RX’s “Bumble” Video RX’s “Bumble” Video
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RX’s “Bumble” Video

RX’s “Bumble” video, directed by Bad American, may not suit all tastes, but it wins points for making creative use of stock 3-D models.

(Thanks, David OReilly)

  • peu

    reminds me of tim and eric

  • Carl

    What’s with all these crappy videos lately?

  • Okay, Amid, ‘fess up. You’re just effin’ with us now. Right?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Yep, definitely a winner to some people!

  • I have to give a try to that “Konnecting rod” sometime

  • Angry Anim

    Why do you have to promote this obvious mo-cap stuff?

  • FP

    Reminds me of the GALLERIE ABOMINATE. Except, these guys apparently meant to do it this way.

    Somebody got paid for “composing” this “music”? It sounds like out-of-the-box drag’n’drop ACID noodling.

  • Donald C.

    Oh hey.
    I can get back on the site.

    And…just in time to see this…

  • Walter

    Finally!! PIXAR breaks away from their formula.

  • jason

    I .. just don’t understand your taste Amid. :)

  • Sean

    Ever get the feeling that something you just participated in did nothing more than make you dumber?

  • amid

    Jason – This I posted simply because I thought it was fun and creative. As a general thought, I appreciate CG most when the unique qualities of the technique are brought to the surface. It’s a thrill to watch CG that isn’t afraid to admit its binary origins. Most mainstream work is CG-pretending-to-be-an-illustration or some such impersonation that masks the nature of the tool. No doubt, CG does a formidable job of mimicry, and it’s not to say I can’t enjoy mimicry as well, but nothing is as exciting as when CG is true to itself.

  • AAA

    go simpson go!

  • Haha, this is like the kind of stuff the 3D guys in my animation class would make for a laugh in about an hour. I should of guessed David OReilly would have recommended it, though at least when he creates CG that isn’t ashamed of it’s roots it’s has substance. I can see how you can find this amusing if you’ve never seen anything like it before but er…yeah, this is about a decade too late for it to be ‘creative’ or ‘exciting’, just a bit silly I guess. XD

  • Daniel M.

    I liked this site a lot more when google didn’t allow me to view it. Can we please ask the Russians to save us from Amid’s ridiculously absurd statements about what he appreciates?

    Unique qualities of the technique? give me a break……

  • Amid-
    It’s clear to me you don’t teach CG animation. Like Gagaman, I see “creative” work like this every day. I love work that doesn’t betray its roots but I also appreciate some taste and discipline.

    Oh man, I swore I wouldn’t get into another Amid taste-fests, and you pulled me back in. You are good, sir.

  • amid

    Steve – Send me links to the work then ;)

  • This is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in months. Why is it that the most entertaining CG animation is always the most primitive?

  • Anna

    why do the 90s insist on coming back in this glitchy form???

  • Wes

    I may not dig all the nutty clips Amid posts, but I like checking them out… it’s one of the reasons I visit every day.

  • Mike Russo

    No wonder Marge stays with Homer.

  • High-Minded Civilian
  • elan

    Im all for random, crude, entertaining animation, but this was just boring. I skipped around and eventually just quit watching.

  • Sat

    High-Minded Civilian: Colin’s Bear is a classic.

    Exploiting CGI’s glitchs and kitschness goes back to the 80s: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VdHrA8SKSg&feature=related
    You could say “well, it’s the 80s” but this was all done on purpose. And it’s funny!

  • funny how some mainstream animators spend all their time complaining on how their work is ‘not just for kids’ and should be recognized as a ‘true art’ by the academy and hollywood, but the second something vaguely non-polished or abstract hits the scene, they’re okay with dogmatically challenging it’s ‘art’ status. we’ve all met that guy who goes to an art gallery and yells ‘MY KID COULDA DONE THAT’ at a piet mondrian. welcome to hypocrisy.

  • top cat james

    “Did’nt I ever tell you about Bumbles? Bumbles BOUNCE!”

  • Was the creative part after the first minute? I gave up at that point.

  • Paul N

    I guess this is what passes for clever these days.

  • madness4u

    Put that crotch-arm on an NBA player and you might have something!

  • Cody Covell

    Fun and creative…….. you’re not an artist, are you Amid? Because it certainly shows you have no taste in anything.

  • and you cody….you’re not fun or creative it seems like? yes, I think I understand you just fine based on limited information.

  • Erin

    I think you’re all taking this a tad too seriously. It’s just goofy to me, a commentary on the sort of ridiculous fetish porn than propagates throughout the internet. Also I think clipping is hilarious, so deliberate model seizing and choppiness is a real joy for me.

    Oh and you want clever purposefully bad animation, Amid? This is a very popular machinima adaptation of a bad fanfiction. The awfulness is meant to reflect the awful “literature”.
    be sure to check out it’s two sequels. The last is a doozy.

  • vzk

    We just saw the winner of next year’s Academy Award for Best Animated Short.

    Seems like Homer is now breaking Marge’s heart. What goes around…


  • Justin

    This film is hilarious. It’s like if a computer gained some crude capacity for thought and was pathetically trying to figure out how to replicate some semblance of human sexuality. You can almost hear the computer screaming “You like this? Is this what person wants to sex about? Is this how sex happiness achieved? INITIATING SEX NOW!”

    It calls to attention the gross arbitrary weirdness of human sexual preference in a hilarious and creative way. I think Amid can be a dick sometimes but this link cracks me up.

  • Pearls before swine.

    Have the administration thought of employing some kind of syllable-count robot on the comment submissions, to combat the youtube-level that comments have descended to in recent months? There must be some sort of automated-snobbery-logarithm you can utilise?

  • It’s fun if you don’t see too much of this kind. Of course every kid with Poser or another cheap 3D software will be able to create something like this in 2 hours. Maybe this bothers some artsy types. But the main part of the fun is to get this into circulation. This is not meant to be included into any “best of the century” collection from MoMA.

    It’s not as if those guys who create this kind of stuff don’t have any sense of quality. They have a lot, and within the demo or machinima scene there’s the same distinction between crap and quality as in the field of cartoony animation. But sometimes I suspect that festival programmers or arward judges don’t have enough knowledge about the field where this stuff comes from, so they just chose the very first example they stumble across and declare it as “refreshing new style” and “breaking paradigm” – you know that wording. I was disappointed by this year’s animated shorts Oscar.

  • Rasmus

    It’s like David O’Reilly’s stuff meets Tim & Eric but turns out tasteless and weaker…Not thumbed up

  • Justin: Haha yeah, when you think about it like that it makes it all the more hilarious.

  • Dave S.

    This looks like something done on Garry’s Mod.

    No, wait, it looks worse than anything done in Garry’s Mod.

  • Katella Gate

    My inner 12 year old enjoyed it a lot. What else was it supposed to do?


  • Peter

    This is the single worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

  • Steve Gattuso

    I’ve seen more creative uses of stock models by 12-year olds. In 1996. Who scream “PENIS!” into the mike for five minutes. As for the music, it would best be described as BOOM *tsk* BOOM *tsk* BOOM *tsk* BOOM *tsk*. Remember that short with the bear that some frustrated animation student did as an “up yours!” to his school? THAT has more creativity than this.

    This is a rib, right? You’re not serious, right? Because if you are, get to a hospital now, because you have a brain hemorrhage.

  • Joe Boulden

    I want that 3 minutes of my life back.


    *cries, then crawls into fetal position*


  • I thought it was hilarious. The connecting rod bit was inspired.

  • I watched this five times. “Emerging from sphere”, “simplikation”, the timing, graphics, everything was perfect.

  • Rick

    From all the images, you hadda go with the porno Homer-erotic one?

    Y’know, it’s getting to the point between this and the other adult vids you guys have been adding lately where this site is gonna get blocked by animation companies’ web filters installed to protect them from harassment claims.

  • Keyframe Samurai

    Normally I would find this sort of thing hilarious….for the most part I was extremely confused. Then we got to “The Hand”, at which point uncontrollable twisted laughter consumed me. A++
    Even better the second time through.

  • OtherDan

    What can you say?…It suited the music. It was fun watching Homer have sex. I liked the eye massage…variety is the spice of life?

  • Bubba

    How do I get the last five minutes of my life back?