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Friz Sketch

Animator Mike Kazaleh found this incredible Pink-Panther-meets-Bugs -Bunny sketch by Friz Freleng (click on thumbnail below to see full image). Says Mike:

As usual, I went looking for something in my house, and I found something else. It’s a Friz sketch from 1974. Please bear in mind that I scanned this picture from an ancient thermal fax, and the image had all but disappeared. It took a bit of work in Photoshop to make the image semi clear again. If memory serves me correctly, the “Lance” that the picture was drawn for was (writer/character designer) Lance Falk, and I believe it was he who faxed it to me in the first place. Quite an artifact, eh?

(Thanks Mike!)

  • Christopher Cook

    Excellent find. I notice that the word “than” is misused as “then”–twice (that’s the anal in me–sorry), but that doesn’t detract from making this a nice historical artifact.

  • Joel O

    Thanks for posting this!
    It (somewhat) makes up for the post regarding Matt Damon’s “Disney” comment.

  • Oh, that SO wins! More priceless than a bag of diamonds! Who’d knew it’d be Friz himself who would draw something like this? Surprised no one from the number of art sites, who’d draw hundreds of fan arts of numerous animated shoes, had thought of this before! :D

    Thanks for sharing – really, thanks 8-)

  • Jason

    Wow, that’s pretty neat. What a great find. And the argument is hilarious. Personally, I’d take the Wabbit over the Panther any day. The Pink Panther, IMO, is mostly unrealized potential. He was at his best in the opening credits of the first Panther film, but it was all downhill from there. I really disliked most of the Panther theatrical shorts, and also disliked the Panther’s later design. He went from sly and bouncy to bigfooted and awkward. Too bad. Loved his theme music, though…

  • Thad

    How did this ‘fact’ that Friz couldn’t draw start? This looks fine to me.

  • Keith Paynter

    “Why, you…” “Why you…”
    “Hey now…” “Hey now…”
    “Oh, yeah?” “Oh, yeah?”
    “Yeah!” “Yeah!”
    (etc., etc.,etc.)
    “Put on your old grey bonnet with the blue -”


  • Mr. Semaj

    Some of these recent revelations that Bugs Bunny was moderately profitable, including a McKimson interview on Thad’s blog is quite surprising.

  • That’s classic!

  • matt

    Huh! And I thought writing ‘then’ instead of ‘than’ was an internet phenomenon by kids who use texting too much!

    But back to the topic, cool ‘team-up’!

  • Becky

    This is soooo neat!!! But the glaring grammatical error ruins it for me. :(

  • Very, very cool!!!

    This dispells the myth that Friz Freleng couldn’t draw. Chuck Jones once noted not only could Friz draw well, but he drew FUNNY–which is the highest compliment for a ‘big foot’ style cartoonist.

  • P.C. Unfunny

    WOW !!!!!!! This is the only personal drawing I have seen from Friz besides his story board work. I didn’t know he drew so well. He draws better then Clampett. Thanks a bunch Jerry !

  • There’s also the your/you’re thing, which I’m surprised nobody else has commented on yet.

  • Artisticulated

    I like the body language. When did the Pink Panther grow vocal cords?

    P.C. Unfunny fell right into that there “then/than” hole. heh.

  • Christopher Cook

    The Panther talked in two 1965 cartoons–“Pink Ice” (voice of Rich Little) and “Pink Sink” (voice of Paul Frees). In 1993, Matt Frewer gave voice to him non-stop in the made-for-TV cartoons.

  • Bobby D.

    Funny, funny bit…but, you gotta wonder how the bad grammar sailed by ANYBODY who had a sneak peak. This coming from a writer (me) who can’t spell or use proper grammar to save my life…yet, it jumped off the page at me.

  • Sam Filstrup

    Very cool

  • Martin Juneau

    The regarding the look Bugs and Pink watched, they seems they don’t like so much. Yet i start to use more the early Pink Panther shorts than the ones with the Walter Greene’s music.

  • Bryan

    Internet troll 8-} Craig Palmer Davison has something similar, maybe he’ll share it with us. Plus a Pepsi-stained Bob Clampett original.

  • I noticed the bad grammar right off the bat, but who cares? This was clearly a quick doodle Friz sent to a friend. So Friz Freleng wasn’t an English professor. Dat ain’t da point, doc!

  • Joe

    Yay Mike Kazaleh! I miss Captain Jack!

  • Dan

    I was recently reading a piece on character design (John K., I think) where he was lamenting the blandness of today’s “iconic” characters, and here’s a great representation of why he was right. They’re so simple and yet so unique and unforgettable. It’s an inspiring little sketch. And, I for one am glad he abused “than” and “then”. I make the mistake all the time, and I always cringe after I’ve hit that “go” button. We should just eliminate “then”. It’s a stupid word! Much stupider then than.

  • Who gives a F-IG about the grammar (grammer?) in this context. Thanks for posting this. Seeing it has made my day!!

  • matt

    I think the whole grammar & spelling thing is interesting because I find that all my writer friends are awful spellers and the artist friends are generally really great, and I think from my own very limited and subjective experience it has to do with thinking in pictures vs thinking in words. So the artists are better because they can visualise the word and know whether it ‘feels’ right or wrong even if it’s not that familiar. But that’s more spelling than general grammar. I just find writers not being able to spell quite ironic and professionally embarrassing as surely it’s one of their most basic tools.

    And whether it brands me a grammar nazi or not, I’m sick of the whole defensiveness again shoddy writing, and hiding behind weak excuses like “in this context”. Like people still send hand-written letters or something and the net “doesn’t count”- that’s a big one. Sure Terry, I understand this particular instance was an honest mistake and the focus should be on the drawing. But how anyone can DEFEND being wrong or ignorant just begs belief, and it happens constantly online. If the SMS-speaking hordes were self-deprecating or humble about it that’d be cool. None of us are infallible, and we all have different priorities. We all hit the post button too late and the typos escape us. That’s cool. Vehemently defending your right to be wrong though is just staggering, as is the widespread cry of “fuck you grammar-nazis”, “who gives a fuck, it’s just the net” and so on.

    Finally, let me put it this way and bring it back full circle. If we had a bunch of animators defending crappy animation saying “Who gives a flying toss? It’s my RIGHT to do bad animation, design, drawing and so on – it’s JUST animation” – I think most of us would disagree with that line of ‘reasoning’. Same goes for writing, and bringing it all back I reckon Friz’s little goof/gaffe was an honest mistake he wouldn’t have tried to defend.

    Although the “your” mistake raises the question of whether Friz was being quite clever and adding some text-based irony and a note of pomposity to the panther!

  • Dan

    If you’re animating under the gun, mistakes are likely or at the very least it may not be as refined as you would like. The problem with blogs and text devices is that you’re typing is usually done in a hurry or is reactionary, leaving little time for refinement. Once you hit that send button, the moment is over and there’s no going back, unlike retakes in animation. This sketch is the equivalent of a blog entry, or a text message-I would think.

  • Pez

    Thank you for sharing this awesome animation treasure. Great to see what a natural talent Friz still was in the 70’s. Does anyone have any Bill Melendez art to share?