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Madagascar Knock-off From Hell

Not to be confused with Dreamworks’ Madagascar

…actually, the makers of Life’s A Jungle are desperately trying to trick consumers to pick up this low budget travesty. People say the DVD market is dying – if it puts an end to crap like this I’m all for it. And if you think the box art is bad… wait’ll you check out the trailer:

(Thanks, ParamountCartoons)

  • Adam

    I think I have to see this film.

    • KS

      You Might want to be careful on this one, Judging the reviews on, Aside from the poor 90’s video game like quality of the animation, people have stated that there are huge gaps in the film where nothing is even happening, and they are all very negative,

      If you decide to see the film, be extremely cautious, there are some websites that show you images from the film, so you might want to check them out first.

    • Anna

      This movie was really not great. I watched this, actually no, watched part of this movie at a soccer camp with 4 year olds and they didn’t even watch it. We couldn’t even finish it. The animation was comical. I could have done better with it.

  • James

    Whoa, they are charging $25 bucks for this? That’s more than the genuine article.

  • tedzey

    So the dog finds his way to the owner? Could’ve at least let us know there were spoilers in this trailer!

  • eeteed

    downloadable activity kit included !!!???!!!

    i am SO there!

  • victoria

    Can’t wait till its on netflix, should be more of a kick than Delgo or Disco Worms.

  • If you didn’t read the aknowelgement sentence, I was the one who suggested this to Jerry. Too much of “circus Afro” jokes by Chris Rock’s zebra in the trailers and a Redbox station makes me realize that maybe an annoying joke for just money actually took effort since I saw this out of the many “knockoffs”- Chop Kick Panda, Tappy Toes, Ratatoing, and Puss In Boots (the knockoff).

    • Daniel J. Drazen

      As they’ve been known to say on “Family Guy,” “What the hell?!”

      • Steve C.

        I’m WELL AWARE of THAT knockoff! (And the film it seems to base itself off on, though preceding it by a year, BRAVE, was unfairly compared to HUNGER GAMES due to having a teen girl archer.

  • ben

    Warning: May cause acid reflux.

  • A Writer

    Hey crappy animators have to get paid too lol

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I’m not even going to watch the trailer, that’s how turned off I am over this!

  • Deaniac

    That dog is wearing an argyle sweater…WHYYYY??

    • Dave Smith

      But Gonzo wears an argyle sweater… he’s cool.
      That’s… WHYYYYYYYYYY!

      • Deaniac

        As you can see, the dog is not Gonzo, and in turn, is not cool. Therefore, I reiterate.

  • Satorical

    I want to punch everyone involved in this. It looks like it was written by a committee, which then had to submit it to two more committees.

    • It looks like it was ANIMATED by the committee. (They’ve blocked the trailer in the UK but I found a clip.)

  • Jay Sabicer

    Rule that should’ve been taught in business school:
    One really shouldn’t name a company after the point in time that cancer (Phase 4) is most definitely uncurable and terminal.
    Or perhaps, the company’s owners knew this, deep down in their souls.

  • Brandon

    Nothing like a trailer that shows a clip of a dog using the toilet. That really draws in the customers.

  • Aymanut

    Looks like it would be more entertaining than the actual Madagascar.

    • wever

      Oooooooh come ON, Man. Not cool.

  • I’m guessing “Phase 4” just distributes whatever anyone will send them, since they’ve also got a trailer for some “Space Dogs” movie ( ) which looks WAY better than this one.

    • Jody Morgan

      And it’s based on a true story! How educational!

  • chipper

    Upload’s not available in my country. This is a huge tragedy!

    • I know…
      But at least we get see the intro:

      • chipper

        That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I especially like how the text is the same colour as the grass and therefore very hard to read. I’m glad nobody thought that through.

  • Sarah J

    I… I kind of want to throw up. Like, literally.

  • Christopher Cook

    Hey, cheer up…”Yellow Submarine” is being re-released on DVD and Blu-Ray June 5, and thank God nobody made a ripoff of that.

    • potemkin

      Better be quiet about this, or you’ll give them ideas. xD

  • I was going to watch this, but then I remembered my rule of thumb to never trust a dog wearing an argyle sweater. darn!

  • Steve Stanchfield

    Space Dogs is Russian. I wonder who made this thing?

  • Ben

    Well, the one saving grace is that you can’t possibly confuse any of these characters for any in Madagascar. There is no lion, zebra, hippo, giraffe, or lemur on the cover. Just a dog, and some random African animals.

    The trailer was really painful to watch. The human torsos on the animals was so off-putting. The dog wearing an argyle sweater, with flesh-colored arms? The horribly stiff animation? The terrible voice acting? Yeah, I saw all I need to see of this one, thanks.

  • Matt

    This is what happens when the client takes over making a film…no really, I think the client just took over and re-animated everything, why do people seek to ruin the reputation of computer animation?

  • Alissa

    Why is the dog’s head grafted onto a human body? I mean, those shoulders…the sweater vest just highlights that this is a bizarre frankensteinian monstrosity. He has the exact same body build as his (presumably) human owners!

    It is kind of funny though that the dog’s shown with such an obnoxious smirk while sitting on a toilet. Bet that mimics the studio execs expression when greenlighting this abomination.

    • xevo

      It probably illustrates just how they created this abomination.

  • iseewhatyoudidthere

    That kid’s voice….talk about annoying and whiny.

  • COS

    Here you can find more about the production company and more about the writer/director/producer:

    • Oh boy… same guy who did THE PRODIGY eh? Well we know we’re in for some great quality entertainment right there :-P

      • Bob Nelson

        IMDB mentioned he did some work related to “Shrek, Shrek2, ANTZ, Sinbad, and Sharktale”, (in what ways?) and when I saw the last name my first thought was, no, probably not related to…And yes, no relation
        to Bill Hanna. Life’s A Jungle doesn’t show up in IMDB. lists 7 reviews: All, one star.

        Meanwhile a much better movie (which I had seen at the theatre) showed up in my mailbox yesterday, Secret World of Arietty. Much better investment than this one, based on that trailer alone!

        • Steve C.

          It IS on IMDB Bob, and even somneone there actually PRAISED it.,..(and that youtube link was what I expected…a BRAVE ripoff the one we know of..

  • I’m more intrigued by one of the reviews on Amazon:

    “More like animation from 20 years ago, and they hadn’t even made animation yet, to me this is not expectable for publishing, SHOULD BE RATED CRAP standing for CRAP”

    … what?

    • DuckTwacy

      That’s what I thought. You know, I wasn’t aware that animation did not exist twenty years ago, even though years of Warner Bros., Disney, and other cartoons say otherwise.

      As for the movie itself, it looks an a Nintendo 64 game.

      • Alissa

        Hey, don’t go insulting the Nintendo 64 now.

  • Baron Lego

    Hooray- more unnecessary landfill!

  • dbenson

    I kept clicking my mouse to see if I could make the characters jump and kick each other.

  • Dario

    I just checked the site of Prevalent Entertainment ( and everything looks bad. Even the burning picture of Robert Hanna, the director, on the left. They claim to have some of the best animators, artists who worked for DreamWorks, Disney, etc…. could anyone explain how this is possible??

    • Jason

      They’re lying.

  • DB

    The sense of revulsion one gets from watching bad art can sometimes evoke more of an emotional response than something mediocre or even good.

    All that remains is for some conceptual artist to find a way to harness the nightmarish quality of bad CGI for something that could be quite effective.

  • Phaeton99

    That trailer looks more like a parody of every trope and stupid gag these sorts of stories tend to, every lame thing CG is criticized for, and essentially gives away the whole film, too.

    Either this is a bit of genius satire or the very bottom scrape of the barrel.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Who knows, I kinda expected the dog at the point before the last scene cuts to the title of the film to turn to the boy and go “Could you give me a few minutes, I’d like to say goodbye to my pals?” the way that part felt.

  • Jason

    On his website he’s actually ‘gathered’ a ton of really good artists like David Colman. He also states he worked at Dreamworks even though his IMDB page clearly states otherwise. Seriously some weird crap going on.
    I mean check that gif. I don’t even know what’s going on.

  • Kristjan Birnir

    Jerry, you’ve made me seriously confused here :)

  • Julian

    I honestly question the sanity or intentions of who ever made this. I mean for goodness sake, the dog has a blatantly unfitting human torso! I can understand bad animation, I can understand weak plots, but this was done to a point where the director, coordinator, self designated god, whatever in charge of this had to have been purposely getting stuff to be done wrong. Most likely to get attention from sites like this and become infamous. Or he really could be off his rocket. Either way, pisses me off stuff like this gets distributed DVDs and indies who put their heart and soul into what they do get little to nothing.

  • Image-mapped planes for grass?

  • wever

    WOOaah. WOOaah. Why put a depressing remark such as “the DVD industry is dying” in the middle of a completely different topic??? That’s Amid’s job!

    • I wrote it because, unfortunately, it’s true. I wish it weren’t.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Really is.

  • Life’s a Bungle

    I embrace its awfulness.

  • Koopagirl

    “Downloadable activity kit included!”
    Yeah that’s a great incentive for me to buy this movie.

    Too bad the movie doesn’t come with free brain bleach and a child size pistol (just in case the brain bleach don’t work).

  • Pavlicko

    Unfortunately, my wife picked this up at our local redbox thinking it’d be a nice family film.
    There is no way I can describe how horrible this ‘film’ really is. The sound effects are unbelievably awful and sound like they were pulled straight from one of those $1.99 cassette tapes you’d find at a flea market. The animation is really bad, but you could already tell that from the trailer. What the trailer doesn’t show though, are the minute long pauses in dialog during conversations. There are bad movies and there are BAD movies, but when a 7 and a 10 yr old tell you this is the worst piece of crap they’ve seen, it creates a whole new category of awful. This movie would be at the top of that list. Avoid at all costs.

  • Anthony D.

    I don’t know why these people keep doing these films, knowing that it’s going to fail. These knock-offs are just screaming “Sue us!” and I’m surprised they’re still doing it. Why?

  • xevo

    Makes Video Brinquedo look like Pixar.

  • Jean Francó

    Dreamworks only has good animation, their movies are really bad too

  • Joey

    The perfect dirty santa gift! But seriously, this movie is an abomination to preschoolers everywhere…Two thumbs way way down! Who in their right mind would pay 25 bucks for this except for the sole reason to punish their children if they get out of line…My friends, say hello to the new Chinese water torture

  • Arnold

    I know the guys who made it and I know it was done on a super low budget. A lot of struggling new animators in the USA worked on it in a horrible economy and did the best they could with next to no money. Why don’t you give ’em a damm break or are you not happy unless you’re tearing down the little guy. What movie have any of you made from beginning to end all by yourself?

    • Dan

      I hear what you’re saying. I know how hard it is to make an animated film.

  • Paul

    I was on the crew of this little film. I’ve been out of art school for a couple years and the producer gave me a shot, liked my reel and believed in me. I know we all worked really hard on this and know for a fact that there was very little budget money to make this. The Redbox version was rushed. After looking at the final cut, which is a seriously improved version from the Redbox version, it’s a good little story for little kids. I can’t believe all the cruel and spiteful comments on this thread. It’s like you’re not leaving any room for various levels of works, so hyper critical and condescending, on your high horses. It’s just a little kids flick. Lighten up already, sheesh.

  • HH

    My 2 yr old seems enthralled. It does seem like it’s a college project which is why I googled it. Oh well. I guess good for them getting it distributed. Sorry guys who were part of the project. Good experience I’m sure.

  • Rebecca

    OMG sorry guys, but this was the worst animated film I’ve ever seen. Oddly enough both my daughters, ages 6 and 8, loved it. They thought it was hilarious and they both loved the baby black panther character.