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This Spanish blog is a one-stop source for Freddie Moore animation drawings, girlie sketches and photos filched from around the Internet. There’s two Moore drawings I posted a while back on Cartoon Brew which still haven’t been added to the collection.

And here’s a question I have for all you Fred Moore historians out there. In some recent research I’ve been doing, I discovered that Moore was freelancing outside of Disney between 1942 and 1943 for Swan Soap. He apparently created a character called “Betty Lou” as well as some gag cartoons. Does anybody know what these are? I’ve looked online at Swan Soap ad campaigns of the period and can’t find anything that suggests Moore’s artistic involvement with the company.

(Moore blog link via Michael Sporn)

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  • I saw this blog the other night and the first thing that came to mind (besides ‘awesome’) was: wow, I’ve already seen most of these on Blackwing Diaries — and not one bit of credit given, either.

    It’s great to gather a bunch of photos and images together in one spot for a particular artist, esp. one as talented and influential as Freddie, but it really helps if credit (links, resources, etc.) is given. The better the documentation, the better the chances we’ll see more work put out there, you know?

    /my two cents

  • Oh wow, is that concept art for a forth Caballero I see?

  • Dave

    A few of the images are not Moore drawings as far as I can tell …

    Compare this one with the well-known model sheets for The Little Whirlwind which we know are from Fred Moore’s hand. I don’t believe this is the same artist.

    I don’t think this looks like it is by Fred Moore either:

    a Fred Moore drawing ?

    I believe the Revised Kimball Model Sheet is a self-caricature by Ward Kimball, not drawn by Fred Moore.

    This caricature of Ward Kimball and Fred Moore is by Walt Kelly

    There are a few other drawings on that blog that don’t necessarily leap out at me as being a Fred Moore drawing . Just because it’s a drawing of the dwarfs or a 40’s era Mickey doesn’t make it a “Fred Moore” .

    There are some great Fred Moore images on that site , but crediting is important .

  • Ron

    Yeah what’s the story behind the fourth Caballero? Judging by his cigar, I’m guessing he’s Cuban…or perhaps Colombian? What kind of bird is he? How come he wasn’t in the final film? Did he have a name? Do you know any history behind this Jerry?


  • Ward – they do give credit to Blackwing Diaries under the “Cartoon & Caricature” post, not sure if they added that after they read your comment on here or not. Either way, maybe you skimmed over it because it’s in español.

    I love all these blogs popping up, sure wish they were around when I went to school!

  • Ron, here’s Wade Sampson on the fourth Caballero:

    As nice as those designs are—from our vantage point, we’re quite lucky Disney DIDN’T produce a feature film about Donald Duck in Cuba, palling around with a plantation owner and learning how to make cigars.
    It would have the dubious distinction of being the single most controversial piece of Disney animation ever. Uncle Remus and Mickey’s Man Friday would doff their hats in awe.

  • Boban, thanks for pointing that out to me. I’m afraid I overlooked the credit to Jenny’s blog because by that point I was getting a little frustrated.

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  • Randy

    Swan Soap, which I believe was a Lever Bros. brand, sponsored a radio comedy titled “Tommy Riggs and Betty Lou” during the 1942-43 season. Betty Lou was a little girl who lived with Riggs, who was her uncle. (“Betty Lou” was actually voiced by Riggs.) That’s the only “Betty Lou” I know of connected with Swan during this period. Perhaps Moore depicted the character in some ads while the series was on.

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