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The Sunday Funnies (1/17/10)

Our roundup of recent comic strips and editorial cartoons that reference animation characters returns – first with today’s Mother Goose and Grimm by Mike Peters:

Francesco Marciuliano’s Medium Large featured this strip on Friday (though I’m told it was a reprint from 2005):

(Thanks, Jim Lahue and Uncle Wayne)

  • That first comic is fantastically hilarious to me for unknown reasons. I enjoy the way Disney Princesses are portrayed in these strips.

  • A bit off-topic but IT’S POPEYE’S 81st BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!

  • Mike Caracappa

    I wish every Disney Princess was drawn that way.

  • I never get tired of Mother goose and grimm parodying fairytales lol .

  • Snow White meets Cinderella!