    You know what would be great? If there were more alternative networks based around distributing independent and more experimental cartoons. Perhaps the success of things like Netflix and the WWE Network will spur some innovative people to start a digital distribution online only animation network.

    I’m looking your way, Cartoon Brew. Cartoon Brew Network. Make that happen.

    • HSuits

      I miss when we had Kids WB every day that played a lot of different cartoons that Cartoon Network didn’t find suitable to run. They were usually had the comic-book style of art or the anime look. They picked up Pokemon and Sailor Moon, but also The Mummy animated Series, Ninja Turtles, etc.
      I also prefered when Disney did shows that were spinoffs of their actual movies. The Aladdin television show was fantastic, as well as the Little Mermaid show. Although I think I miss Gargoyles the most.

      • Funkybat

        Disney TV Animation is a very different place than the group that was there in the early 90s. That era of Disney TV died with the decade. At least things are picking up nowadays, until Gravity Falls there wasn’t really much coming out of there I could enjoy since Kim Possible (the last hurrah at Disney from any of the old creative team.)

  • Scott Myers

    Hopefully this will mean that Toonami will be restored to a nightly schedule and not a one night a week thing.

  • truteal

    Don’t be celebrating just yet, his successor could be worse.

    Just as long as his successor greenlights a show created by an Uncle Grandpa vet, I’ll be happy

  • Russell Merritt

    Too late. Cartoon Network sucks. It’s not worth saving. Turner should just close the channel and start something without all the bad pr and bitter taste of CN

  • Hannah M.

    Ok but seriously… on Cartoon network… How on earth would that ever work. you would have to rewrite the branding and risk loosing tons of viewers. On the chessboard of life this guy just knocked off his team and replaced them with checker pieces.

  • Michel Van

    i was on Animation/anime weekend in Frankfurt am Main
    as i saw this news on my Tablet and tell the others
    we stop the regular program and all celebrate the News
    for my part i was happy like this….

  • fbt

    well, all I want to say is good riddance…

  • Roberto Severino

    Well there can be WAY better stuff on the channel rather than a poor copy of all the other surrealistic shows. To me, it’s pretty damn boring, lazily written and really poorly done by any standard and I think people who work on it can do better, appealing stuff elsewhere and I have given it a chance several times. Crap like My Gym Partner’s a Monkey and Johnny Test was also allowed to go on for several years.

    Super Secret Mountain Fort Awesome definitely worked out according to your logic. I have no problem if you like this show or not but that’s the point I’m trying to get at here.

    • kkakuoku

      Well, as long as you say upfront that it’s your opinion and (much more importantly) not shame or berate anyone who likes it, you and your beliefs are perfectly fine with me :)

      I know that Uncle Grandpa lacks the strong character development or labyrinthine storytelling of an Adventure Time and the pathos and real-world sensibility of a Regular Show but, as a right-brained human, I appreciate it for it’s visual sensibility which, to me, feels more organic and sincere in its development and execution than a Johnny Test where you can smell the desperation within 10 seconds of watching it.

  • nevilleross

    Considering that the Disney Channel is completely overrun with shows appealing to and featuring girls, I can’t see a problem with that strategy of his.

    • Funkybat

      Except that most of the current Disney Channel animation is popular with kids of all genders. Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder and Phineas & Ferb all seem to appeal to a broad range of kids (and in some cases, adults.) I will admit the tween live-action “comedies” seem to be more girl-oriented, but that’s been the case for years. I’m glad to see more animation and less lame live-action on both CN and Disney.

  • nevilleross

    Many of the ‘mediocre’ Canadian ‘toons have millions of fans, plus CN has a distribution deal with Teletoon and YTV. So stick that in your ear.

  • John

    I liked Tower Prep

  • Steven Bowser

    This was a dumb idea considering that it’s called CARTOON network, implying that it’s meant entirely for animated cartoons.
    But I think your tone is pretty rude. Give the guy a break, he’s a real person. His IDEAS were stupid but I don’t think it’s respectful to bully him online for it. :/

    • Mark Neeley

      Well, to be fair, what Snyder tried to do could easily be described as “rude” as well.

      I think it’s completely fair for a site dedicated to the world of animation to criticize someone for attempting to remove cartoons from the premier television channel dedicated to animation. That is a rather drastic, hypocritical creative decision, and one that Snyder should have known would warrant such criticism (especially if it failed, which it did), unless he just assumed that children were the only ones who care or pay attention to cartoons. His departure is newsworthy, and as such it has to be mentioned what he was best known for during his tenure.

      • Steven Bowser

        Absolutely, I think he did a really stupid thing and he did a bad thing for animation for sure. I just don’t believe in being rude to rude and idiotic people. It just doesn’t sit right with me to “return evil with evil” because it makes us look like angry ranters who insult people.
        Not that it was incorrect. I think the article tells the truth. It’s just said in an especially hurtful way. Maybe he could have at least wished him well and hoped that he changed his ways in the future. Maybe he’ll see the huge error of his plan and change it now that it failed so badly.

  • Stoop Kid

    Isn’t Lauren Faust working at Disney right now though? But I agree with everyone else, especially Chris Reccardi. Maybe The Modifyers will get green lighted, the same way Adventure Time was!

    • Funkybat

      Yes on greelighting the Modifyers. I wonder if it remains “property” of Nickelodeon, and if not, if the show could be shopped around. Nick would do well to give that show a shot, it would be a breath of fresh air for sure!

  • crisban

    I disagree entirely with the spirit of this article.

    LET the door hit you on the way out, Stewie.

  • Bob

    Reality television is really like crack cocaine for certain cable TV networks. Mayber Mr. Snyder’s departure would turn Cartoon Network into—-well—-Cartoon Network like before.

  • Matthew Broussard

    You and me both. :(
    The original, and still the best Williams Street show.

  • Matthew Broussard

    Agreed. It seems like everyone you mention bringing old cartoons back to Cartoon Network, someone grumbles something about Boomerang. But even after Boomerang had debuted Cartoon Network still honored cartoon history by having a mixture of old and new in its programming lineup. And I think it pretty worked pretty well for them, especially their early morning and afternoon Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry blocks.

  • Eric Vega

    Most of the cartoons on that network are old, outdated and worthless. I see his point but Turner bought all the cartoons from Hanna Barbara so blame Turner

  • Dylan Davis

    I’m glad he’s gone but I had a guilty pleasure with the live action shows, in that I loved to watch them to see how bad they were. Hopefully the next person won’t be focused on merchandising as much either. As I’m hoping we see good shows like YJ,GL:TAS,ThunderCats, and Symbonic Titans, but I’m hoping they won’t get canned after a season or two.
    Cartoon Network’s problem isn’t them not having old shows anymore though, I think what most people seem to forget is that we aren’t the target audience anymore. Shows like Johnny Test and Annoying Orange are shows for kids, and back when we were kids that’s what Scooby Doo and other shows were for and the reason we like them is our Nostalgia Googles.

  • Casey Rayne Camacho

    Great ! How long till we get “Chowder” and “Flapjack” back? 2 original, creative shows suffered because of this CN dark age.

  • I’m just going to play devil’s advocate here and say that Stuart Snyder wasn’t a horrible executive. No, seriously, he wasn’t. Yes, the atmosphere of the network both on-air and behind-the-scenes changed upon his arrival, but that wasn’t a completely awful thing.

    Yeah, there was a glut of live-action projects, but it was something that the previous executive (Jim Samples) was moving towards anyway. I see it as only natural that Snyder at least attempt to see if there was any merit in live-action programming for the network. But that brings me to another thing: Snyder’s reign over the network brought more experimental programming to the table than ever before.

    Think about it. I doubt “Adventure Time” would have been picked up if the executives weren’t willing to step back and let Pen Ward execute his vision. I doubt “Regular Show” would have made it to air if it wasn’t for the “Cartoonstitute” allowing artists to pitch new ideas without major executive interference. NO OTHER NETWORK would not only allow the fever dream that was “The Problem Solverz” to become reality after [adult swim] shrugged it off, but also be willing give someone with one failed series under his belt another chance so quickly (Peter Browngardt, I’m looking at you). And when was the last time any children’s network has tried their hand at a miniseries? Because Snyder gave the greenlight to an animated miniseries (Over the Garden Wall) that will be hitting television screens in Fall. Do I even need to mention the willingness to bring their properties both old and new back into the world of comics, and the planned re-invigoration of Boomerang?

    I’m not saying that Snyder was a fantastic executive, because let’s face it, no one in charge of media is going to correct on something more than maybe 5% of the time. But the guy’s reign over the network has done more good than bad, with more people actually watching the channel more than ever. In 2007, having 2 million people watching on any given night was a miracle for the animation station. Now? It’s just their average Monday.

  • IJK

    Sorry, I think you’re mistaking opinion for factual information.

    • Funkybat

      I think ratings will back up IcyTea’s assertions. Before Adventure Time, CN was on a slide. Nobody really gave a crap about it like they did in the 90s/early 2000s. Outside of all the live action crap, they were limping along with OK shows like Flapjack and Chowder, but no huge hits. Adult Swim was probably what kept them going to be honest, that was where any of the shows with “buzz” were. Then Adv. Time, Regular Show and now Steven Universe came along and revived their network and their brand. No more lame “hybrid” live-action/cartoons, no more mediocre Flash-animated Canadian imports (we got 4 years of Total Drama Island, but Clone High was shuffled off to purgatory after one season?)

  • NamelessDrake

    Syfy, MTV, AND Nickelodeon! Nick has been in some sorry shape for years now…

  • IamSam

    How do half these execs get in their spots. For example the execs at WB? How can they not make a good Superhero movie outside of Batman? I mean the Superman/Batman movie is starting to look horrible. Good to get these guys out.

  • Olivia

    YES! And eh, the only good cartoon on Cartoon Network is The Amazing World Of Gumball, anyways.

  • forwhatitappears

    Does this affect Adult Swim? I used to watch it religiously years ago but with more and more stupid shows appearing on it, I now only tune in for Family Guy and American Dad.

  • David Freeman

    Maybe they’ll bring back the Thundercats remake. LOL

  • DBenson

    What about the guys who took music videos off MTV and VH1 . . . fine arts off Bravo . . . reporting off the news channels . . .

  • Lastangelman

    The dude was a frustrated executive who probably saw himself working at Showtime or Comedy Central

  • Kitschensyngk

    Ah yes, the days of “CN Real” and Out of Jimmy’s Head.

    Dark times, those were. Never want to see them again.

  • Satorical

    It was still a lame decision. If there could be a Comedy Channel, there can be a Science Fiction Channel. I’m not going to not watch good content just because the name isn’t hip enough.

  • Shawn

    I wondered who ruined Cartoon Network. Now I know.

  • Ian Asaph

    They don’t have it in the UK?? Wow, I didn’t know that.

  • Fedupofficer

    Ding dong the witch is dead! Which old witch? The Snyder witch! ding dong the Snyder witch is dead!!

  • Sam Henderson

    Whether or not you like them is beside the point. Any channel is inconsistent. What makes them appropriate for CN is they’re cartoon-ISH. Even in its infancy, MTV wasn’t entirely music videos at all hours.

  • Michael De Guzman

    Bring back Young Justice, Justice League unlimited, and the Thunder cats and He-man!!!

  • Fray David

    move toonami to a 7 pm est start time.. why must the anime be put at when we got to sleep… bring back previous shows like DBZ, old previous Toonami shows back to cartoonnetwork and show them during a 3-5 time slot on monday threw friday slot.. like they used to do.. DBZ, GUNDAM, SAILORMOON, YU YU HASKO, or more anime like NAruto, or kid friendy animes they show in japan.

  • pingrava

    I heard he got a job as CEO of a Vegan restaurant change. His first order of business is to introduce chicken and ribs.

  • pingrava

    You can’t blame him. The people to blame are those who hired him. I’m sure they had other highly qualified candidates.

  • marti386

    Alas, I’m sure he’ll leap with his golden parachute from the burning building he himself set fire to, only to glide gracefully to a soft landing atop a mound of caviar.

    His kind ALWAYS does.

  • HSuits

    Face Off has gone downhill with this most recent season. The looks have been mediocre at best and the contestants have absolutely no unique personalities amongst them that stand out as motivated and passionate. They’ve gotten too lax in judging and contestant choices.
    Now I /do/ agree that the Creature show has some promise based on advertising. And they also have a sculpting show that i am hopeful for based on the first episode.

    • enochrox

      Awww… dont tell me its bad now. I like to marathon the whole thing in a weekend after its done lol.

  • Trevorton Thompson

    I wish Snyder luck in his next venture. But Rob Sorcher is still there and he has to go.

    Here’s hoping the person next in line at CN appeals the channel to everybody, male and female, young and old, that he or she DOESN’T force live action down our throats outside of commercials, cancels Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Steven Universe, or rely on Canada for programming because Canadian cartoons that aired on the network that weren’t named Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy were shite.

  • Tystarr

    Yay! What the hell were they thinking?? Let the toons roll in!

  • Funkybat

    The difference was, Ren & Stimpy made potty humor that was hilarious. The only shows since then that have even managed partial success are South Park and some choice episodes of Family Guy/American Dad/Cleveland. I remember after R&S blew up, lots of attempted heirs to the throne (pun intended) came along like Cow & Chicken, Schnookums & Meat, etc. Compared to a lot of shows today, they too would be virtual masterpieces, but compared to what they were trying to follow they were disappointments. The potty jokes dished today are just played out.

  • Alex

    Why do people think it’s okay to hate someone for trying something new. Yes, he’s not the most competent executive for a CARTOON channel, when he’s trying to rid it of cartoons, but that doesn’t make him a bad person. Everyone on here commenting about how stupid he is, are just being judgmental, and should really consider that treating someone like this is bullying.

  • Kris Kail

    sorry but this is too reasonable for internet discussion

    • kkakuoku

      I appreciate that, sir. Thank you very much!

  • Maggie

    Can we bring back Young Justice? My son and I were both beyond disappointed when it was cancelled.

  • kory stephens

    Those two can go.

  • drdarke

    Aren’t there also trademarks, @icytea:disqus – given BIG O was created to be a toy line from Bandai?

    I’m not sure I’d pay to crowdsource BIG O Season 3 personally – it was interesting in the first season, but I felt the second season spent too much time fumbling the ball before finding a quick, but satisfying, wrap-up.

    Now – a new season of JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED? THAT I would put money into – though I’m pretty sure Time-Warner doesn’t need my money!

  • DavidisALLright

    Correct if I’m wrong, but is he also the reason why many of the ‘action-based’ shows had a huge turnover rate? There are a number of shows that were never given the time to shine and were abruptly cancelled.

  • OG_Kenpachi Zaraki

    You’re the first people ever to call Inuyasha and Yu Yu Hakusho horrible.

  • Trevorton Thompson

    Oh yeah, can the new guy at CN put [adult swim] back to its original slot at 10pm instead of expanding it to 8pm?

  • Trevorton Thompson

    Can the new person at CN put [adult swim] back in its original time slot at 10p instead of expanding it to 8pm?

  • Timon

    Heck yeah!
    hehe byeyuh snyder….

  • CouyX

    YES! Now James Sampler could go back to being president of Cartoon Network.

  • bob

    Can’t wait to see what cartoon network is going to be like. It can only get better from here

  • Rollerblading Monkey

    Nope definitely not alone on that one.

  • Steven Dolce


  • Connor

    I don’t know if they’ve decided his replacement but if they do I hope it is Jim Samples he was Cartoon Network’s best president of all time! He wanted shows that all ages could enjoy! I really hope he comes back to Cartoon Network!

  • bachelorrj

    Can’t say I”m sad to see him go!! If I want to watch live action shows, i’ll tune in to Disney channel or A&E. This is like when MTV reduced music videos in favor of reality shows and still kept ‘music” in the name. Hope this will boost Cartoon Network ratings and bring more good cartoons!

  • Muhammad Bilal Islam

    THANK THE LORD!!!! This man has single-handedly ruined the best channel on TV. His head should be on a stake for letting Young Justice get cancelled.

  • Filler

    Stuart Snyder doesn’t like Pokemon nowadays. He only wants comedies/concumer products/live actions. That’s all Cartoon Network scheduling does and never stops. Even streaming doesn’t save Pokemon at all. Why America like America kids hates America Pokemon releases like Pokemon X and Y? What’s worse is that Pokemon still air new episodes every Saturday and never stops. Why can’t Pokemon take a break from new episodes frequently? Pokemon has to take a break from new episodes if used frequently. I know The Pokemon Company International works with Japan. But if Cartoon Network and The Pokemon Company International team up, then Cartoon Network has to treat Pokemon like a popular long running anime. Simple as that. Kids needs to understand Pokemon like Froakie. Even online doesn’t help despite Pokemon is huge on the internet. That hurts the successes of modern Pokemon versions like Pokemon Black and White even more outside of Japan. America hates Pokemon nowadays. Now, if only America treats it own Pokemon industry correctly. Japan treats Pokemon correctly. So why America doesn’t do the same thing? America needs to follows internet’s footsteps. Plain and simple.

  • WeActOnImpulse

    cartoon Network really has fantastic shows now. regular show, Adventrue Time, steven universe, Gumball, Uncle Grandpa, everything is looking up now. ^_^

  • nicholasdope

    [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “Defamatory, rude, or unnecessarily antagonistic comments will be deleted.”]

  • Ryan Morgan

    Just bring back the ORIGINAL TEEN TITANS!!!!! I WANT THAT SHOW BACK!

  • nevilleross

    Or maybe Johnny Test was actually funny and kids, not adults loved it?

  • Michael

    All of Cartoon Networks shows suck now. Every single show consists of things that should be meant for preschoolers, not at all relatable to adults. No more reruns of classic shows that people never got tired of and actually defined Cartoon Networks reputation, though things that no one wants to watch. Ideas that were actually dynamic and had potential, now replaced by cardboard cutouts of preschool and infant like characters. Courage the Cowardly Dog, Teen Titans, Young Justice, Scooby Doo, Ben 10, and other shows are memorable because they were watchable by people of all ages. Now Cartoon Network has turned into programming for ages 5 – 9. When there was nothing too mature about their past shows, for them to change their dynamic anyway.

  • Me

    Nothing against Stu personally but he didn’t do a good job of running the channel. I wish him the best of luck

  • ♔GєєкуPαи∂αα♔

    about time…

  • Fernando Valadez

    Although I like your points, let’s analyze it further point by point:
    -[adult swim] doesn’t have enough programming for a 24 hour channel, and even if that was the case, the ratings during the day and afternoon would fail since most adults have to work. given that situation, the channel would fail in a year, let alone a month.
    -CN would have to buy the rights to the Simpsons, but some of the episodes contain inappropriate content like King Of The Hill, Family Guy, American Dad or Cleveland.
    -Back to my first point.
    -There’s no need for Canadian cartoons since they can create their own shows or revive some of the older shows.
    -I actually agree with adding comedy anime, but Space Dandy is better off on AS since it’s the same situation with the Simpsons, they have their oops moments.

    -I agree with having new boards block songs
    -I agree with removing live action (not temporarily, permanently and do not think of airing them again)
    -Revive Cartoon Cartoons or make a block similar to CC
    -I agree of making new bumpers
    -Back to point #1
    -I don’t know what the heck you mean by “Call birthdays”
    -And finally, more cartoons and anime.

  • Jmoc1

    People like this man are the reason I’m a socialist (the worker coop kind). This man has way too much power and is screwing around with my cartoons. I would like Young Justice back you apes at CN!

    Jesus, life would be better if the producers and crews of these shows were given control of their own shows.

  • Trisha Schmaltz

    I think boomerang should be a classic cartoon station only. I’m talking about cartoons that are 25 years and much older. Looney toons. Huckleberry hound. Woody woodpecker. Chilly willy. Yogi bear. Where are those cartoons? They used to show them but now have all this “new” stuff that most people do not enjoy. Someone make a classic cartoon station please and keep it that way thank you.

  • johnny hill

    That would be awesome