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Indian Animation Studio Prana Acquires Bankrupt Rhythm & Hues

Variety is reporting that bankrupt American animation/visual effects studio Rhythm & Hues has been acquired at auction by Indian company Prana Studios. The Variety article mentions that Prana’s credits include Hoodwinked and Disney’s upcoming Planes.

Prana also created the animation for Koochie Koochie Hota Hai. The film, which its producer has described kinkily as a “love story between three dogs,” has been finished for over three years, but it is filled with so much amazing that it cannot be safely released into theaters without sending audiences into dangerous states of euphoria. In the meantime, Prana should spend some time getting their new Rhythm & Hues subsidiary up to speed on how to create mindbending computer-generated visuals. Rhythm & Hues’ days of sliding by with amateur hour Life of Pi graphics are over; they’ve got to step up their game if they want to impress on the sequel to Koochie Koochie Hota Hai.

  • Celia

    Do they have furries in India?

    • It is a culture raised on Rudyard Kipling and tales like Ramayana, I’d say they have had it long before us!

    • Natalie Belton

      Apparently, because there’s also a film about a Bollywood bound dog called Roadside Romeo.

  • After reading that article I’m not sure what they bought if the still-operating overseas portions of R&H are not part of this and there are no promises of future work for the portion they did get.

    And what is a “stalking horse bid”? The definitions I’ve found are rather circular.

  • Good one.

  • I remember working with assets outsourced to Prana at two different studios (that I know of) and they weren’t half bad. Animation-wise they never quite got it but business wise it appears they did. The two most interesting things about that article was that Psyop (are they branching into films?) was involved and that “RnH Asia” is not only still kicking but apparently flourishing.

    I’m curious what the big gain is when buying RnH. They still run proprietary software don’t they? Wouldn’t integration and maintenance of that alone be enough to detract buyers?

    Maybe it’s a dumb question but what exactly would the benefit be to this purchase? Cheap PCs? Buildings? Contracts w/ studios? Anyone out there care to enlighten?

    • Paul

      Perception, and store-bought enhanced credibility.

  • I was really hoping that last name in the credits would be Sanjay Mutt…

  • Mr Roboto

    Actually let me amend that. Prana maybe is no R&H, but if you look at their recent work, it’s not as bad as it seems. Using this Koochie animation here to summarized what the studio does doesn’t do it any justice, especially when you realize that “Koochie” is the worst looking project compared to other works featured on their site. They had a hand in VFX on Tron, Disney’s Planes, the recent Transformers, John Carter, Thor, and essentially produced all the Tinkerbell movies. And having two girls I can safely say it looks pretty good for straight to DVD features!

    • gigg

      but they didn’t do the creativity. they do what they have been told.

  • z-k

    Absolutely. It’s not as if the animation/vfx industry would want to send these jobs overseas just to save on the bottom line in the short term. These businesses are family (all that free cereal and coke in the lounge; all of that approved time sleeping under the desk; all of that character), and family is all about sticking together when times are tough!

    …At some point, I want to see a film that revolves around Babur outsourcing his kingdom to a union-free Hindu Kush:

    “We’ve already got a clean-up studio in Kabul, and I hear those Parthians can shoot an arrow for 1/10th a rupee.”

    “No no; ‘Pakhtuns’. Parthians were bought out by Kushan Entertainment centuries ago.”

    “Whatever; just give them the contract.”

  • Pedro

    Holy Cow!

  • Funkybat

    This Koochie Koo is an odd one, there is some decent animation and character modeling mixed in with what looks like a outtakes from “Foodfight!” Not sure if it’s all over the place because of the individual artists or if they just don’t see it. The non-canine animal characters, both in design and animation, remind me of “Chicken Little.”

    It seems like the characters in that trailer alternate between English and (I’m assuming) Hindi constantly, sometimes in the same sentence Do many people in India do the equivalent of “Spanglish” in such a way, or was this some kind of way to attempt to broaden the audience?

  • gigll

    First of all u r exaggerated as always we indian do all the times. Parana is not an Indian Company. It’s US base company. Don’t say “Indian Company”. What’s wrong with you man. It was founded in 2003 by 3 guys in usa . But, it has indian connection, branch in mumbai.

  • Multicountry_artist

    Take a look at The Chubb Chubbs save Christmas, it was produced entirely at Prana several years ago (Prana even had some creative input) and it still hold up and looks great

  • Oh, please. I watched “Life of Pi” and it was SO OBVIOUS that R&H used a real, trained tiger. They only said it was CGI so they could win an Oscar. They’re not as great as they’re made out to be.


    misrepresenting the facts here … prana is awesome .. life of pi was great work ..

  • Harry Bastard

    Oh, that’s just so damned sad.

  • Paul

    VFX jobs in America are only going in one direction: out.