Leaked Pixar Trailer Leaked Pixar Trailer

Leaked Pixar Trailer

This one’s worth a few guffaws…

(Thanks, Roque)


    …Phew, that was close!”

    I smell another Oscar! :P

  • Chris D

    I laughed, I cried, I grew a little inside.

    Pixar can do no wrong, amirite?

  • Tom Heres

    This is making me tear up from laughing, ala “Colin’s Bear”, which is still, hands down, the funniest fifteen seconds of anything I’ve ever seen.


  • which cylinder does John Ratzenberger play?

  • “I don’t want to spend all day, every day in front of a computer animating half a second of animation”. Priceless

  • phil

    spiral it up…bro


  • This make me feel unsmarter.

  • This is the one that will win them Best Picture, NOT just Best Animated Feature.

  • My mind just went numb.

  • Iritscen

    I really laughed out loud with surprise at the Hawaiian shirt line, that was great.

  • One question.

    Do you immediately lose your genius status should you leave Pixar?

  • Makes me want to work there even more! :)

  • Boris

    Well…………..as long as they don’t put eyes , mouth, arms and legs in those shapes it’d be fine!! very mondrian! it’s good!

  • Oooooh! hot cylinders…. is this gonna be PG-15?

  • Robert Schaad

    Think of the merchandising!!

  • Mesterius

    Yeah, this is definitely a new minimalistic high point for Stanton. And Pete Docter’s confidence in the movie makes me even more eager to see it!

  • Jose Manuel Balanzario

    this may be funny but It was done before

    it was called THE DOT AND THE LINE

    and it was amazing

  • Chris Sobieniak

    That Utah teapot was epic… EPIC!

    Thanks for making my terrible day a little less terrible!

  • Most of y’all probably know this, but there’s an actual movie much like this called “Flatland.” Cheggit:


  • Bill

    It’s funny ’cause it’s true!

  • You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll kiss 8 bucks goodbye!

  • thank you for posting “Colin’s Bear”, a video everyone should watch everyday at least four times.

  • Guffaws?… or crickets?

  • Chris Smigliano

    Actually, that STILL had more charm than most of Deamwork’s output…

  • That wasn’t funny.

  • pretty funny. I wonder if that’s actually the real Katzenerg’s comment above me.

  • amid

    Max: Sorry but I deleted the comment above yours that was pretending to be Katzenberg. We don’t approve comments that impersonate others—even if it is done in jest.

  • Lloyd

    i wonder..what if pixar goes to 2d will everybody go 2d too..hehe!


    Total marketability… Amazing! The tie in’s are just incredible! Biggest thing since TRON

  • Danny R. Santos

    Best movie ever can’t wait to see it, LOL!!!

  • Right Jose — the Dot and the Line! That WAS a great film. I have the book, which is also excellent, and well-designed!

  • Ange

    Dear god, even I could have worked on this film! I think I’ll go apply for Pixar now!

  • greg m

    Hey Tom Heres, here is a tribute to Colins that had me chuckling out loud: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTyfqVOFTFc&feature=related

  • Ross W

    Very funny. I never liked that Wall-E trailer about the things they thought of at lunch. Kind of lazy and self-congratulatory, but, as we see now, ripe for parody.

  • It’s not easy to get me to laugh at Pixar slams, but this one was a bit funnier (and looks like it took considerably more effort to put together than Mr. Cube Goes to the Cylinder) than some others floating around on the internet.

  • Tom Heres

    Greg M, that was hysterical. I think that Colin’s Bear is going to be remembered for a long time to come. Thanks!