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Popeye and Olive get Married (1939)

The killer ebay find of the week: a rare 1939 publicity photo (click thumbnail below left to enlarge) of voice actors Jack Mercer (Popeye) and Margie Hines (Olive Oyl), announcing their marraige in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The caption on back (below right) says the couple ate a “wedding breakfast of Spinach!”

The caption also indicates this particular photo was taken “at the Fleischer Studio in Long Island City”, and the couple were “ready to begin work on a new release”. I assume the Fleischer’s used a Paramount sound stage in Long Island City to record tracks… but if that’s so, why didn’t Mae Questel continue doing Olive during the Miami years?

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  • Peter H

    The Fleischer Studios had started up in Long Island City in 1929, after breaking with Weiss and the Inkwell Studio, but had moved back to 1600 Broadway in the 30s. Perhaps the journo had mixed up the available information, and they were in fact simply returning to the Miami studio.

  • William

    According to Wikipedia, Mae refused to relocate to Miami. She resumed Olive in ’44, after Paramount took over and production returned to New York.

  • Ken Layton

    Wow what a find. There’s so very little available material out there of the Mercer-Hines marriage.

  • Steve Menke

    I’m intrigued by that “Watch Your Credit” message above the caption; guessing that was a reminder for publication personnel to properly attribute the photo source.

    Interesting that they wed 25 miles away from Fleischer’s stomping grounds; were Miami justices of the peace in short supply?

  • Ted

    The marriage was mentioned in BoxOffice as part of an overall “people at the Fleischer studio are getting married” bit.
    No photo tho.

  • The Miami Herald ran this as a front page story. I’ve got the clipping. Wish I could afford the original!

  • Where Mercer & Hines divorced by the time Mae Questel resumed voicing Olive Oyl?

  • uncle wayne

    Wow! I, somehow, NEVER knew such juicy goss! (And only 7 decades later!) Verrrry interesting!!

  • Would Columbia have occupied the same studios as Silvercup Studios occupies today, just over the Queensboro Bridge?

  • Edward

    TIME magazine also covered the event, with utmost brevity, in their MILESTONES column of March 20, 1939:,9171,789548,00.html

  • Popeye- Y’know, you’re awful pretty.
    Olive- Oh, you’re pretty awful yourself.
    Popeye- Oh, thank you! Ukk, ukk, ukk, ukk, ukk!

    “Olive Oyl & Water Don’t Mix” (1942)

  • J Lee

    I’m assuming the photo was probably done at the Astoria Studios which was where Paramount’s East Coast production was based. Since the Fleischers became un-enamored of the quality of the Miami musicans fairly quickly, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if by the middle of ’39 they were already looking at the feasibility of doing audio recording in New York for mixing down in Miami (which of course is what they were doing for both music and voice by the time the Superman series arrived in 1941).

  • Ricardo

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  • blah…… popeye says but wait who/ what kind of person is popeye really??

  • V.E.G.

    Jack Mercer’s full name was John H. Mercer. The “H.” stands for possibly Howard.