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The Sunday Funnies 12/6/09

Our weekly roundup of classic animation references in comic strips and editorial cartoons. This week we have two relating the White House gate crashers:

Above: Today’s editorial cartoon from Don Wright, of the Palm Beach Post. Below: Ed Gamble in Florida Times Union, on 12/01/09

(Thanks, Uncle Wayne)

  • udx

    The sad thing about that is that I would trust Daffy Duck as my Secret Service Agent.

  • David Breneman

    The top one is definitely the better of the two.

    There’s something very strange about the Yosemite Sam figure. It’s like his face is on the side of his head or something. And the Michelle Obama figure looks like a cross between Ella Fitzgerald and Margaret Dumont.

  • Andy

    That is the absolute worst “drawing” of Yosemite Sam ever.

  • Usually there’s good reason to put these characters in an editorial cartoon, but these two don’t make much sense to me.

  • I think the cartoonist who did the second panel also painted my neighborhood ice cream truck!

  • Hahaha, they’re so wonderfully off model!

  • lugs rabbit

    Wow, Yosemite Sam has got to stop drinking , he looks terrible.

  • Zee

    That’s the worse Yosemite Sam I have ever seen!

  • tom

    That second drawing is almost completely without merit.

  • Hulk

    I’m with Grant on this. I don’t understand the reason for putting the looney tunes characters in these cartoons. I don’t care that they’re off model like the rest of you sticklers :). I just don’t get the joke. Would anyone care to explain?

  • fishmorgjp

    The joke in the first one is that the Secret Service is staffed by Looney Tunes; the second indicates that they’ll let any old Looney Tune walk right in.

  • Yeah, once again, I’m not sure I get it either. I like the art, but yeah, what’s up with Yosemite Sam?

  • Andy


    Right-wing editorial cartoons and “jokes” do not co-exist. See for further proof.

  • Rio

    Same here, I don’t understand both of these comics.

  • Dave


    Not funny. Not well-drawn.

  • @ andy

    respectfully beg to differ. I did right-winf editorials for 3 years in college and at least 2 of those cartoons I did had jokes.

    Agreed though that the two toons above are less than stellar examples of humorous editorials.

  • David

    I. Don’t. Get it.

  • I took a drawing class from the guy who did the second (terrible) cartoon at the University of North Florida… it was required for my BFA…

    I dropped out mid term and took it with somebody who was also not very funny but could at least draw.

  • Yep, don’t understand the bad Yosemite Sam at all.
    I believe the rule is, anytime a cartoon character sneaks in to a private function, it must be Bugs Bunny, either in drag (maybe wearing the same dress as… maybe that’s supposed to be Aretha Franklin?) or tunneling beneath the floor.

  • Peter

    Since when are Looney Tunes inherently visual shorthand for incompetent staff and/or party crashers? (And can they really be BOTH?)