Ren and Stimpy Skewered

NY animator Chrissy Fellmeth recently got an awesome tattoo that seamlessly combines two of my biggest passions: cartoons and kebabs. Click on the image below to get a closer look at Chrissy’s original tattoo design and the finished work on the back of her leg.

Ren and Stimpy tattoo

  • ask

    I haven’t seen Chrissy in a long time. Nice to know she’s bein herself.

  • vzk

    Heh; just look where Stimpy got skewered, and apparently he seemed to like it.

  • Artisticulated

    What are the gelatinous brown cubes? Beefello?

  • Sara

    That Stimpy is both horribly disturbing and completely right.

    I notice some of the cube of indeterminate origin got replaced with tomatoes between the original design and the final tattoo. Guess the kebabs needed a bit more variety.

  • :: smo ::

    this is totally awesome!!!

  • Merv

    The autopsy revealed Michael Jackson had a Winnie the Pooh tattoo on a body part that belongs in the Disney Museum.

  • Chrissy

    Yeah the cubes are supposed to be steak cubes. Guess that didn’t really come across! :-P

    I decided last minute that it would look better if there were tomatoes on it instead of more steak cubes — definitely a good decision!

  • Bob

    Merv you Perv

  • Brett W. Thompson

    Awesome!! I took a look at Chrissy’s blog, and I love her art! Thanks for posting this.

  • BigALrock…


  • Niki

    Long distance internet girlfriend. Ask, WATCH WHERE YOUR EYES ARE WANDERING!

  • Ted

    That angle promotes the impression the tattooed suffers from late stage Popeyeism of the leg.

    Can’t wait for GenY to start feeling the horror of what they’ve done to their skin (and their hepatitis testing outcomes)…

  • Vincent Waller

    Love it, Love it

  • Brad Constantine

    great design..but OUCH!!

  • jake armstrong

    hell yeah chrissy!!!

  • Danny R. Santos

    I noticed that there is a tomato instead of a slab of meat on the right kebob,wonder if it was the tattoo artist that made that suggestion.

  • Kyle

    Great design, but tattoos always seem to look weird when viewed on someone’s fleshy stump.

  • top cat james

    Where’s Billy the Beef Tallow Boy when you need him?

  • Pedro Nakama

    Years and years from now when I see these tattoos on an old person using a walker I’ll laugh so hard my false teeth will pop out and I’ll piss my Depends.

  • robcat2075

    Pedro, don’t worry, you’ll never see that one; the support hose and varicose veins will cover it.

  • Tony Mines

    What a potent metaphor for all cartooning since 1991.

  • yikety yikes!

    that’s going to be lovely when you’re 90!
    : D

  • Jorge Garrido

    What an eediotic theeng to do.