U2 Music Video by David OReilly U2 Music Video by David OReilly
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U2 Music Video by David OReilly

David OReilly is a name that requires little introduction on the Brew. His new video for U2’s “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight” is a visual stunner. It was created in collaboration with designer Jon Klassen.

  • kernel

    love it! thanks for posting

  • This really is amazing. I think David OReilly is the most exciting director out their at the moment. Not sure U2 deserved a video of this quality. I hope they know what they have got.

  • J

    That was incredible, my favorite of his work so far. Absolutely gorgeous stuff from beginning to end.

  • Excellent piece. Thanks for posting it.

  • Beautiful stuff. I like how the video doesn’t dilute O’Reilly’s style at all but amplifies it. I also like how the design and style supports the “story”. Very moving stuff indeed.

  • once I realized all the little stories were intertwined, that put a big fat smile on my face :)

  • Isaac

    Wow, finally a 3D cartoon with no awful inbetweening. Great job. Funny how everyone gets what they want at the end–just like real life.

  • I like this! Bums just need fudge.

  • David O’Reilly’s films are some of the most meaningful and moving pieces of animation today. I am truly blown away by this music video. Like Please Say Something, it’s an earnest portrayal of isolation, love, confusion–the whole gamut of human emotions. Something about the style in this piece evokes Chris Ware to me, probably has to do with the see-through hospitals rooms. It’s incredible that David has such a specific and unique voice, being as young as he is. I am a fan.

  • OReilly + Klassen = Some sort of unstoppable greatness machine.

  • caviar for the eyes !

  • David is the tops. Absolutely one of the best. Sweet piece.

  • Nice piece!

    The bug-eyes are a little scary but the colour design makes up for it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Brianne

    I love this so much! The video actually strengthens the song, it’s beautiful! Very inspiring. :)

  • Doofus

    That deserves some kind of an award. What a piece! INCREDIBLE!

  • Scott

    Agreed that the animation strengthens the song. Maybe even out does it. It’s a fantastic piece.

  • hans bacher

    did you say – visual stunner?

  • The song’s lyrics are garbage, but the video is sheer genius. Props to the first person who can post an instrumental version of the video.

  • Beautiful animation

  • I would happily watch a whole movie made that way.
    Though maybe without the U2 soundtrack.

  • TheVok

    Great animation, too bad about the song.

  • Nice work, OReilly!

  • the video is better than the song.. The song is fine enough but the video has some real lovelly rubbed on it… good on ya David