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FIRST PEEK: Fairly Odd live action

Not quite as jarring as the Yogi Bear movie, but here’s the first image of Jason Alexander and Cheryl Hines in makeup for Nickelodeon’s new live-action movie, A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow up Timmy Turner.

Note to Jason Alexander: I’m a fan – but stop doing cartoon characters! You didn’t do Boris Badenov any favors and do you really want this on your resume?

For comparison, below are the original cartoon characters (left); two fans at Comic Con who look a bit more accurate (center); and Jason as Badenov in the 2000 Rocky & Bullwinkle film.

(via Frederator blogs)

  • Tim Douglas

    I’m so tired of being annoyed by these corporate cash-ins.

    So I’m trying something different. I’ll start by giving them the benefit of the doubt, after all there is a possibility that this could work, there are certainly worse properties to make live-action adaptions of.

    But I predict when more images or a trailer comes out my patience will quickly turn into acute rage… For now though, patience.

  • Tim Douglas

    Okay, I just followed that link…It’s live action AND CGI? And Timmy is 20 something?

    No, no, no, patience Tim, patience.

  • doop

    Wow, I didn’t even know this existed.

    • I’d feel much better if I still didn’t know this existed.

      Jason & Cheryl are far more accomplished actors than this… but hey, what fool passes up a sweet paycheck and catered lunches? Not to mention residuals from repeat airings and DVD sales! All for wearing a dumb wig and acting foolish in front of a camera for a while. Because the world really needed this.

  • Riza Gilderstern

    Why does this feel like a bad idea…I mean it could be funny in theory…but why this?

  • Sincerely speaking, for a moment I thought this was a Comic-con post. Now I wish it was XS

    by the way: “My eyes… my eyes” is not enough to say this is horrible and cheesy as… cheese Xp

    Anyway… now I need the thief and the cobbler, “Feed the Kitty” short from Looney Tunes and Spongebob humanified to destroy my sight forever…

  • Ted

    I was wondering how long it would be ’til someone bitched about this. Bravo!

  • At least the live action characters look age appropriate to be parents. The character designs look like children.

    • Ashley May

      They always looked like small adults to me, and given they’re immortal, fantastical beings it really doesn’t matter how aged they appear.

  • What do you get from a glut of TV?
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    Why don’t you try simply reading a book?
    Or can you just not bear to look?

    You’ll get no…you’ll get no…you’ll get no commercials

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  • they actually look freakier than the cartoon characters.

  • i wonder where the train of logic derails and they decide it’s impossible to make a nicer animated movie and put it in theaters.

  • Brian O.

    All I see is factory air in the background.

  • Jane D.

    It’s gonna be one of those movies we watch because it’s bad, isn’t it?

    • Jane D.

      This makes we wonder if whoever is making this has ever even SEEN the cartoon!
      I mean, look at how the Avatar the Last Airbender movie, practicly INSULTED the cartoon!

  • I was going to write something longer, and more intelligent sounding but its not worth it. This just looks SO bad, and SO stupid.

  • Roberto Severino

    I agree with you fully, Jerry, these kind of movies are starting to annoy me now, especially when they’re just cheap ways of making quick money for these corporations, rather than putting something original and new out there and advancing the animation industry in some type of way. I can hardly tolerate the TV show anyway, and rarely ever laugh when I try to watch it. At least Rango looks a lot more promising, and less creepy, than this, despite what I said about that film initially, so we’ll see.

  • droosan

    Sounds to me like this is a ‘made-for-TV’ movie which will air on Nickelodeon, rather than a big-budget feature film for movie theaters.

    Not that it doesn’t seem entirely ‘unecessary’, for either venue ..

    But, eh; Cartoon Network has done the same with SCOOBY-DOO and BEN-10 during the past year .. and yet, they continue to make new animated incarnations of both.

    IOW, it’s not the end of the world. And it -might- lead to more (animated) FAIRLY ODD PARENTS. Maybe ..

  • uncle wayne

    But why do they have to stay human-size. I thought that that was so dumb that the Boris in the film was HIS height, not Boris’!! Seems to me if they can make a regular man paraplegic in “Forest Gump” (beaucoup years ago) they can chop some height off today….especially when NEEDED! Look at the 5 billion OompahLoompahs in the (new) “Wonka!” Amaaaazing!!!

  • Ben

    WTF?? I didn’t see this coming, but why should I be surprised these days? Oh, and all they did was give them green & pink hair…that’s it?? The cartoon was cute, and yeah, the character designs looked like they were kids, but they’re supposed to be fairies, and look…different from regular humans. The live-action just…no, it’s bland.

  • Rooniman

    This looks worse than the actual cartoon (which I also hate.)

  • Face to palm The cartoon is pretty good… at least

  • fishmorgjp

    Hooray, more drawn-out, loud and shrill live-action stuff! It’s loud and shrill because it’s supposed to be like a cartoon! Filled with characters you’ll want to hit with a mallet! Hooray.

  • Caresse

    To ::smo::

    The train of logic derails when the executives realize how much work goes into animation.

    It reminds me of my first year at college, when I sat in my living room, with my light-box and a million pages around me animating a fat guy for my end-of-year film.

    My dad comes and goes: “why do all these drawings look the same?”

    I say: “look closely. They don’t. This is how you create the illusion of movement. A little difference one drawing at a time.”

    My dad looked for a moment and then started shaking his head “No…no…waaaaay too much work”


  • At least their voices couldn’t possibly be more annoying than the animated versions.

  • I dunno, Its a weird property to dig into for a feature.. But, Who know’s maybe it’ll work.. The show has been around for a while and I think its relatively entertaining…
    But, moreover I’m disturbed by the growing lack of consideration about porting, television into movies…ESPECIALLY CARTOON SERIES….Avatar(airbender), was a great example of an AWESOME series Source material being spun into UNWATCHABLE feature length garbage… I’d personally just like to see a feature made that respects its source a little more…

  • myself


  • This is getting to the point of beasteality. Nick and CN are completely screwing themselves.

  • Ian Merch

    I’m not really a fan of the show itself, but I think Maria Bramford as Wanda would have been a pretty solid choice. At least this will lend itself better as a generic children’s movie.
    Assumed corporate pitch: It’ll be like The Tooth Fairy TIMES TWO!

    • Even if you’re not a fan of the show itself, to cast Cheryl and Jason as Cosmo and Wanda makes absolutely no sense and completely changes the personality of the show. The only kind of children’s movie this film will make is one that will insult their intelligence as well as the adults who take them to it. There was actually some charm to the sense of humor in the cartoon and the style of animation can by no means be replicated in a live-action fashion.

      This will ruin the cartoon.

  • dave

    So are cartoons just sorta the audition for a live-action version? So many live-action remakes of cartoons I feel like execs are like “whadya know, it made money, I guess we can let you do a live action version now. Welcome to the major leagues, cartoon maker.”

    • Baron Lego

      Hear, hear! It’s as if the TV executives are using the clumsy, live-action incarnations of their cartoon shows as a springboard to transition out of animation entirely and into live-action production, full-time.

      So… are these two actors going to have their heads transposed onto squat CGI bodies, à la The Great Gazoo in the “Viva Rock Vegas” movie so as to approximate their condensed proportions?

      Feh- I’ve already given this too much thought. Not giving a crap in 3.. 2.. 1.. done!

  • I’ve never seen this show, other than clips and pics here and there, so I’m only going on visual comparisons here…

    But why is it, that two young fans of the show can make their hair look more accurate to the cartoon, than some highly paid Hollywood stylists?

    It’s not even CLOSE!…someone should be fired. :P


    Directed by Savage Steve Holland so I gotta watch it.

    • I’d rather Savage Steve Holland revive Eek! the Cat and The Terrible Thunderlizards. He directs way too much of the kiddie crap these days.

      • Too bad Disney now owns the rights to those two.

      • Scarabim

        You’re kidding. Where did you read that? Disney broadcasts the episodes on one of its channels in foreign countries, but I don’t think Disney owns them…yet.

  • Wow, surprised by all the hate of the original show. I liked the animated Fairly Oddparents. It’s quirky and the characters are so outlandishly exaggerated that I can’t help but laugh. I can see where it can be annoying, but it’s not repeatedly annoying like CatDog was.

    It got problematic once they DID start repeating itself, like seeing the Anti-Fairies ALL THE TIME. With so many great villains (Vicky, The Pixies, his teacher, etc.), it seemed weird to go to that well over and over again.

    Oh, yeah, the live-action thing is dumb as hell. But it’s a response to this really strange push to combine animation, live-action, and reality TV on essentially all the networks to maximize viewership (CN, Nick, Comedy Central, now FX and Spike). There’s no more… commitment to a network’s original brand anymore, and because of which, it seems that decisions are based on filling those niches instead of devising good ideas.

  • Mel

    As long as they’re going for life-sized realism, why not do life-sized stop motion statuary? Oh, because it would be a first, right.

  • Kiki

    I’m boycotting this and will only look if I hear good word of mouth.. >.<** They just basically colored Jason's hair green and said, this is what you should say.. ;__; my beloved Cosmo is getting murdered in the worst possible way. Well, I guess ANYONE would be better than actors like, say, Tommy Wisiou?

    • Scarabim

      **my beloved Cosmo is getting murdered in the worst possible way.**

      We should be so lucky. Of all the loud, obnoxious characters on the show, he’s the loudest, most obnoxious of them all.

  • I don’t see the problem with this. Sure, the Yogi Bear movie is fundamentally bad in every way, but that’s only because they made it a bad mix of cartoony and realism. Like, the bear characters look hideous because they have cartoony proportions but ULTRA REALISTIC fur and are poorly superimposed over live-action.

    With this Fairly Odd Parents movie, at least it’s doing its own thing. The characters aren’t trying to look like the animated counterparts. (the hair is different, and they don’t have lollipop heads) The actors will probably put their own spin on the characters too. So this could end up being an interesting take on the show. All you would have to worry about is the writing.

    Give it a chance, I say!

    • Mike Luzzi

      Don’t write off the “lollipop heads” just yet. I suspect that there’ll be some digital magic where their heads are put on smaller animated bodies.. something like Tim Burton’s Alice…

  • I am going to throw a fit sometime before the day is over. :(

  • Thomas Hatch


  • Jackson

    I’ve never HEARD of this show! Why is it even being considered for another crap cg movie? It looks awful (as does what I’ve dug up of the “original” show).

  • David

    What, no Danny Phantom movie? Now there’s a show that would have been intriguing to see in live action.

  • david

    not flat enough. they need to over them with a steamroller and then make them symmetrical too.

  • Arthur F.

    I’m surprised because of two aspects that really make it uncomfortable – 1) the casting of “Drake” as Timmy. That’s just stupid. Everyone knows him on Nick already, and he is typecast as Drake and he’s far too old. They should have cast for someone younger and new. 2) That premise is just pervy – he’s 20 years old, but still hanging around the 5th grade?? So… you mean he’s never dated, had sex or kissed a girl?? Far, far too strange for the “Fairly Odd” part.

    Personally, I was surprised when I read this about the “growing up” angle because the animated series did a commendable wrap-up of the series once (before a baby was added for Cosmo and Wanda) where Timmy grew up, had married that little sister of his mean babysitter, (forgot the names) the one who had the braces and always pined for him, and they in turn had two kids who now have Cosmo and Wanda as their Fairy Godparents. But Timmy has no memory of Cosmo and Wanda, as the rules say, but it’s made nice by way of the fact his kids now do. END of story.

    This reality version is just dumb.

    • That was the Channel Chaser movie you’re referring to, which I believed would’ve made the perfect series finale when it premiered six years ago.
      But the series never stopped. It was briefly cancelled for a bit, then they brought it back and added a baby. The show ran itself into the ground years ago.

  • George Costanza as Cosmo Fairy?
    I can only hope that this movie as as much fun to watch as Catwoman, starring Halle Berry.
    To quote the Dan Akroyd character,Leonard Pinth-Garnell from the original SNL…” truly bad cinema “..

  • mmmmmmm lovelly lovelly Cheryl Hines… mmmmmmm … sorry, what was the question?

  • Hal

    Actually, this is a pretty solid concept. I like that he refuses to grow up and maintains an arrested development to cling to his fairy-godparents. Instead of just rehashing the damn characters in live action, they’re pushing the story forward with this cash-in. Sure its unnecessary, but you can’t say someone wasn’t trying to ret-con this bad boy. Then again, I’m not up on this series in the slightest and have no intention to watch this other than the hope Cheryl Hines ends up in some cheap vinyl fairy outfit, so the people who love the series can go to town.

    Still, two Larry David series alums in one live action Nicktoons spinoff – is he producing this bad boy?

  • Nipplenuts McGurk

    Yogi Bear looks a billion times better than this.

    This looks like an epic misfire and a waste of time for everyone involved.

  • Scott

    Chris Kattan and Andrea Martin are MUCH closer to Cosmo and Wanda than these two.

  • top cat james

    That’s gold, Jerry! GOLD!

  • I’m going drinking tonight so I can pour one out for the death of art and culture.

    Actually, this might be a re-death of multiple deaths from previous years and failings. I’ll buy a few extra beers just to make sure.

    • Hal

      oh no. A bad Live action made for TV movie based off an animated series as a cash run. Its the end of culture as we know it. How civilized society still crawled out of the muck in the wake of TO RIVERDALE AND BACK AGAIN, VIVA ROCK VEGAS, RICHIE RICH, ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE or SCOOBY DOO THE MYSTERY BEGINS I’ll never understand…

  • Sorry, Jerry, I have to disagree. Jason and Cheryl look pretty good with their colored hair. As for the movie’s plot, it does sound pretty interesting. And Drake Bell as Timmy Turner? That would be a sight to see. …and a good sight, I may add. One thing I’d change about that, however, is the being stuck in fifth grade thing. I’m an adult and I still act like a kid at times. I’m sure they can fix up the plot before they start filming. Other than that, this might actually be a better movie adaptation of a Nicktoon than “The Last Airbender”. Now, that film, in my opinion, did not do Aang justice visually.

  • I though that someone was going to make a “real life” movie of this cartoon; for the occasion, I’ve listed on my deviantart journal (yes, there’s higher probability to be readen there than in any other blog or facebook) a possible cast of actors for a “possible” film;

    If you are interested and would love to share and discuss my ideas

  • Dan

    Last weeks news!

  • NO!! This looks SO SO SO BAD. They look terrible as the Fairly Odd Parents…they look so old and creepy.

    The Fairly Odd Parents was a childhood staple of mine, so I won’t watch the movie under any circumstances, because I don’t want my childhood memories ruined.

    If they were so desperate to make a movie on this cartoon, why live action? Why not simply make it in the original animation (like the Sponge Bob Square Pants movie)?

    Oh, is it true that Fairly Odd Parents became really bad afterward? Because I watched the first season, and that was great. I was wondering whether to invest in a DVD or not….

    • Scarabim

      The first season was great, Shan. So, I think, were two or three of the following seasons. Then one day I saw an episode called, I think, “New Squid in Town” and that was the beginning of the end as far as I was concerned. I think that was in the fourth or fifth season, and yeah, things got worse from there.

  • Chelsea

    They are filming this where I live- the sets look fantastic.

  • Man didn’t Nickelodeon learn from The Last Airbender movie?

  • Anthony

    gods. This is just a new level of retardedness. Some cartoons just shouldn’t be made into movies. Let alone Live Action movies…

  • Something tells me Larry isn’t gonna like this pairing one bit…

  • GB

    Hey guys, may be it will be like “Drop Dead Fred” which was really dark and humorous and totally enjoyable…or it will be a terrible cash cow based on a lovable childrens cartoon….sigh.

  • The Gee

    Entertaining is one of the weirdest things which people do, isn’t it?

    Who among use has not chosen to utter the sound “kootchy koo” all to make an infant laugh?

    If you haven’t, it isn’t the be-all to end-all of activities. But, the weird thing about it is that it is as fun for the adult as it seems to be for the kid.

    When I was a kid, I was totally into anything cartoons. I read the comics sections whenever I could get one. And, finding an airing of an old movie from the 30s or 40s based on comic strips happened every now and then. For what it is worth, those movies neither enhanced nor detracted from my enjoyment of the strips. In fact, they still exist, I am just not sure if they air on TV these days.

    Entertainers made movies based on “Blondie.” There were “Dick Tracy” flicks, “Li’l Abner” movies and too many movies that were cartoonish in their concepts. Once series which comes to mind is the “Ma and Pa Kettle” series of movies. (Surely, and/or wikipedia can fill you in if you don’t know of any of these movie franchises. )
    The Kettle movies were based on characters that a guy named Thurber concocted for one of his books, “The Egg and I.” I am just guessing here but it might have been a play on an existing title. That book was made into a movie, starring Fred MacMurray, or some name similar to that.

    Now, I don’t mean to be goofy in guessing too much with this post but it must have been successful if the supporting cast of that flick ended up with making a sequel, and another and then another.

    When I was a kid, those movies were funny to me, and to my family. Do they hold up today? I dunno. I’ve seen some of the movies based on the comic strips lately and they hold up okay.

    Seeing any of that stuff didn’t ruin the originals for me back then. I still wanted to be a cartoonist. Heck, even the first Batman movie, and the TV show didn’t ruin wanting to draw stuff. Nor did seeing a live action version of something wipe out memories of reading or watching the original cartoon versions of things.

    You all could say: back then those entertainers who made those movies hired actors who were performers and that made the difference. You could say that the writers were top notch and that makes the difference. You be correct that the talent was good then. But, the end results were just meant to be entertaining, not high art.

    It doesn’t all need to be high art. While I haven’t seen that Nick cartoon some seem to cherish, that don’t look like high art, for cartooning or for animation. But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t entertain. If people like it, cool. If it is not so great then turn off your brain if you feel you need to watch the live action movie. Turn it off and let it work for you or fail to work for you.

    But, to get into a lather over a publicity still and a blurb in from a wire service…well, that isn’t worth the effort. But, as a person who normally makes low art and like to make it, it just seems like it isn’t worth getting worked up over publicity like this. It might be so bad it is still entertaining. There’s other stuff out there, make it or take it in.

    • Scarabim

      James Thurber didn’t write “The Egg and I”. Betty McDonald did.

      • the Gee

        Thanks. Then I stand (or sit) corrected.

        The reason I brought it up was just that it can go both ways in terms of creation and not suffer much.By “it” I mean adaptations and translations.

        Cartoons, in general, are about the sensibility of the creators who make them. If the sensibility is there, it can work out. If not, well that is where it shows.

        Most people seem to react to this and to what we’ve seen of that “Yogi Bear” movie and expect the worst. It might end up being that bad. But, why make the anticipation worse by being overdramatic about what an upcoming production means now?

  • Michel Van

    Nickelodeon too ?

    oh my god, no, no
    next to come is Cartoon Network
    WITH WAT ?!

    • Tim Douglas

      Don’t worry.

      Top Cat’s gone into hiding until this whole thing blows over.

  • I don’t know, Wanda looks pretty spot on…

    Okay, everything sounds AWFUL. Except Wanda. She really does look pretty cool.

  • Jim

    In all of the years that Nickelodeon has been around and giving us the best in kids entertainment why do they want to do this? I mean the 3 key Nicktoon shows that made Nick a big wheel in television is:

    1. RUGRATS



    I’m starting to think that Nickelodeon is losing it and running out of steam. Which is why I’m sticking with the classic cartoons from the golden age of film and TV. It’s better than this crock.