The killer ebay find of the week: a rare 1939 publicity photo (click thumbnail below left to enlarge) of voice actors Jack Mercer (Popeye) and Margie Hines (Olive Oyl), announcing their marraige in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The caption on back (below right) says the couple ate a “wedding breakfast of Spinach!”

The caption also indicates this particular photo was taken “at the Fleischer Studio in Long Island City”, and the couple were “ready to begin work on a new release”. I assume the Fleischer’s used a Paramount sound stage in Long Island City to record tracks… but if that’s so, why didn’t Mae Questel continue doing Olive during the Miami years?

If you’re interested and got the dough, click here. The bidding starts at $99. and the auction closes at 5:48pm. Good luck!

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