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Tendlar-Post Promotional Comic Book

It’s comic book time on Cartoon Brew.

I recently acquired a rare 16 page promotional comic book for Kinney Shoe Stores produced by animator Dave Tendlar. I’ve decided to post it here for three reasons: It’s not listed in the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, it’s quite brittle and its very possible my copy might be the only one in existence.

It is not particularly “oddball”, nor especially attractive, but it has a few things classic cartoon fans might find interesting. First, notice on page 16 Kinney Komics was “prepared by Tendlar Publishing”. Did Tendlar produce other promotional comic books? Next you’ll note the main story, Little Jimmy Stout is illustrated by Howard Post (Anthro, Hot Stuff, Spooky). I have no idea what year this book was produced, but based on this Post story, I’d guess mid-to -late 40s.

Tendlar himself drew pages 2, 13 and 14 and may have drawn the center spread (pages 8 and 9). Note that the lettering on pages 1, 2, 15 and 16 is the work of the mysterious Fleischer/Famous Studios lettering genius, who designed the logos and signage in hundreds of Paramount cartoons.

So there you have it. If anyone has additional information on this, please let us know. Enjoy!

  • Tender for Tendlar

    Wow, that’s cool – thanks for posting this!

  • This stuff is great! thanks for posting.

  • Ron

    Could it be that Tendlar WAS the mysterious lettering genius?

  • “Not particularly oddball”?

    I beg to differ, Jerry! May I note that:

    — Unlike most funnybooks, the cover of KINNEY KOMICS (love that corny spelling) is probably the LEAST interesting aspect of this “giveaway”…what a snoozer!

    — A lead story (“Little Jimmy Stout”) that completely ignores the fact that this comic’s only purpose is to sell shoes…and then in the final panel, remembers that attributing good aim to strong, healthy feet! Huh?

    — An activity page that features a creepy, zombie-like clown

    “Nor especially attractive”?

    Hey, at this point in his career, Howie Post could give Walt Kelly (an apparent influence) a run for his money! And that center-spread is pretty sweet, too!

    I knew Dave when we both worked at H-B, and although we discussed his work in comics quite often, he never mentioned this venture. (By the way, I own the original artwork of a surreal-but-unfortunately-unpublished Tendlar cover for TOY COMICS!)

    Jerry, I was completely unaware of this “giveaway” comic until now…and that’s really saying something! It’s a true rarity for which I’ll be keeping my eyes open. Thanks for sharing and congratulations — you managed to scoop my ODDBALL COMICS site!

  • I forgot to mention the comic’s other activity page, which poses a challenge that only one-out-of-a-thousand American citizens (or less!) could possibly solve without any reference.

    That Dave Tendlar, wotta taskmaster!

  • I don’t think Dave Tendlar would have spelled his own name wrong (“Tendler Publications”) in the hand-lettered indicia.

    Big Tendlar fan. This was a treat to see. Thank you for sharing this with us. The character design and posing shown here are all hallmarks of the Tendlar style.

  • I have shown a lot of Howie Post work myself, but this is new to me too! He worked in this style in 1946 and 1947. In the late forties he turns up at Timely doing his own Dan DeCarlo impression on Georgie and Nellie the Nurse, two books which are very hard to come by. He must have been doing something on the side. I’d be curious to see what else Tendlar ‘produced’.

  • David Tendlar my cousin was a great cartoonist. thanks for posting
    here is a good one by him on youtube he directed all the
    Popeyes. animated Flintstones, Scooby Doo, Betty Boop.

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    Facebook Joel Harbor
    Best Regards