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CB Fest

CB Fest Premiere: ‘Changeover’ by Mehdi Alibeygi

CB Fest, our new series of online short film premieres, sees its second release this evening with Changeover (2014), an endearing short about one bird’s efforts to woo an unattainable love interest.

The brisk short is directed by Iranian animator Mehdi Alibeygi. After watching the film, check out our visual essay below with comments from the director.

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  • gorgeous, i loved the piece, something so simple yet so powerful in storytelling.

  • Tomm

    Such a great short short , lovely design and animation and a clever story . Top notch.

  • I love the colors, the design and the perfect animation. the perfect package

  • Ari Villa Villa

    Funny, i didn’t see the “love story” aspect of this short at first watch. I thought the bird was simply calling out for help or others to come join-in a “feast”, given that he thought the “birdie” was a “real” bird.

    I loved the plot twist though.. with the revealing of the “second” bird(*didnt see that coming) The image of the two rackets at the end with loose feathers was the cherry on top also (*for humor)

    All in all.. great job! Well done thru-out! And congrats on dedicating your own time/money to such a personal project. We in the industry generally find hard to find the time and energy to do “our own mini-projects”. This is very inspiring.

    Thank you.

  • Jack Rabbit

    Awesome. Seldom so good!

  • What a well animated short. The twist at the end was funny.

  • FM Hansen


  • FM Hansen

    Does anyone know if this was done in TV Paint or something else? Just curious

    • David

      FM Hansen – on his Vimeo page Mehdi Alibeygi says: “made in Photoshop frame by frame”

  • AnimatedMadness

    Loved it! Simple, funny, and well-animated!

  • Colin Levy

    Such a brilliant short.