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Hot Tip: Watch ‘The Onion’ Make Fun of Hyper-Real CGI ‘Ninja Turtles’ (NSFW)

If you thought the faces of the new hyper-realistic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were disturbing, wait until you see their dongs. This Onion piece is an instant classic:

What I’d like to know though: Was this piece sponsored by Paramount? It would appear to be studio-approved stealth advertising, which somehow makes it even funnier.

  • Erik Butter

    Is that a… turtle… scrotum? now we know.
    thats horrificly inapropriate :P

  • Bruce

    The lines to get in might move slowly, it will be just turtles

  • Pedro Nakama

    Excellant! I also like their Dawn of the Planet of the Apes review.


    • At least those apes appear to follow the prudish guidelines on anatomical correctness well. :-P

  • Digital Dong.

    Andy Serkis exclusively played the roles of all the Turtle Dongs in this picture.
    Magical work Mr. Serkis.

    • Erik Butter

      It’s really hard to get that dangle just right.

  • Casey

    There is an amazing amount of subtlety in the Onion’s work, like the screen to the left being blurred out but NOT the dong

  • foreigner.

    Ew >.<

  • Shmorky

    “hot tip” ha ha good one guys

  • top_cat_james

    Putting the nard in Leonardo.

  • Size8

    i’m sorry i must disagree the animators were merely doing digital cosmetics . the dangle was all mr.serkis. AAAAHHHH YEAH.

  • Rufus

    I wonder if this gets the point across at all…

  • Platynews

    The biggest problem is STILL the overdesign …. and somehow addining genitals kinda gets the point

  • There you go! :-)

  • Guest-a-mate

    This is so stupid. The parody culture on the internet (which is ALL the internet seems to be.) is such a waste of time and talent. Here’s a concept: instead of going through all that for a cheap joke, how about you create your own franchise, characters and stories. Just a thought.

    • Ben

      The onion is a satire website. And you’re complaining that they’re… doing satire?

  • BDX777

    The way it’s outside his pants flopping about for no reason in this parody… Oh my god this is so random, I wasn’t expecting an onion video with floppy turtle cocks on top of film footage.

  • KawaDONGa!!!