R-Rated Danish Film Gets US Release 6 Years Later R-Rated Danish Film Gets US Release 6 Years Later
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R-Rated Danish Film Gets US Release 6 Years Later

Fear not, The Trouble with Terkel isn’t an ironic Studs Terkel biopic; it’s a raunchy R-rated animated comedy based on the stand-up routines of Danish comedian Anders Matthesen. (Actually, raunchy seems a bit too generous; immature is a better descriptor.) Indie distributor Indican Pictures is releasing the film in the United States on October 15, according to Box Office Mojo.

Notably, the film is rather old; it debuted in Denmark in 2004. Directors are Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen, Thorbjørn Christoffersen, and Stefan Fjeldmark. Perhaps the original Danish version was hilarious, but the American trailer looks irredeemable. The British dub is less abrasive and makes me want to at least give the film a chance. No details on how limited the film’s release will be, but I don’t anticipate it’ll be showing up in many theaters.

  • Gawd, that is nasty cheep looking!

  • Wayne

    I think I’ll pass.

  • How immature is it?

    It’s not TERKEL IN TROUBLE. It’s Terkel in BLAM! (Directed by BLAMders BLAMthesen.)

  • jic

    The British dub sounds awful too, but at least it looks like they took some time and trouble over it. The American dub sounds like it was put together in one afternoon by a bunch of stoned college kids.

  • mojo25

    Is not that bad, could be worst.

    At least is more original than all the crap that comes out
    the hollywood pipe.

    Is kind of refreshing and funny.

  • Saw it at Annecy with subtitles bloody funny this was, yes. That trailer and dubbing makes it look pretty bad.

  • philippe

    The characters walk like Jim Henson puppets while being in CGI. It gave a interesting feel to this film (when i saw it a few years ago). The comments are harsh for people who have’nt actually seen the work.

  • Deaniac

    An R-rated CGI film? That’s one thing that I thought would never see the light of day.

    Anyways, I thought it was really funny, regardless of its “immaturity”. I guess it’s one of those “so bad it’s good” instances, or at least IMO.

    • jic

      R-rated CGI movies? *Appleseed*. *Film Noir* would probably be an R too, but I don’t think it’s been rated. If I wanted to be ultra-pedantic I’d add *South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut*, but I assume you mean 3D animation. There are probably more if we really dug around.

  • maja b

    This actually is quite a funny movie, and done for a tiny budget. But that trailer above is a horrible representation of it. The humor is very scandinavian though, maybe it doesn’t translate very well.

  • Avenue Q (the only thing funny in this equation) + meth + Back at The Barnyard + Denmark = THIS.

  • Was my face red

    Saw it in Annecy too. It’s cheap and fun and cheerful and doesn’t deserve the worst dub ever. That V.O. is totally weird but not in a good way.

    But why not start a new website where people can post bad reviews of trailers while they wait for the next Pixar film to come along? That really is all that a lot of Cartoon Brewers do.

  • David Mackenzie

    The dub sounds like it was recorded with a cheap laptop webcam.

    I don’t agree that the British dub is less abrasive… that young mother’s voice at the start makes me want to mangle my ear drum. I see they actually dubbed the song though.

  • peter wassink

    I believe it was quite ingeniously animated ‘real-time’ with te help of joysticks in a kind of muppetshow fashion. Thus enabling the makers to keep production costs very low.

    In the original language its seems much more funny.