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DreamWorks Unveils New “Turbo” Trailer

Yesterday, DreamWorks released the full trailer for its summer feature Turbo directed by David Soren. If I had to cite a few positive qualities, I’d point out the simple appeal of the character designs, as well as the exaggerated range of motion and funny mouth shapes on the snail characters.

  • Matthew Koh

    Turbo feels more like a Pixar movie
    and Brave feels more like a Dreamworks movie.
    Is it true that both scripts are accidentaly swtiched in the beginning process?

    • Natalie Belton

      Really? To me Brave felt like more of a Disney Princess movie. Turbo kind of reminds how when Dreamworks made Antz in response to A Bug’s Life or when it released Shark Tale shortly after Finding Nemo. Studios just tend to put out similar films at times just to try and ensure success I guess…

    • Mr. James

      The reason is because the plot sounds a lot like CARS!! I can’t wait for the sequel when Turbo goes to Paris to race internationally against the major nemesis of the film “Es Car GO”! Go ahead tell me I’m wrong that this wasn’t already pitched and brainstormed at some part in this film’s development.

      • fish

        Apart from the car racing aspect, how does this movie resemble Cars in any way?? Did I miss the plot point in Cars where McQueen was naturally SUPER SLOW and only wanted to be able to go fast like all the other cars? And then something incredible happened to him to allow for those dreams to come true? Wow, I know I fell asleep during Cars, but I didn’t think I missed all that.

      • white vader

        Well I know THAT name for a French snail has already been taken in an animated movie pitch I’ve worked on in the past. But not in Hollywood. Down Under.

  • I hate when people say this about animated movies, but this looks… kind of… well… stupid. I can’t speak for others, but I just can’t take snails seriously at all. Put him in a NASCAR style race? Now you’ve /really/ lost me.

    I’m trying to keep an open mind about this, but it’s not making it any easier.

    • Bertie

      You can’t and you shouldn’t take it seriously – come on, it’s a comedy. It’s not stupid, it’s grotesque…and it’s entertaining!

      • fire115

        comedy makes you laugh, there was not a single moment in the extended trailer that gave me even the slightest hint of amusement…so if its not a comedy what is it….a waste of time and resources.

  • Lazy Student

    Now it looks like a real movie with a real premise. A wacky premise, that is.

  • The trailer makes it look like a Ratatouille rip-off.

  • the real winners are snoop dogg and samuel l jackson

  • Toonio

    Good for Dreamworks and their intention to move away from Princesses Movies.

    No Ryan Reynolds… I don’t know what’s his appeal but his voice is not his forte IMHO. Oh well, all the best for Dreamworks, seems like I’ll be watching this one.

    • IJK

      Wait, when was Dreamworks known for making princess movies…?

  • Clutch

    Interesting…David’s student film “Crack Baby” was one of the best and most original to come out of the Sheridan College program back in the mid-90’s. This could be worth checking out. “Crack Baby’s got a couch!!”

    • J

      “Mr. Lucky” was actually the name of the short. It was great.

      • Clutch

        Whoops, you’re right it was called that. I have a bootleg VHS copy of it somewhere, need to dig that up

  • Dana B

    I won’t lie, this looks better than I expected! Though, the international trailer is far better than this one, it still gets the idea across.
    And from the looks of things, DWA is really stepping up their imagery with this film. Everything looks very well polished, even the human characters for once!

    Looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. Not sure if the story will be top notch at this point, but we’ll see what happens…

  • Shazbot

    The concept is still too contrived for me. Nice rendering, except on the humans, who still look plastic. And seriously, I mean…snails? Pass.

    • IJK

      Seriously, ants? Talk about snoresville!

      Remember that Disney short about the tugboat? Who wants to watch a tugboat???? I remember this dumb idea a studio did once that involved talking fish. /FISH/. Fish are so boring, all they do is float there, what are you suppose to do with that?

      • miles thompson

        TWO WORDS amigo = Finding Nemo”

        • optimist

          ONE word, friend: Facetious.
          ; )

  • mick

    I think this looks great visually but the premise of a snail racing against cars??? If he was cow sized then maybe but a snail… it’s a bit of a none starter isn’t it. I say it looks great, sounds ridiculous (and not in a good way)

  • Tom

    Not sure what to think. I do believe that a good movie can be extracted from any concept but this just seems too… odd. Ratatouille was able to successfully portray an initially unappealing concept (a rat in the kitchen) but a snail racing in the Indy 500 just doesn’t seem like a marketable idea. It worked in an episode of Spongebob, but a full-length feature film? Seems like a long shot.

    That said, I’ll probably still see it in theaters, and I do genuinely wish DWA the best with this film. I don’t want them to go through more layoffs.

  • Nicole

    I actually hated the concept of this when the teaser trailer came out. But this seriously has made me reconsider. The plot isn’t as weak as I thought it’d be. Kinda reminds me of how “The Flash” got his powers! :) Might actually see this movie!

  • jhalpernkitcat

    What? Somebody had to say it.
    Got a giggle at the “White Shadow” bit. “I can still see you. It actually looks kind of cute despite the rather bizarre premise.

    • Gravitynaut

      Racing snails, faster than cars through the track, and then….. TURBOTASTIC! TURBOTASTIC!!

  • I’m not a 100% going for the concept of a mutated snail having the speed and the qualifications to race in the Indy 500. It all seem a bit weird for me right now. We’ll see how it goes when it comes out.

  • I might have to see this, if only to find out how they connect the three parts of the trailer: 1.) snail develops super-speed powers 2.) snail enters the world of competitive snail racing , which is a thing I guess? and 3.) snail and race car driver team up to do something related to the Indy 500. Or maybe one of you guys can just summarize it for me once the movie comes out.

  • Roberto González

    I am really not interested in car races at all, so this doesn’t look very appealing to me. I also don’t think snails are extremely interesting for character design, but I admit the characters look rather cute and the part with Turbo getting his superpowers looked kind of cute. As others I think it has an odd mixture of themes: superhero movie+Cars+Ratatouille…I don’t know how it will work. It doesn’t look bad for what it is, but I’m not a big fan of any of the subjects. If it were about snail-racing and it had another insects or animals as supporting characters it would look more interesting to me. I guess I’ll just flip a coin or wait to read the reviews.

  • IJK

    I don’t know if it’s going to be a regular thing, but I love how the snail communicates with the human by using his “speed lines” to draw.

  • I really want to see this, I love the character design and animation from what I’ve seen. Only thing is I wish I didn’t watch this trailer because I feel like it gave away a lot.

  • Fred M

    The trailer did its job–looks fun.

  • Original

    hmm, so i think the “i’m about to go reaaalllyyy fast…….oh but i’m a snail/slug type creature, so i can only go reaallllyyy slow” gag only really works as a throw away joke like in the Monsters University trailer. Basing a whole film on it? I’m expecting there will be more of the same from the annoying slugs in Epic.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I’m taking it with a grain of salt. ; )

  • Okay, admittedly a few of the jokes were funny, but I’m still not really hyped about this. It’s just… Racing is soooo boring! I think the only racing movie/show I’d be excited to see would be a Mario Kart style one where they race on insane tracks (such as rainbows in space) and try to kill each other as they race.

    … Now I want a Mario Kart movie…

    • Redline (the anime movie) and Speed Racer (the live-action one) are basically that.

  • A rat wants to be a cook. A snail wants to be a race car drivers

    *shrug* OK ^^

    • Seth Fowler

      A rat can be a cook secretly, hidden away in the confines of the kitchen. A snail competing with 2 ton vehicles on a racetrack while watched by a stadium audience and televised before millions is not done in secret. Even taking into account willful children’s-film suspension of disbelief (which is significant), I cannot possibly see how a crowd full of NASCAR fans would pay to watch a mutant snail race against cars. The snail would get stepped on, people would complain/leave, it’d be seen as a joke, etc… I think the movie is too ambitious for the already ridiculous premise. If the snail could make an impact while staying relatively unnoticed, I think the film would be much more plausible and subsequently, more tolerable.

  • According to this trailer, Turbo = Ratatouille + Cars.
    But that’s okay. Because the designs of the snail are cartoony and appealing (more so than the slugs in Epic), and I know there’s more to it to turn such a goofy plot into what seems like could be a funny movie.

  • Skip

    On a scale of 1 to 100 The teaser trailer for this movie made me 0% excited about seeing this film. Now after seeing this trailer, my enthusiasm % for seeing this film has has doubled.

  • Victoria

    I’d rather watch a sequel to Disco Worms done by Robert Zemeckis.

  • Dt

    A big part of this movie is the racing theme specifically nascar. Will it appeal to boys. Probably.Will it make tons of money in merchandising? (like cars)maybe. Will theatre viewers in certain parts of the world even know what Nascar is…questionable.

  • I think it has promise, it has the whole probable impossible thing that Disney was known for. Don’t fail us DW!

  • Funkybat

    This basically looks like “Dreamworks’ Cars” with some Ratatouille and a touch of Wreck It Ralph thrown in. The character animation and overall visuals looks very appealing, nice work on a tough subject to caricature with any variance.

    The overall premise does’t really grab me, maybe it’s a matter of scale. A preposterous story where a snail wants to be a “real racer” and is somehow imbued with super-speed and is given a chance to race in the Indy 500 sounds like a great 20-minute short. A full-length feature, complete with presumably traditional story arcs and reversals and an ultimate triumph? Seems like a bit much.

    I suppose I’m also not all that thrilled to see something so completely brash and jokey coming out of Dreamworks, their recent films have been surprisingly mature, though I suppose there’s always a place for over-the-top goofiness. (Madagascar 3 was a lot of fun even though it was off the rails goofy.)I have a feeling The Croods is going to end up being my favorite DW movie for this year…

  • Random

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  • I think I’d rather watch a flying Rainbow Pop-Tart Cat for two hours.

  • JoeCorrao

    this will be a sapfest from what I saw in the trailer, reach for the stars don’t let others tell you what you can be…funny Steven Tyler doing a voice…he isn’t a fan of speed.

  • Gravitynaut


    • Catherine

      Dude this movie was actually pretty good. You must be someone who doesn’t like to follow there heart.

      • Gravitynaut

        Notice the date? 5 months ago. I still haven’t seen it, but it still feels like a rent it movie to me. If want to watch a movie bout following your heart, I’d pick Wall-E.

  • flashstick

    I think it’s interesting to have a snail with superpowers, but the whole human element throws me off and makes me not want to see it.

  • snails, really…

    All I can think of when I see a film like this is
    “Everyone’s Hero” or “Fly me to the moon”..

    it’s really going to be hard to wow me with Nascar and a Snail…

  • canimal

    I’m getting a strong feeling that this is one of those Dreamworks movies that has terrible marketing and makes everyone believe its going to be an unfunny, lame pos, but actually turns out to be hilarious, smart, and impressive. It would hardly be the first time thats happened at DWA.

    The premise seems a little…. odd. But I’m definitely going to see it. I have high hopes for this one.

    • Gravitynaut

      Now that I think about it, that does usually end up happening… I might have to give this one a try.

  • Max

    This movie looks lame and weak. The stupidity level is the only amusing thing in this comedy. You would have to have the intelligence of a baby to like this.

  • Real-ality

    Thank goodness I don’t have kids. I might have to spend good money to take them to see this garbage. Frankly, I’ve had my fill of all supernatural special effects. Give me an actor who actually rides the horse, drives the car, takes the slap to the face…fake blood and death, okay, but not Corvettes and Mack trucks turning into giant robots.

  • Catherine

    WTF?! This movie isnt like cars at all! Its about following your heart to reach your dreams not about racing. Seriously, the thought of nothing can be turned into something :). I thought the trailer was stupid too, but it really touched my heart after the movie. Stop judging and watch the movie already!!