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More on George Pal’s Puppetoons


As a follow up to my posting a 1943 Look Magazine article on George Pal, Brew reader Kevin Kidney sends us this April 1944 Coronet Magazine article. Lots of neat things to look at here, including famed sculpter Wah Chang (in picture #3), and the fact that they are making Jasper Goes Hunting, the one with a cameo by Bugs Bunny. Click on thumbnails below to view at full size.

  • Stephen DeStefano

    “Story sketch man” Jack Miller–was that the same Jack Miller of Golden Book fame? (He’s one of my favorites, but I always thought he was a Disney fellow).
    I’ve only seen one or two Puppetoons in my life, but they are remarkably charming.

  • Tom Minton

    The Jack Miller who was an animation story sketch artist worked at Warners and later at Disney, ending up years later at Filmation. He passed away around 1982.

  • Oh, my goodness–I happened to notice the name “Wah Chang”, which sounded strangely familiar. A little Googling and it became apparent why: he was the same person who designed and built the familiar props and alien costumes for “Star Trek” (the tricorders and so on). Until now I had no idea of his association with George Pal.

  • I love Puppetoons! On a related note, I recently posted on my blog about Pal’s film, “The Wonderful World of the Brother’s Grimm.” I found a book on the film that focuses a lot on the Cinerama technique that the film was shot in. Check it out:


  • Steve Waller

    George Pal fans in Los Angeles should visit the Bob Baker Marionette Theater.

    Mr. Baker, who still produces the puppet shows there, was a Pal animator and has some original Puppetoon figures on display in his workshop.

    The late Wah Chang, another Pal animator & sculptor, created many of the memorable monsters of TV’s “The Outer Limits” (1963-65), prior to his “Star Trek” creations.