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This Four-Feet-Tall, Seventy-Pound Toothless Sculpture is Actually a Cake

To toast the release of How to Train Your Dragon 2 at a private studio party, DreamWorks commissioned boutique cake maker Fernanda Abarca, who is also an artist at the company, to create this four-feet tall, seventy-pound statue of Toothless the Dragon. The edible work of art was acknowledged by CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg in his speech to studio employees.

Specializing in baked goods with sculpted animated characters, Abarca has also displayed her cake-making prowess at DreamWorks parties celebrating the films Mr. Peabody & Sherman and The Croods, and lent her talents to competing studios, like creating Frozen cupcakes for a Disney Oscar party.

According to Abarca’s Facebook page, Toothless is a chocolate cake with sculpted fondant icing, and took roughly 70 hours to make. It is her largest baked good to date. Visual effects artist Nigel W. Tierney posted a Vine of the cake being cut [updated: Vine link no longer functional], which can be seen below along with images of the cupcakes and cake pops that were also made.

  • Guest

    Dreamworks next claymation project confirmed ;P

    • Rowsdower


  • Jeffrey Gray

    That Toothless cupcake topper is the most Stitch-like depiction of him I’ve ever seen. Huge eyes, stubby arms…I actually wonder if Abarca or whoever just modified a leftover mold of Stitch. Adorable.

    …but what happened to Astrid’s arms?

    • mbollay

      They aren’t made from molds. They are most likely modeled by hand out of fondant or modeling chocolate. But yeah, super cute!

  • George Comerci

    It looks too good to eat…I’d feel guilty eating it :D

  • Some cakes(like most children) should be seen and not eaten.

    • fredinandus

      Some children should be seen and not eaten?

      • Oh I get it, you’re one of those “eat them all types.” Well, it is my studied opinion that such an immoderate proposition is unsustainable and runs contrary to the longterm health of our species.

  • martin

    wish i couldve been there to eat him

  • April

    I can’t help but feel millions of children are going to throw massive fits, because they want this cake.

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  • Tsk Tsk DreamWorks :(