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More MGM Model Sheets

More from that cache of vintage MGM model sheets obtained by Mike Van Eaton. I don’t think these have been reprinted, or are on any other websites (though I’m happy to informed otherwise). Above, the warden and the prisoner in Avery’s final MGM short, Cellbound (1955); below from the animation sequence of Gene Kelly’s dance film Invitation To The Dance (1956). Click on images below, and thumbnails below that, to enlarge.

The zany bird from “an Avery epic”, Jerky Turkey (1945)
The Truant Officer from another “Avery epic”, The Screwy Truant (1945)
The tormented cat from The Cuckoo Clock (1950)
Here’s a potpourri of goodies: Butch from the Hanna Barbera Tom & Jerry series; Spike from the Tex Avery cartoons; Barney and the seal from the Mike Lah-Preston Blair film, Goggle Fishing Bear (1949); 1941 vintage Jerry model sheet; and two sheets from the Hugh Harman cartoon, Abdul The Bulbul Ameer (1941).
  • They should make cartoons like Avery’s today.

  • Toonio

    We should have an Avery day in CB.

    You can’t get enough of Avery.

  • Kev Craven

    I recognise some of these from Preston Blair’s book – Especially the Jerry ones.

    I absolutely love looking over model sheets!

  • akira

    two words: BLU RAY!!!!!!

    i hope you’re going to be bringing some big news to Comic-con!!!!!!

  • We’ve posted the Jerry model sheet on Cartoon Brew before in higher-resolution. Here’s the link.

  • Wow! Absolute cartoon eye candy. I can’t wait to blow these babies up when I get home from college today to study from each and every one of them. This is the main reason I read Cartoon Brew as often as I can. Positive animation news indeed.

  • The Ivan Skavar and Stooge model sheets from “Abdul the Bulbul Ameer” are by Gus Arriola.

    • James

      The initials “G.A.” are also on the bottom right corner of the Ivan Skavinsky Skavar sheet as well.

  • Tony Ginorio

    I remember seeing some of these posted on the Cartoon Network website years ago, back when it had a special section for artwork for both old and current series. Ah, those were the days. The “Invitation To The Dance” and “Abdul the Bulbul Ameer” ones are definitely new to me, though.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I remember that, the “D.O.C.” (Department of Cartoons) I think was it was called. Had fun copying all those pictures from a library PC back in the day!

  • More MGM model sheets on my blog.

  • solid characters, i love tex avery, i think screwy squirrel is my faforite.

  • chipper

    I really like the police officer in Cellbound

  • Ermy

    Once again, thank your for sharing these with everyone. Such wonderful artwork!

    I particularly enjoyed seeing the model sheets from Abdul The Bulbul Ameer. That was always one of my favorite Harmon-Ising cartoons. Do you have any more Harmon-Ising artwork?

    BTW, Jerry, I was the woman who once called a radio show you were on, asking if there were any plans to release the Harmon-Ising cartoons to DVD. :)

  • Thanks for showing this, Cellbound is one of the most hilarious cartoons I ever saw.

  • Marvin

    Who was in charge of rubber stamping numbers with a blue ink pad, seemingly at random, all over these Medellin sheets? My money says it was an escaped mental patient who once pulled a thorn from Fred Quimby’s ass.

  • rnigma

    Did Ed Benedict draw the “Cellbound” model sheet? It looks kind of like his style.