More from that cache of vintage MGM model sheets obtained by Mike Van Eaton. I don’t think these have been reprinted, or are on any other websites (though I’m happy to informed otherwise). Above, the warden and the prisoner in Avery’s final MGM short, Cellbound (1955); below from the animation sequence of Gene Kelly’s dance film Invitation To The Dance (1956). Click on images below, and thumbnails below that, to enlarge.

The zany bird from “an Avery epic”, Jerky Turkey (1945)

The Truant Officer from another “Avery epic”, The Screwy Truant (1945)

The tormented cat from The Cuckoo Clock (1950)

Here’s a potpourri of goodies: Butch from the Hanna Barbera Tom & Jerry series; Spike from the Tex Avery cartoons; Barney and the seal from the Mike Lah-Preston Blair film, Goggle Fishing Bear (1949); 1941 vintage Jerry model sheet; and two sheets from the Hugh Harman cartoon, Abdul The Bulbul Ameer (1941).

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