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Disney Tags the English Coastline with 260-Feet High Cartoon Characters

Disney launched Disney Infinity in the UK by plastering the characters from the game onto the landmark White Cliffs of Dover along the English coastline. The images stretched 1600 feet across and 260 feet tall.

The projections are part of a bigger illumination package, Digital Disney Parade, in which animated versions of the game’s characters are projected around London.

Mount Rushmore this ain’t—H&M recently projected an image of underwear-clad David Beckham onto the same cliffs to sell tighty whities. No word on how much Disney spent to tag this natural wonder with its cartoon imagery. Whatever it cost though, Disney needs to find creative ways to spend the record $42 billion—with a capital B—that the company made in 2012. Cheap spectacle is as good as any other.

(via Daily Mail)

  • An English Guy

    Physical message: “Buy our video game”
    Subliminal message “We rape nature”

    Lovely kids, just lovely…

  • Dana B

    “God, I hate seeing nothing but ads and commercials all the time. I know, I’ll get away to the beautiful sights of nature. I KNOW there won’t be any product badgering there!”

    Is nothing sacred anymore?

  • Hey Now

    Disney Infinity… brought to you buy the good folks at Buy N Large.

  • William Bradford

    Tacky to be sure: THOUGH at least this is a billboard that will disappear without a trace once it’s turned off. Mt. Rushmore stuck on that mountain permanently.

  • Axolotl

    They should project it on the pristine unspoiled surface of Mt. Rushmore!

    • William Bradford

      Just what I was thinking: I certainly think they shouldn’t make a habit of this, but at least when it’s done there won’t be a trace left behind later. THOUGH one can’t help but wonder how much energy was wasting casting this powerful a projection…

  • Mike

    It’s certainly different from billboard-izing an iconic natural landmark, but this reminds me of a few months ago when Disney projected a huge Mike Wazowski onto Spaceship Earth at EPCOT in Disney World to promote Monsters U. Their willingness to cheapen on a whim what was once an icon of a mature, inspiring and forward-looking theme park to sell movie tickets felt pretty emblematic of the overall issues with Disney’s management these days.

  • Hankenshift

    They should have hired an artist to do this.

  • SarahJesness

    This just looks… Bad. It’s one thing to have ads everywhere in a town or city, but putting it on nature is just over-the-top, in my opinion.

    • IJK

      Everything we do is on top of nature. All the billboards you see are sitting on where trees used to be. The only difference is that the trees won’t come back when they take the billboard down.

  • MaskedManAICN

    News Flash, Disney just realized not enough people hate them. So they did this.

  • Pete

    Totally FUCKED UP! Billboards are one thing. But, fucking with everyone’s natural landscape, is totally wrong. Citizens should be able to sue corporations for that kind of marketing.

  • Christina Skyles

    Guys, you know that projected displays don’t permanently damage solid objects, right? You’re all making it seem like Disney actually carved and painted these images on the cliffs.

    • Nikolas

      We realize that, but it’s just so tacky-looking and crass. People like to be out in nature to get away from advertising and commercial images.

    • mick

      wait until the moon has ‘pepsi’ written across it. It’s not permanent, suck it up proles.

      I wouldn’t mind so much but this looks crap anyway

    • IJK

      No, even though the image clearly has a beam of light attached to the advertisement, people are very eager to jump on Disney’s throats just for the fact that they’re a big company and down with big companies!!! Everything they do is corporate and evil.

    • Lil_Nemesis

      Finally a voice of reason in the crowd. They’ve been projecting on landscapes since at least the 80s. This isn’t some new phenomenon that’s only just cropped up. The ad itself is pretty weak, but it’s an interesting way to advertise.

  • nick miller

    I thought at first this was an Onion story, but if it came from the Daily Mail it MUST be true…

  • Katy

    Are Disney *trying* to look as evil as possible? Their movies are about love, magic and being humble. How does their marketing team manage to screw it up so much? Especially *this*, in England, where large bill boards (apart from in London) are highly unusual already. It looks arrogant, ugly, desperate, and worst of all, clinically corporate.
    Can anyone enjoy this? Seriously Disney… stop acting like an abusive partner. If you got that much money to blow, just make a decent 2D musical already.

    • Matt Norcross

      Relax, it’s a video game.

  • Steve Henderson

    When the Disney Channel was launched in the UK in 1995 they did this for their advertising campaign in all their adverts. I don’t know if it was an actual projection at the time but I remember the adverts clearly.

  • Christopher Smigliano

    This is sad, and totally pathetic. You cannot do, see, or go ANYWHERE without some garish advertisement being thrown in your face.

  • Ju-osh

    Remember when DreamWorks placed a HUGE Croods logo in front of Stonehenge? ( ) I think this is marketing’s revenge for 40 years of us fast-forwarding through commercials.

  • dvanim8

    so sad.. that’s about as good as Advertisements from Space.. what a waste.

  • Eyebot

    Who are they advertising to? The French in Brittany across the channel? Do Fishermen care about Disney games?

  • John

    I smell a fake. There is no parallax distortion whatsoever. The Disney Infinity logo, in particular, looks perfect. I know a lot can be done with projection mapping nowaday, but this is just way too perfect looking.

  • Elana Pritchard

    Who is pimping out this beautiful landscape?

  • mutsbug

    “plastering” “tagging” yknow, msot of your users that just skim the titles are gonna think disney put up giant posters over a beautiful landscape. but you already know that, thats how you keep getting ad-bait clicks

  • Pedro Nakama

    This should be outlawed.