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The “Pink Elephants” Influence

Dumbo and Moving Along

I’ve seen Pat Smith‘s music video “Moving Along” before, but I never would have guessed that it had been directly influenced by the “Pink Elephants” sequence in Dumbo. Pat talks about being inspired by the Disney film and shows clips from both works in this blog post.

  • I’ve seen Pat’s post.

    The “Pink Elephants” sequence is a hell of a sequence to watch. Hearing how one thing can influence another is one of my favorite things to know about. To hear that some of Pat’s animation is inspired by it is very suprising. But the way he describes the influence, it carefully makes more sense.

  • Christy

    Smith’s work is very inspiring, and i had no idea about this interesting influence. also didn’t know he had a blog. thanks amid!

  • Cool stuff. And yes indeed – an inspiring filmmaker. I went on to watch the film and the complex animations of the characters is excellent.

  • RR

    Pat seems nice but I’m lukewarm about his work. I hope to see him team up with a good writer someday. I’ve seen all his work over the years behind the scenes at the film festival and his cartoons usually don’t really add up to much beyond an interesting student animation exercise. His characters morph around and stuff but he hasn’t figured out yet how to tell a story or make people laugh. At least it’s good to know he’s studying the classics :-)

  • robb

    i’ve always loved that sequence from Dumbo and it’s nice to see that such a classic piece is influencing contemporary animators like pat smith.

    pat smith is a gifted artist and animator, and an inspiring person to know in general. i don’t think he’s ever been interested in making people laugh, his films are more personal and meaningful than most films i see and i can’t wait to see more of his work!

  • Pat’s animation is wonderful . Thanks for this link , Amid.

    And I just wanted to point out that the amazing Pink Elephant animation Pat references as inspiration from “Dumbo” is by Howard Swift. (see “The Illusion of Life”, pg. 522 – 524)